Wednesday, December 16


आज ऑफिस में १ कांफेरेंस कॉल थी, शाम ७:३० बजे पूरी तैय्यारी के साथ कॉल का वेट किया, लॉग इन भी किया, लेकिन सामने वाली पार्टी को यू एस ऑफ़ ए में किसी अनियोजित कार्य ने घेर लिया शायद और कॉल कैंसल...:) १ दम ऐसे लगा जैसे की बचपन में बारिश वाले दिन पानी से भरी सड़कों से जूझते हुए स्कूल गए हों...और "Rainy day" घोषित हो गया हो....:)...अलौकिक आनंद की अनुभूति....:)
इसी ख़ुशी के अवसर पे ये मधुर गीत.....

वैसे इस "जैसे" के बाद कई उपमाएं लग सकती हैं.....
-जैसे ....इंजीनियरिंग में सेमेस्टर रिजल्ट आने की खबर, अफवाह साबित हो गयी हो....:D
-जैसे....CAT का इम्तिहान जो अभी अभी आप बर्बाद करके घर आये हैं वो रद्द हो गया हो....:)
-जैसे....सुबह आधा घंटा पहले आँख खुल जाए...और फिर मन प्रफुल्लित हो उठे की वाह! थोडा और सो सकते हैं....:)
-जैसे ...आपको printouts के लिए pages चाहिए हों रात के २ बजे, और कोई भला मानुस अपने A4 शीट्स लैब में ही भूल गया हो...:)
जैसे ...न जाने क्या क्या.....:)

१ मित्र ने आज अपनी पहली नौकरी से इस्तीफ़ा दिया...और उन्होंने इस "resigning" अनुभव का विवरण कुछ इस प्रकार किया ...."ऐसा लग रहा है जैसे कि किसी giant wheel में बैठ के नीचे आते समय लगता है."...:)....नई नौकरी कि आपको ढेरों बधाइयाँ... !!
खैर....ऐसा thrilling अनुभव हमें भी जल्द ही हो ...तब तक हम ऐसे "call cancel" types अनुभवों में ही खुश रहते हैं...:)

Monday, November 30

Thank You!

Like many others I was introduced to the concept of Thanksgiving through FRIENDS!
I say thank you quite a few number of times in a day. And after coming to the southern part of the country i have started using this word even more. I take this opportunity to thank all the people who have been around to provide a helping hand at that moment of stress, who have made my day at more than one occassion by that one simple smile, who have unknowingly made a mark on my memory by a sweet, touching gesture.....whom i never got/ get a chance to say thanks....
1. Though I say thanks to the autowallah when i get down (with a smile when he charges by meter/ takes only 10 Rs more than meter reading); i still want to THANK all the autowallahs around, who are honest enough to go by meter, no matter even if they have to take a 2KM long U Turn after dropping me; hence saving my day from a bad start...:)
2. I want to THANK my roomie, for her amazing house keeping abilities...:)
3. I want to THANK all my tech savvy friends for always being there to answer all my stupid technology related questions..:) (Bhatt ji and Prateek need a special mention here)
4. I want to THANK Biniya ji and Raamkali ji (the two maids in Yashodhara Bhavan -my engg hostel), for doing all errands for me, ensuring that i get lunch/ dinner even after the mess is closed, cleaning my cooler at the begining of summers...and filling it n number of times during a hot summer day....making life so simple and easy....and these wnderful women never asked for any money/ anything in kind for doing all this....
5. I want to THANK "Aunty" -our house maid who is the support system of our kitchen back home, who is helping my mum since past 20 odd years, and is genuinly concerned about my mother's health...who makes it a point to work overtime, and even comes at odd hours to ensure if she is fine, on her bad back days.....
6. I want to THANK all those uncles/ aunties whom i request to look after my luggage at various railway stations of the country, while travelling alone...when i have to leave the waiting room/ bench for some imp work....
7. I want to THANK my tailor (for past 10 years)....back home who stitches my clothes (salwaar kameez to be precise) exactly to the given measurements....without making me go back to him for any alterations....[getting a dress stitched nicely gives a diff kind of relief and satisfaction altogether....and all girls wud surely agree to that...:)]
8. I want to THANK all the people on my gtalk list who are night owls like me..:) keep me company at those odd hours...:)
9. I want to THANK the driver of an airport bound Volvo, who was kind enough to hand over my baggage at the JB Nagar bus stop office, when i left it in the bus and got down at my stop! (the bag had my wedding related shopping....i was busy talking to a friend over phone, when i forgot to take my bag...)
As i write this post, i realise that i have many many more people to thank, and this one post if surely not enough for it.......
I would soon write another thanks giving post to thank all the people around who have made life better, easier, happier for me...:)
Ok, one name just struck me....and i cant wait for another post for thanking him....i want to THANK Hrishikesh Mukherji for making all the amazing, hilarious movies in the 70's and 80's, which now form a part of my DVD collection...:)

Friday, November 20

My 10 tana tan from Bhattu's pen..:)

Bhattu commented on my last post....i could not resist posting it here...:)

1. The diamond part was such a show off!! but glad u will have smthing forever :P
2. the number of spectacles she broke/lost during the course of her MBA
3. the number of times she would normally fall asleep in a strategy class
4. the number of original members of the ANDV :P
5. the number of languages she enjoyed watching movies in (in order of priority-dnt know which of the last 2 she understood....viz. garhwali, hindi, english, tamil and telugu!!!)
6. the average number of times she would laugh during a normal conversation with me...(no misunderstandings here folks!! my conversations with her were generally out of the ordinary humorous....generally my part of the conversation)
7. my favourite number...and the minimum number of times she would listen to a garhwali song!
8. the average time she would enter in the class! Just missing being disallowed from attending the class!
9. the number of lives a cat has...and the number of personalitites this girl has!! depending on what assignment is to be submitted the next day!
10. the min. no. of hours of sleep required by her to keep her systems functioning in the way they are designed to...

PS: Don't go by the facts stated above; the tag has been posted here in the sheer spirit of humor and friendship...:)
AND_V was a group formed by four of us in started with the idea to revolutionize the complete education system and ONLY think out of the box...:)...The initial goals could ofcourse not be achieved, but it did become an enriching experience in the lives of the four of us...

Thursday, November 19

10 tana tan...:)

Offlate i saw many bloggers mentoning the term.."writer's block"...when u cannot come up with anything to write..reason can be any...rather many....
I was going through my posts of the last few months and noticed that even i am suffering from this so called block....there are some vague ideas here and there but finding it difficult to come up with a post which I can read again after posting....:)
In such a situation, tags are something which act as a saviour...:); they at least provide a skeleton to fit your thoughts into....
I saw this tag on P's blog. Found it interesting; s to take it up this fine morning..:)
I have to assign something of importance from figure 1 to 10...lets see how much i can pull...

1-is the number of diamonds i have rite now..:)
2-is the number of siblings i have...and also my favorite number. In school, in coaching classes i always preferred sitting on the 2nd bench, standing 2nd in class somehow gave me more thrill than coming first..:D....Ok and it also happens to be the birth date of the guy i would be tying the knot with coming February..:) (again 2nd month of the year…a Piscean wedding ours would ....(Yes, I have finally found the one to spend my rest of the life with...:). Am actually waiting for this so called “block” to get over to write a nice post on this important development in my life..:))
3-is the number of organizations i have worked for till now (including my current one)
4-is the number of people in the family i would be moving into...:)
5-is the number of months I have been to Salsa class…(isse behter kuch chamka nahi dimaag mein..)
6-is the number of Indian cities I have lived in so far
7-is the number associated with my family name. (Apparently our huge family on my father’s side is descendants of seven brothers who migrated from southern part of India to Garhwal long long time ago...)
8-It was in class 8th that i saw my first movie in theatre, hosh sambhalne ke baad that is (1942-A love Story and HAHK)
9-was the standard i was in when i got 100 marks in mathematics for the first time...(i was dead scared of maths till then..:D)
10-is the total number of years I have been staying away from my parents...
baaki everythings decent, apart from the fact that this client has made me sit in a room which is a glass box without blinds....:( gives me a feeling as if i am in some show case..:O

Wednesday, November 11

A Wednesday!

Another not so great day....I am at a client at Peenya Industrial Area....some place in a remote corner of Bangalore, its is the farthest i have travelled within Bangalore from my home, i guess in past two and a half years..!!. I have to be here by 8:30 tommorrow..:O..i am tormented at the thought of leaving home by 7:15....insane hr to start work.... The assignment is a regular one; but before coming here I was having some apprehensions regarding the scope of work, people i'll have to work with and the size of the organization. All those got washed away once i entered the building. Client is a apparel tag manufacturer, the office setup is quite small...with single washrooms on every floor. Very humble settings and simple helpful people.
I remember visiting a client with similar infrastructure in Dec 2007, small office....the kind that looks as if a residential complex has been converted into an office. Small dining area, comparitively lower roofs, and yeah not to mention a terrace where you can go for evening coffee to enjoy Bangalore weather..:)
I have noticed, that such homely set up creates a very conducive environment for me to work, and gives some kind of mental comfort....(ok, some of you who know me would say, that han tujhe lagta hoga ki are ye to ghar types din mein post lunch so jayenge aaraam se..:D ..hmm...soch ke aisa lag to nahi raha..but ho bhi sakta somehow feel that i am more productive work wise, and i kinda feel that things are in good and in favor when i am working for such small set up (only in terms of infrastructure) clients...days appear longer...:)..i guess the homely environment gives a protected kinds feeling than the huge insane jazzy corporate setup...

What else...yeah one good thing which i noticed at one of the most crowded metro stations in Delhi; that people were standing in queues while waiting for the metro to come...:)....Queues at public places in Delhi are a treat to eyes...:). here is what it looked like...but still its better than no queue at all...

Though the moment train arrived there was again hauch pauch at the train door...but still, at least its a good begining....:)
One of my best friends wedding got fixed after a series of long drawn efforts..:))...I am super happy for you babes...:)..Congrats once again...:)...

Sunday, November 8

Kuch Nahi!

Giaanis (an icecream parlour) at CP metro station in Delhi serves "kuch nahi"....:)
And not to miss, the sardarji and his help at the outlet were so enthu about their innovation being captured..
"Madam yahan se le lo foto, achchi aayegi"...:)

Tuesday, October 27

After a hiatus...

Moment of the Day.....

Was exchanging tweets with fellow tweeple today...and this kid who calls himslf Softykid..:)...said this in reply to ...hows life?

softykid 2 min ago
@deeptidhyani my life is exceptionally beautiful and having fun to the core :) howz day coming along and are u working in bangalore ?
from web in reply to deeptidhyani

I zimply loved the positivity his statement reflected....i mean what an awsum face lit up with a smile and for few seconds i was taken off all my worries. I cherished the moment and openend my blog to pen it down ...:))....
I guess this radiant pic which i captured sitting inside a beach side cafe at Kovalam Beach in Trivandrum would compliment this wonderful moment!!

Friday, September 18


I am having a BAD day at office….a super Bad day I must say….Opened my blog and found this tagged post in Preeti’s blog. Though I have not been tagged on this….but this one looks interesting so would go ahead and try it out!! It’s the tag of 8’s.

8 TV shows I like to watch

I am not much of a TV show person, more in to music channels mainly MTV and Zoom….so I’ll list down all the TV shows I would want to follow, if I could remember at what time they are aired and if I am home at that time…

1. Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata hai!!..:D
2. Lux Perfect Bride..LOL…total TP
3. Kiran ki Kachaheri..:)..Dnt even ask WHY???

Ok, among the saner ones…
4. Walk the Talk with Shekhar Gupta
5. We The People and The Big Fight
6. Tere Mere Beech Mein
7. Coffee with Karan
8. And any of those singing competitions on Star and Zee

8 Favorite Places to Eat

1. Mum’s Kitchen
2. My own kitchen is also Ok types..:P
3. Sis’s kitchen for all kind of junk!!
4. Murugan Idly in Chennai
5. One of my maternal aunt’s kitchen- great cook she is
6. Mess food of IIT M was pretty decent…:D
7. There was one tiffin vaale uncle who use to deliver khana at our place when I was in Noida, awsum ghar ka khana it was..:)
8. Last but not the least..almost any roadside stall in North India

8 Things I look forward to

1. Saturdays
2. My Dinner
3. Opportunity to use any new stuff I have bought
4. Aarti in Sai Baba mandir at 6:30 in the evening (Most of them are in Marathi and sung very well)
5. Meeting my friends in Delhi whenever I visit home
6. My birthday..:)
7. And nothing else is coming to my mind rite now…!!

8 Things that happened yesterday

Thank God its not Today…:)
1. I had dinner twice
2. I slept early
3. I did not open my laptop after reaching home
4. Went to Sai Baba mandir, but missed the Aarti
5. Cleaned the water purifying thing at not getting the proper noun we use for it…:O
6. Spent the second half in office, solving some petty work related issue
7. Ok..also got an auto back home frm office pretty easily…:)..i guess this was the most happening thing..:D
8. Spoke to Bro on phone and laughed hysterically on sum funny ideas..
On re-reading..boredom re- defined is what life looks like....:O

8 Things I love about Winter

I’ll tweak this a bit…I HATE winters….so I’ll put down the 8 things I love about non winters..summers to be precise :D

1. Days are longer, so you can come back home and still have time to yourself
2. During school days, you could sleep in the afternoon also..:)
3. You don’t have to wear Kgs of woolens to protect yourself from sardi; No rajaai, no scolding frm dad to wear one more sweater….
4. Khana plate mein daalte hi thanda nahi hota…
5. Han, and all the half yearly/ final exams use to fall during the mnths from Dec to I so much hated winters for that…..and summer was all chill relax time!!
6. And yeah in North India its summer vacations ..long 1.5 mnths holidays….
7. You get to wear all fancy clothes during summers..:)
8. My Birthday ..:)
Basically….i LOVE everything about summers and hate almost everything about winters…!!

8 things on my Wishlist

1. A trip to Venice
2. Opening a dance school somewhere down the line
3. Report one of the Cricket World Cup matches from Durban for one of the better news channels, when SA hosts WC
4. A trek to Valley of Flowers
5. Host a Filmfare award function
6. Learn to make stuffed parathas (I always mess them up…stuffing collects on one side and all the aata on other)
7. Being able to carry water filled containers (made out of bronze, and hence are quite heavy), on my head from the nearest water source (called dhara) to my granny’s place (which seems a distant dream with the kind of back I keep..:( )
And last but not the least….
8. Getting out of the trouble I am in @work..ASAP

8 words or Phrases I use often

1. Are yaar!!
2. Han kya!
3. WTF!!
4. 1 baat bata yaar…
5. Namaste ji!!
6. Sahi hai bhai…
7. LOL..(yes I say that ..:D)
8. Jee nahi…..

8 places I would love to go, visit or see

1. Afghanistan
2. Pakistan
3. Venice
4. Seychelles
5. Mauritius
6. Kashmir
7. Valley of Flowers
8. Rajasthan
Strictly in that order..:)

This post is the only good thing happened during the day tdy...:)

Saturday, August 22

राह पे रहते हैं...

एक अनमनी सी दोपहर...खिड़की के पास बैठे हुए, कोशिश की कि थोड़ा सा आसमान, थोड़े से हर घड़ी रंग बदलते बादल, थोड़े से पेड़,..कहीं कुछ दिखाई दें....बहुत कोशिशों के बाद भी सामने बस एक बड़ी सी पीले रंग की दीवार, कुछ खड़ी गाड़ियों के अलावा कुछ न दिखा....तो बाहर से आती ठंडी हवा को ही अपने हिस्से की प्रकृति मान लिया....और फिर वापस उसी खिड़की की ओर रुख़ किया जो शायद अब हमारा इकलौता झंरोखा है इस दुनिया को देखने का....
गुलज़ार साहब के शब्दों को बड़ी खूबसूरती से पंचम दा ने गीत में पिरोया है....और आप हम जैसे किसी प्रशंसक ने कुछ उम्दा तस्वीरें डाल के ये सुंदर विडियो बना दिया है ...
A beautiful song with some amazing locales reminding of the nature's bliss, we are far away from......

Wednesday, August 19

Jaideep Malik pe Nibandh Bhag-1(especially for DoMS 2K7 Junta!!)

Jaideep Malik: Subject of this essay- A friend from IITM, a careLESS Libran and a ?? investment banker!!
Below depicted are few of his traits through some situations/ anecdotes.

A telephonic conversation with Jdp
In the past two years since we have come to Bangalore invariably, without fail every conversation with Jdp has had the same beginning. He is ISO 9001 certified when it comes to phone conversations.
Me: Hello
Jdp: Hello..(in a surprised tone..since according to him these days nobody except his Mom and Credit card people call him)
Me: Hello, main bol rahi hun Katrina Kaif (KK is replaced by a new name every time depending on my mood, followed by my trademark laugh)
Jdp: achcha han bolo… (recognizing my voice)
Me: Kahan hai? (sensing some background noise, ladka shayad ghar pe nahi hai)
Jdp: Main ..hmm….main na abhi office mein hun..I’ll call you back in 20 min (CALL BACK: this word does not exist in my dictionary…:))
After 1-1.5 hr:
Me: Hello
Jdp: Oh..Hi
Me: Tu ghar pahunch gaya? (agitated)
Jdp: han ….bas abhi pahuncha hun
Me: Tune call kyun nahi kiya (totally sad ke)
Jdp: he he (no he is not laughing, he says “he he”), main..hmm….hmmm…
Me: Useless
Jdp: Aur bata..kya nayi gossip….
Whether you are trying to reach him in an SOS situation or just to share the latest gossip, the conversation WILL always start like this only. It is IMPOSSIBLE to reach him in the first call.

The words No/ Nahin do not exist in Jdp’s universe
May 2007. We all are at home before our joinings in June beginning/ mid. One fine day towards end of this break, I am chatting with Jdp
Me: Teri joining kab hai?
Jdp: June 4th, teri?
Me: Meri bhi, tune tickets kara liye?
Jdp: No, karani hai
Me: Hmm, I might get my joining delayed, but tu karane se pehle bata diyo..
Jdp: Theek hai, done. I’ll call you..:) (the assurance in that "Done" is to be noticed!!)

After few days my Dad asks “ Tumne Blore jaane ke tickets kara liye”, “Nahi Papa”.
Papa: “tum akele jaoge Bangalore?”
Me: “Nahi papa, mera dost hai Jdp, uski bhi joining 4th ko hai, to usne bola hai vo mujhe bata dega tickets karane se pehle”....”vaise knowing him, i doubt use batana yaad rahega, vo mujh se bhi zyada lazy hai”
Papa: “Oh achcha, to tum un doston ki tarah ho” and he narrates the following incident which has me in splits...:D
दो दोस्त होते हैं; काफी आलसी १ दोस्त १ बार दूसरे को १ चिट्ठी देता है पोस्ट करने के लिए १ महीने बाद, वो उससे जाके पूछता है, की भाई तुमने मेरी चिट्ठी पोस्ट कर दी थी? तो दूसरा बोलता है, बड़ी शान से....यार अगर तुम्हे इतनी ही जल्दी है, तो खुद कर लो पोस्ट ..:D
Needless to say, Jdp never called, to ask for the flight booking. The next i heard from him was after a month of coming to Bangalore. (I had to call aunty in Delhi to get his Blore number, which i had by chance saved some time.)

Going a bit down memory lane…MBA 1st quarter….We all are just a couple of weeks old friends and are totally unaware of each others laziness and carelessness quotient!! Its our 1st quarter 1st term papers:
Me: tere paas XYZ notes hain?
Jdp: (In a typical animated gesture of thinking)…Yesss!!
Me: theek hai, shaam ko xerox kara ke le aayega mere liye?
Jdp: Done (very assuringly)
Me: 5 baje?? (very relaxed, Yess!!, kitne actrive dost banaye hain MBA mein aake….)
Jdp: Theek hai (even more assuringly this time)
Me is very happy…shaam dhal ke raat hone ko aayi!!, Chennai mein baarish, the whole class has same subsidized Vodafone connection; due to rains no network!!, so Jdp’s phone not reachable….
At around 10 in the night, soul savior Baba is seen strolling outside Sharav (with another guy- who could be Karan, commander, KC..options are many!!).
Me: Jdp kahan hai?
Baba: Tune usko notes kahe they Xerox karane ko?? (in his trademark “know all” smile)
Me: Han, hai kahan vo gadha…x-( (in a totally irritated tone)
Baba: Ha ha ha (laughs hysterically)
Me: offo hans kyun rahe ho…batao na.. (agitated max)
Baba: ye le notes (hands over notes to me), Jdp ke bhi humi ne karaye hain….vo kahin soya pada hoga hostel mein….
Me: :O (baffled)
Baba: Hume pata tha usne 1-2 ko promise kiya hoga, ye extra kara liye the humne isilye…..
Me: :O..:O..:O

PS: Baba and Jdp have studied together in school..:); hence Baba has the “early knowing” advantage here..:P
to be continued....

Monday, August 17

TV se, Theatre se!

Today I slept after coming from office, at around 6. Got up at 9:49 . Cooked something, ate while watching Satte pe Satta on TV and retired to my room. Missed "Ye Rishta Kya Kehlaata Hai" (YRKKH) on Star, a "fooper" irritating serial otherwise; which i have been following very religiously offlate. It spans around an arranged marriage..before, through and after. Most of the characters are sugary sweet and far from reality. The female lead is overtly coy and docile, and the guy is even more irritating. The other bhaiyya, bhabhis and all add to the "Yuck" quotient of the show...BUT i still watch it...have been following it for past 3 months now i guess..:).
Some shows are outstanding, so well made that you watch them for the sheer joy of brilliance they exude!!. and some shows are just 1/.....YRKKH is one of them... when i started watching it i found it so non watchable that i was like...WTF man!!..kya crap hai...kuch bhi bana diya hai...but then..i guess some shows are so bad that u want to watch them, to see that how can something be so yuck!!...I watch it everyday, from Mon to Thurs, just to see ki audience ke patience ka serial makers kitna test le sakte hain...:O (might sound weird..but then these are just Wonderful thoughts of the Weird
I saw Kameeney this weekend, Vishal Bharadwaj ne bade itmenaan se Mumbai ki baarish mein 1 movie banayi need to say its yet another outstanding work by him!!...Movie dekh ke aisa laga ki the director has actually made the movie for himself, jo achcha laga, jaise best laga..bana diya....ab agar aap similar taste rakhte hain to most welcome..aaiye..dekhiye aur tareef kijiye....varna ghar baith ke YRKKH types serials dekhiye..:D (thank God VB has an awsum taste and sense of movie making; needless to say max junta would admire it!!)
Shahid as Charlie is AWFUM!!!... hats off to him for making that speech defect sound so SEXY and natural!! I loved the last seen where he is standing on the terrace of some building with that God forbidden guitar and says "ye duniya faali H********** hai aur tum faale k***** fab Kameeney"!!. The dialogue has been delivered in such an amazing manner..1 dum single screen 40 rs vaale theatre mein seeti bajane types ..:))
Piggy Chopps is another attraction in the movie, kya to acting kari hai ladki ne...her expressions, dialogue delivery is just next to perfection!!. I zimply loved her in these two scenes....
1. When she is coaxing Shahid to marry her.....i guess every girl can see some bit of herself in Sweety in that particular scene, how we use that as the last weopon sometimes, to get a favor ..when we know ki saamne vaala maan hi nahi raha ab to..:))..All of us must have used this coaxing with our parents, siblings, friends at some point or the other....:)
2. And second is the award winning expression after she has delivered twins!!...APT is the word...that one expression summarizes all the pain, trauma, torture one would go through while delivering a baby; no amount of words can match it!!
Baaki, needless to say, the movie has awsum music. Mr VB roxx!!...I read somewhere that he has played cricket for UP in the under 19 category!!....bade medhaavi jaan padte hain ye sajjan!!..1 mitra ne inki nayi aane vaali movie Ishqiya ka trailor bheja, looks quite promising!!
Khair this was Kameeney, and with this now i have kind of mastered the art of watching a movie alone...:)...badi independent si feeling hoti hai...:)...
Doordarshan completes 50 glorious years in 2009. This weekend would try putting down some memories of our journey with DD till 1994. (Since 1995 jab se cable laga hai ghar pe, DD dekhne ka mauka laga nahi hai).
PS: Is post ko likhte samay yah geet youtube be bajaya jaa raha tha....:)

Saturday, August 8

The z axis and irrational happiness..

आज शुक्रवार की शाम है.....ऑफिस में विशेष काम था नहीं, तो हमारे दिमाग में भांति भांति के विचार आने लगे; जब से नौकरी करना शुरू किये हैं, शुक्रवार नामक इस दिवस ने ज़िन्दगी में एक अलग ही स्थान प्राप्त कर लिया है; शुक्रवार की शाम आते ही मन प्रफुल्लित हो उठता है, आगे दो दिन की छुट्टी है....ऐसे लगता है मानो बस इन्ही दो दिन का इंतज़ार था..अब हम विश्व विजय कर लेंगे....वो सारे काम, जिनका चिटठा लिए हम हफ्तों से घूम रहे हैं; इसी सप्ताहंत में सभी का निर्वाह करके, आनंद और कर्त्तव्य परायणता की चरम सीमा को छू लेंगे...:) अगर पिछले दो सालों पर नज़र डालें तो विरले ही ऐसे सप्ताहंत रहे हैं जहाँ हमने खुद से किये गए कुछ वायेदों को निभाया है; अमूमन शनिवार और रविवार घर पे ही आराम फरमाते हुए, बचे हुए कुछ कामों को थोडा सा अंजाम के और करीब पहुंचाते हुए निकल जाते हैं; किन्तु शुक्रवार की शाम को जो मन मयूर में माहौल होता है..उसमे कोई विशेष अंतर नहीं आया है ..:)...आज ऐसे ही मन में विचार आ रहा था...कि क्या शुक्रवार सचमुच इतना मत्वपूर्ण होता है??? ....सांख्यिकी को अगर ध्यान में रखा जाए तो ९०% लोग ऐसे होंगे जो सप्ताह में इतना काम करते हैं, जिसे की सामान्य ऊर्जा स्तर से इति की ओर पहुँचाया जा सकता है ..और जिसके बाद २ दिन के अविघ्नकारी अवकाश की आवश्यकता नहीं होती....किन्तु हमारा मन मस्तिष्क इस तरह से यंत्रस्थ किया जा चुका है कि अगर ऊपर से निर्देश आ गए की इस शनिवार/ रविवार आपको ऑफिस आना पड़ सकता है, तो हम मानसिक रूप से ही इतने थक जाते हैं कि काम क्या ही हो पाता है....

Ok, as I write this post i realise, that I have lost all my grip over Hindi..:(...framing one sentence is taking more than 2 minutes, which by all standards is too too much, needless to mention the help from some random site and kind souls like N. I remember, there use to be a time when I was more of a Hindi person. Writing in our mother tongue came all very naturally. In addition to scoring highest marks in Hindi literature and grammar ..I use to be an active member of Hindi debate and writing club..:( .English was something which needed efforts, I still remember my first essay in English in class IV....I was disqualified from participating in a district level essay competetion as I committed some gross mistakes in my writing on "The Gulf War"-1991 (mistakes are too embarrassing to be mentioned here..:))....the remainder of this post has to be in matter how much time it takes.... "Shukra hai Shukravaar hai" can take a back seat...I guess I am more tempted to go down the "Hindi" memory lane :)

हमारी पीढी के अधिकाँश उत्तर भारतीय बच्चों की तरह हमारे घर में भी हिंदी का ही वर्चस्व था; हमारी मातृभाषा गढ़वाली है, और अक्सर माँ एवं पिताजी गढ़वाली में वार्तालाप करते पाए जाते हैं; किन्तु रोजमर्रह कि ज़िन्दगी में, और आसपास के वातावरण में भी हिंदी ही सबसे प्राभाव पूर्ण भाषा थी; हमारी माताजी संस्कृत/ हिंदी कि अध्यापिका हैं, दोनों ही भाषाओं में निपुण हैं, एवं पिताजी अलाहबाद विश्वविद्यालय से स्नातक तो हिंदी या यूँ कहिये काफी शुद्ध हिंदी में घर में वार्तालाप हो जाया करता था... मुझे याद आता है जब मेरे भाई बहिन का कक्षा १० का परिणाम आया...और वो अपेक्षा के अनुसार नहीं था; हमेशा की भाँती दोनों समझदार बच्चे सो गए...:) सोये रहेंगे तो पिताजी के प्रवचन कम सुनने मिलेंगे.....पिताजी ने शुध्ध हिंदी में कटाक्ष किया....
" ये पलायनवादी दृष्टिकोण कोई विशेष मदद नहीं करता है जीवन में"..:D
उनके मुह से ऐसे वाक्य अक्सर सुनने मिल जाया करते थे...
" दीप्ति, तुम में व्यवहारिक ज्ञान और विवेक कि कमी है "......
" मेरी बातें तुम्हे अभी कटु लगेंगी, पर बेटा, सत्य यही है कि देर से उठने वाले जीवन में बहुत आगे नहीं जाया करते"
"समय समय पे आत्म विश्लेषण अति आवश्यक है"
ऊपर लिखीं बातों को हमने जीवन में कितना अपनाया, इस पे तो टिपण्णी नहीं करुँगी ....पर घर में शुध्ध हिंदी कोई बहुत दूर कि चीज़ नहीं थी....माताजी अक्सर हमारे गलत उच्चारण को सही कर देतीं थीं.....फूल (phool) ओर फूल (fool) में अंतर करना उन्होने ही सिखाया.....मौसियों और चाचियों ने जब अपने बच्चों के कठिन नामों (जैसे: कनिष्क) को गलत हिंदी में लिखा तो माताजी ने आगे बढ़के "श" और "ष" में अंतर बताया...कक्षा ६ से १० तक, नवीन भारती, पराग, स्वाति (हमारी हिंदी पुस्तकें) के सभी गद्य और कविताओं का भावार्थ, प्रसंग और भी न जाने क्या क्या, को अत्यंत भावपूर्ण तरीके से लिखवाने में माताजी ने कोई कसर न रख छोड़ी ; हमने भी हिंदी में उच्चतम अंक पाके, उनको गौरवान्वित किया....और १ हिंदी अध्यापिका कि सुपुत्री होने का कर्त्तव्य पूर्ण रूप से निभाया..:) खैर, कहने का तात्पर्य ये है कि आसपास अच्छी हिंदी का माहौल था.....कक्षा ११ तक हम हिंदी वाद विवाद प्रतियोगिताओं में न केवल भाग लिया करते थे..बल्कि प्रथम या द्वितीय स्थान प्राप्त करके विद्यालय के गौरव को बढाते थे... (इन प्रतियोगिताओं में शीर्षक कुछ ऐसे होते थे: भारतीय राजनीति में धर्मं का हस्तक्षेप-कितना उचित/ अनुचित) ऐसे विषयों का ६विन कक्षा में न तो सिर समझ आता था न पैर ..:) ८-१० पन्नों का १ झुंड हमें पकडा दिया जाता था......"बेटा, ये बोलना है...."...हम ख़ुशी ख़ुशी कर्तव्यपरायणता से उसे याद कर लेते थे....और किसी भी प्रतियोगिता में जाके.....मंडल/ जिले के हिंदी विद्वानों के सामने पूरे आत्मविश्वास एवं भावनाओं के साथ उगल दिया करते थे.....(Dias के पीछे hearbeats कितनी तीव्र गति से दौड़ रही होती थीं; इसका अनुमान शुक्र है किसी को कभी नहीं हुआ:) )

आज जब पीछे देखती हूँ तो याद पड़ता है...घर में १ रामायण हुआ करती थी....किसी हिंदी गाइड कि तरह दिखने वाली वो पुस्तक, २-३ भागों में थी.....हमने कक्षा २-३ में....पूरी रामायण (उत्तर रामायण सहित) ऐसे ही यहाँ वहां डोलते हुए पढ़ डाली थी (कहने कि आवश्यकता नहीं है..कि पुस्तक अत्यंत सरल हिंदी में थी)..... थोडा और बड़े हुए तो घर में रखे सभी शिवानी के उपन्यास (शिवानी हिंदी कि १ बहुचर्चित लेखिका हैं- उनकी सुपुत्री मृणाल पाण्डेय कुछ समय पहले तक हिंदी समाचार वाचिका थीं) पढ़ डाले; रुचि का १ कारण ये भी था कि सभी कहानियां/ उपन्यास गढ़वाल/ कुमाऊं का बड़ा ही रोचक वर्णन करते थे;

जब तक हम कक्षा १० में थे, घर में हिंदी अखबार नवभारत टाईम्स आया करता था; अखबार के मुख्य उपभोग्कता हमारे पिताजी थे, जो कि किसी भी दिन हिंदी भाषा से ज्यादा प्रेम/ तालुक रखते थे; स्कूल से आते ही, हम बिना change किये पहले पूरा अखबार पढ़ते....लोकल से ले कर विदेशी ख़बरों तक में सामान रुचि हुआ करती थी....फिर कक्षा ११विन में ये अहसास हुआ, कि reading an English newspaper would any day be more beneficial:))..तो घर में टाईम्स ऑफ़ इंडिया भी आने लगा.....उसमे भी हमारी रुचि बस सन्डे टाईम्स में ही रहती थी....बाकी का अखबार अक्सर खाना खाते हुए बिछाने के काम आता था या अपनी अलमारी में किताबों के नीचे बिछाने के..:) इसी बीच हमने कहीं Readers' Digest और CSR देख लीं..:)..तो घर में वो भी आने लगीं.....ये दोनों ही बड़े मन से पढ़े जाते थे.... (Readers' Digest deserves a complete post in itself-its one of the most captivating reads I have ever come across).
खैर, हिंदी भाषा से ताल्लुक शायद वहीँ तक था; इधर हम घर से बाहर निकले जीवन में कुछ कर दिखाने के लिए..:P...उधर मातृभाषा से तार टूटने से लगे....इंजीनियरिंग कॉलेज में आके पहले दो साल तो "कुछ भी नहीं पढ़ा"..:D..उसके बाद जब लगा कि अब आगे क्या.......तो MBA रुपी जीव सामने दिखाई पड़ा........बस....तब से जो अंग्रेजी भाषा से नाता जुडा है..आज आलम ये है कि......इस पोस्ट को लिखने में इस साईट से लेके श्री N का सहारा लेना पड़ा......फाइनल इयर में The Hindu , आसपास पायी जाने वालीं सभी अंग्रेजी magazines पढ़ी जाने लगीं.....हर वो लेख जो कि कठिन हो, जिसका सिर, पैर ना समझ आ रहा हो....उसपे शोध होने लगा... TOI का एडिटोरिअल जो मैं पूरे होशो हवास में मुश्किल ही पढ़ती हूँ कभी, पूरी शिद्दत एवं तल्लीन्त्ता से रुचि लेके पढ़ा जाने लगा...

जीवन तो इन सब में पता नहीं कितना सुधरा है....पर इतना ज़रूर है कि....हिंदी से कहीं नाता टूट गया लगता है इस बार घर गए, तो प्रेमचंद की गोदान रखी मिली १ शेल्फ में पूरे जोश से उसे तुंरत बैग में डाला. ..ये पढ़नी है....आज ६ महीने हो गए हैं किताब लाये हुए घर से......मुश्किल से ५० पन्ने पढ़ पाए हैं...:( रुचि पूरी है...पर पढने की गति इतनी चरमरा गयी है कि अब उठाने का मन ही नहीं करता....:( भाषा कोई भी हो..अपने आप में बहुत आदरणीय होती है .....किन्तु मातृभाषा में जब लिखने/ पढने में कठिनाई होने लगे तो कहीं ये बात दिल को अखरती ज़रूर है;
१. Thanks to N, for being the शब्द kosh for writing this post :)
२. गोदान शीघ्रातिशीघ्र ख़तम कर ली जायेगी.....कितना भी समय क्यूँ न लगे...:)
३. शीर्षक का लेख से कोई सम्बन्ध नहीं है....शीर्षक twitter से उठाये गए कुछ वार्तालापों का मिश्रण है:)
४. पूरे लेख में पूर्णविराम की जगह ";" लगाना पड़ा है...:( ब्लॉग पूर्णविराम दिखा नहीं रहा है पोस्ट :(
ये लेख लिखते हुए सुबह के ४:३० हो गए.....निम्न वर्णित गीत ने काफी साथ दिया tempo बनाये रखने में.....इसे अवश्य सुने.....:)
cheers :)

Tuesday, July 28

Over lunch!

Just had lunch with few office friends…..a few :) and :( excerpts from todays lunch..:)

We recently got out passport size photos clicked in office; in a standard format. Today the department secy sent each one of us our individual pics. Did not get a chance to see many of them; but this is how a friend described hers: “Aiyyo, I look like a deranged fellow. The clients will say what a nice and charitable firm ours is; we give chance to mentally challenged people to be a part of our organization.” ..:D
That reminds me, another friend of mine has a collection of passport size pics of all her friends with her. The other day she was showing them to me and needless to say we were ROFLing for some good half an hr. She insisted that all her friends give her a passport size pic of theirs; a hilarious remembrance which can make her laugh every time she sees them..:)

Ok, on the downside, why do some people make noise while eating…:(, and do not hesitate taking food from your plate with their hands/ spoon without even considering that it may not be received very well on the other side…:( I mean I do not mind sharing food. I have shared lunch boxes/ thaalis/ glasses/ spoons all through my life with my pals in school and hostel (sharing stuff in hostel can make a complete post in itself…:)); but then I still feel that unless we are very good friends and are well aware of each other’s dining habits; we should consider someone’s food plate as a very personal territory and should only venture into it after seeking due permission.

Sunday, July 26


अभी कुछ दिन पहले हमारी माताजी का फोन आया किन्ही सज्जन का हमारे लिए रिश्ता आया था, और माताजी हमे बता रही थीं..." बेटा उसकी मौसी से बात हुई थी वो कह रहीं थीं -" हमारू नौनु सोनौ च" (हमारा लड़का सोने का है) ".." मैंने कहा अच्छा, मम्मी आपको बोलना था.." हमारी नौनी भी सोने च"...कभी भी..कहीं भी...किसी भी समय सुला लो....:)....एक दम खरे "सोने" की है...:)

Saturday, July 25

Yun hi...

I have many things to write about, topics I can discuss for hours, topics which have been bothering me for quite sometime now and hence can fill pages with…but I guess I have thought through them so many times, that now I have no patience to jot them down to make a nice readable post. Nothing major is happening in life as such. Things are going pretty much at the same pace. It has been almost 20 days since I shifted to this new house. Things are faring decently till now..:). Few thoughts here and there.....

1.Bangalore Weather: What is wrong with it?? I mean we call it pleasant when its neither too hot nor too cold; we are not tweeting/ filling FB walls telling the whole world about the torturesum state we are in because of it; our phone conversations do not essentially revolve around it!!. But what do we call it when you don’t see sun for some 1 month all together, not a single drop of rain, breezy almost all the time with those filmy Saiyen Sayein sound!!, ....I can make my friends in HOTland Dilli hear those sounds on phone…:O. Its weird!!, irritating..and requires immediate attention by the Sun and Rain Gods. Ok, I agree I hate weather of India north of Tropic of Cancer, and I tell all placement consultants that “Anywhere in India” in my profile actually means anywhere except NCR; but this pleasantness of Bangaluru weather is now making me crave for Dilli ki sardi and garmi…:(. I seriously want this weather to show some signs of change now!!

2.Twitter: I am active on this social super networking site since past two months now I guess. It was Orkut, then FB and now its Twitter. So these days I am addicted to it. Gmail has been replaced by Twitter as the first page which I open when I enter the virtual world. I tweet, RT (Re-Tweet), read others tweets, laugh many times a day courtesy some humorous/ hardworking fellows I am following who make it a point to search internet right, left and centre to post funny one liners every minute to keep the laughing ball rolling. (When do these guys work???..i mean I can count few who tweet like some five times every minute). I seriously want to learn this multitasking ability or be recruited by their organization. The addiction and sincerity towards tweeting is commendable!! Some of my friends have stopped chatting with me, tweet karo bas…:O kaise halchal/ wossup/ kahan ho..sirf tweets ke through poocho!!
Not that I am against tweeting but i seriously wonder how cun some people tweet ALL the time..!!
One interesting thing I discovered after entering this tweet world is that I am not very quick at gelling with unknown online junta. In twitter you follow people you know, you also follow many who you don’t….now these unknown fellas are mostly the ones recommended to you by your friends; then you start interacting and become a part of the numerous # ed topics…. It took me I guess a good one nd a half month to become familiar with few of those unknown handles I follow on twitter who are supposedly hyperactive on it. Anyways, all is good till it lasts, lets see for how long we all keep tweeting…!!

3.Moment of the Day: The other day, a good friend in office, rather my best friend in office came and sat next to me post lunch, he had to change his seat for some reason. I looked at him, and for a moment was thrilled (I grinned and said..”tu yahan baith raha hai”); just like the way I remember I use to feel super YaY when till class 8th, the teacher use to allow us to sit with our friends on rare occasions. (other wise we were made to sit with some random classmates; and people like me with specs had their fixed seats in the second row with some other chashmadharis; the rest of the junta use to follow a seat rotation, we were however spared from that since humen peeche vaali seats se dikhayi nahi deta tha..:D). I loved that 10 seconds excitement; when I told him this we had a good 2 minutes laugh…:D…it was the moment of the day!!

4.:) I also discovered a new thing about myself; my laughing threshold is very low. I mean I knew that I laugh more as compared to other souls around, but recently I noted that its very easy to make me laugh. Also, I can re-laugh on the same thing many a times. At times there have been incidents when I could not narrate a particular incident to junta, because I was laughing so much myself while telling it that we had to postponed the narration to some later point. I have often heard people around me saying “itni hanse vaali baat to nahi thi” and giving me confused looks, wondering if they have missed the humor; but don’t worry folks, it has nothing to do with your sense of humor….:). Ye, and on this smiley note, I want to mention here….last Friday night I discovered a nice blog. Here is the link. I was ROFL reading it. I am sure you too would like it.

PS: I have conviniently replaced "poor sense of humor" with "low laughing threhold" ..:) thora better sound karta hai..:D

5.We had a mehndi eve yesterday at a friend’s place…:). In N India there is a festival called Teej, women folk put mehndi, wear new clothes and bangles etc and celebrate. We all gathered at this friend’s place and had a girls’ eve out. Fun it was.

6.I won a card..:) Yahan jaake dekhiye..:)

Bas abhi itna hi yaad aa raha hai..:)

Sunday, July 12

From the kitchen....

I learnt this recipe few days back from an aunt of mine; and since then it has been the lunch/ brunch/ dinner of my innumerable lazy evenings and afternoons. Steamed egg is what she calls it; but i guess it can be re-christened and upgraded to a better name...:)

I have beta tested this recipe on my siblings quite a few number of times...:); results and feedbacks were pretty decent. After showing the pics to N and T; i also got the assurance that it looks pretty tempting. So, i thought why not put a post on it, and save this Sunday from being another "did nothing" day..:)

To prepare it for one person, all you would need is:
2 table spoons of cooking oil
Any of the following vegetables: Capsicum (red/green/yellow), Baby Corn, Cabbage, Mushroom. (These are the only ones i have tried; you can happily try others).
Cheese (Slice or grated)
Green Chillies-1-2
2 slices of Brown Bread

Put 2 table spoon of oil in a pan (kadhaai to be precise). Add chopped oinions(cut into medium size pieces. Fry the onions till they start turning brown. Add other vegetables and green chillies (finely chopped) and fry on low flame for some 5-6 minutes. Now add chopped tomatoes, and masalas (salt, garam masala (thora sa) and kitchen king (1 table spoon)). Fry all the ingredients in the pan for another 3-4 minutes till you feel the vegetables have started loosing their rawness. (You can also add bread crumps, this would make it more filling and can easily suffice for a complete meal)

Break eggs on the top this mixture and sprinkle some jeera powder/ pepper powder on it. Cover the pan without mixing any further. Let the stuff steam for say 7-8 minutes on low flame, till the eggs get cooked. Take a slice of cheese..and spread it over the almost cooked egg. Cover the pan for few more minutes till the cheese starts melting. Switch off the gas; and the steamed egg (a dinner invite to whoever comes up with a better name..:P) is ready to be served....:)

This can be served with Bread Toast/ Chapaati...or can be had without any of these..:)

Before eating today i clicked a pic and this is how it looks...:)

Thursday, July 9


I discovered two new addictions of mine today… I have developed an addiction for tags, I am simply loving this whole tagging business; and have dedicated i guess last three of my posts to it and two: I am addicted to visit the Sai Baba temple near my house, which I have been going to almost everyday for past one year. Now since I have shifted to this new place and mandir is a bit far away from here; i find it difficult to go everyday. When today late evening; I felt this sudden craving of going to the temple immediately….I realized that this is my second addiction…:)
So, I would be honoring both my new born addictions in this post one by one.
I was introduced to this world of blogs by P; and hence like a newbie here I invariably share all my crazy thoughts with him when it comes to blogs….he encouraged me to blog; is guiding me through it…he’s my Blogfather..:)). So when I told him about this whole tag thing..he generously directed me to the umpteen number of tags he has taken…for me to follow suit. Thanks dude!!
So here I pick up one of the interesting ones from there….

100 things about me
1. Last beverage? sweet lime juice..does it fall under the beverage category?
2. Last phone call? Papa se baat ki..2 min I guess an hr back or so
3. Last text message? I am too lazy at chaapoing msgs…so kaafi din pehle kiya hoga....dnt remember...last message got was Hellos Wossup…frm AB..
4. Last song you listened to? Aaja Sanam Madhur Chaandni Mein hum Tum milen….
5. Last time you cried? le…today only…not cried exactly..but had tears in my eyes…kuch serious discussion with a dear friend…

1. Dated someone twice ? Nopez
2. Been cheated on? ? Yes
3. Kissed someone & regretted it? ? No
4. Lost someone special? ? Yes
5. Been depressed?? Many a times…
6. Been drunk and threw up? ? No

1. Made new friends ? Thankfuly many…and every time I thank God for blessing me with such wonderful people…
2. Fallen out of love ? Yes
3. Laughed until you cried ? Yeah man….and it feels like heaven..:)
4. Met someone who changed you ? Hmm….not like completely….but yeah..people did make a difference….
5. Found out who your true friends were ? Yes
6. Found out someone was talking about you ? Yes
7. Kissed anyone on your friend’s list ? No..
8. Made the first Move? Yes, since I dint want to regret at a later point in time..but alas it never wrked out…..
10. Do you have any pets ? No
11. Do you want to change your name ? vaise No…but at times Yes…I think my name is too common….and after stating in Chennai for 2 years I feel its bloody the most common name down south ..every other girl in the Hostel was DeeptHi…this spelling makes it more if I “was” (“thi”)…..But then i guess i still love it…..
12. What did you do for your last birthday ? had an amazing lunch with my good friends in office…had a nice dinner party with few of my MBA friends….happily attended all phone calls..and yes..cut a cake too in office….
13. What time did you wake up today – 10:30 AM….:)
14. What were you doing at midnight last night? Hmm…..reading some random blog….
15. Name something you CANNOT wait for? Too many to list here...given the impatient person i am..
16. Last time you saw your father ? Last Month
17. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life?...Hmm..rite now..i wish I were born one year later..:)
18. Most visited webpage ? Gmail..but I guess twitter these days..

1. What’s your name? Deepti
2. Nicknames? Deepu..and only Rach calls me that… aunts call me that …baaki junta Deepti hi bulati hai…
4. Zodiac sign? Tauras
5. Male or female or transgendered? Female
6. Elementary? AMS Sre
7. Schools? AMS Sre
8. Colleges ? BIET-Jhansi, IIT M
10. Hair color ? Brown
11. Long or short ? Shoulder length
16. Height? 5’3
17. Do you have a crush on someone?? Nopez
18: Ever been in love? Yep
19. Piercings? My Ears…
20. Tattoos ? Never tried
21. Righty or lefty ? Righty

1. First piercing? I was in class 6 I guess..when I got my ears pierced…no was 8th class I think…
2. First best friends?..hmm…A girl called Vibha..when I was preparing for engg…Prior to that Aruna…friend since class 2nd..and now one of the best friends..:)
3. First sport you joined? joined the gali ka group and played "staapu" if it counts as sport..:P
4. First pet? Never had a pet
5. First vacation? Pauri Garhwal…it has been my only vacation destination for the first fourteen years of my life..:)
6. First concert? Parikrama
7. First crush ? Way back in class 10th
8. Eating? Not very fond of..but ye have started cooking alrite since past few years..
9. Drinking? its all juices now….:)
10. I’m about to? Post this tag
11. Listening to? “Is Des Na Aana Laado” ke dialogues..roomie watching the serial in anther room…

1. Want kids?? Yess!!!.very much...
2. Want to get married ? ? Yes
3. Careers in mind??...Confused rite now..
4. Lips or eyes ? Eyes
5. Hugs or kisses ? Both..:P
6. Shorter or taller ? Taller than me..:P
7. Older or Younger ? Younger
8. Romantic or spontaneous ? Spontaneous I guess….or romantic...dunno..
9. Nice stomach or nice arms ? Both..:)
10. Sensitive or loud ? Sensitive
11. Hook-up or relationship ? Relationship
12. Trouble maker or hesitant ? hesitant

1. Kissed a stranger ? Nope
2. Lost glasses/contacts ? Yess…
3. Sex on first date ? Nope
4. Broken someone’s heart ? Hmm..cant call it that..
5. Had your own heart broken ? Yes
6. Been arrested ? Nahs…
7. Turned someone down ? Yes
8. Cried when someone died ? Yess…
9. Liked a friend that is a girl/boy? ? Yes..:)

1. Yourself ? Yes
2. Miracles ? I seriously want one to happen soon….
3. Love at first sight?...Nopez..
4. Heaven? where I would like God to answer all my queries if they don’t get answered in this lifetime...
5. Santa Clause?..Yes
6. Peace in this lifetime?..Not that difficult to find.
7. Kissing on the first date??..depends who the date is..
8. Angels?..yes…
9. Is there one person you want to be with right now??..No is a suitable ans I guess
10. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time in the past? ? Nah
11. You will die young?..hmm..yeah .before this body stops supporting me…
12. You will end with the one you love and learn to love the one you are with - learn to love the one I am with and hopefully succeed..:)

Phew!!!..that was some Tag!!!.... my second is one of my fav Saibaba bhajan....i listen to it quite often...One soothing song..hope you like it..:)


Tuesday, June 30

Changing Nest!!

Tomorrow i am shifting to a new place. I would now be sharing a flat with an office coalleague of mine. I have stayed in this PG for almost 2 years now, I came here on June 19, 2007...:). I am neck deep in office work for past few days; and hence had no time to actually ponder on the 2 long years spent at this place.....but if if someone asks me the one thing i have learnt here..that would be how to manage staying ALONE; ek dum akele types...cook for your own, share the room with some one you only know the name/ company of, and have phone/ net as the only means to talk with human beings after office hrs and on weekends....and what i feel today is that its not that bad always....(given that you know its temporary...:)). But i can clearly remember many lonely enjoyable moments in this PG. Come back from office, play your favourite music...cook a full meal..(like four times a week and an elaborate meal on Saturadays)..and retire to bed by 11 with a book (omni-presence in virtual world need not be mentioned...:P)...On holidays and some weekends...just lie down on bed un disturbed to finish some good book..or watch a nice movie....and make plans for evening..:).....Make pakodas for self on a rainy evening...and invite friends over...:) that i have started writing i find that this post needs more time to be inclusive of all the thoughts going on in my mind.....and since its already half past 3 in the mrning....i guess...high time i sleep....I'll miss this place for sure but....!!

Sunday, June 28

Fir se Tagged..:)

I wrote a tagged post yesterday…enjoyed it thoroughly…:)
Have had an awful day at work…yes..i went to office on a Sat also, had to sit on a really uncomfortable chair and survive on dip-tea (that sounds like Deepti..he he he..:)). Came back home to discover that the milk which I had thought would be one half of my dinner today was spoilt (despite of being kept in refrigerator); so made steamed egg (a yumm new dish I have learnt to prepare few days ago) and had the first meal of my day at 10 pm…:(. I decided that the moment I finish my dinner, I’ll be off to bed (I have to go to office tomm as well…this weekend is one really happy and happening one…:))!!..anyways..han to the point was …that I am suppose to sleep on time today, tomm is one anther hectic day for me. So I was following the normal routine of browsing through all the basic sites (read gmail, orkut, FB, Twitter, IBN Live and yeah My Blog). But after a screwed day at office I decide to write something. A long awaited post on “Meri Badrinath Yaatra” is pending…but it will have to wait…for some better day!!. I found this tag on Prats blog. Tags are fun, so I’ll end my day in a fun way..:). I love my blog….where else can I write all this in coherent crap..and still ask people to read and comment also…:)
So heres the tagged me.....
Kissed any of your friends on social networking groups? No
Been arrested? Nahi Bhai..
Kissed someone you didn’t like? No..
Slept until 5 PM? Aha..yes..a number of times…(it sucks though)
Fallen asleep at work/school? In School ..Yes…
Held a snake? Nopez
Ran a red light? Nopez
Been suspended from school? Uff..No Man!!..i was a very good student till school…”Till” is to be noticed
Totaled your car/motorbike in an accident? Hmm..Nah…thankfully..
Totaled a friend’s car/motorbike in an accident? Vo bhi nahi kiya….
Been fired from a job? No
Sang karaoke? Yes (And here I am lying ..just to feel good)
Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Lo..kar lo baat…I do that always..
Laughed until something you were drinking came out of your nose? Yes…
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Nah….
Kissed in the rain? :(..Nah….So many Nozzzz….
Sang in the shower? Aha..yes…I do that quite often….:)
Sat on a rooftop? Hola…many a times….alone..with friends…:)..its fun..:)
Been pushed in a pool with all your clothes? Thankfully no…..
Broken a bone? Kiski..apni..Hmm..nahi….baaki i am a peaceful kisi aur ki bhi nahi..:)
Shaved your head? Mom says 3 times ….she says my hair was like jute ki rassi….so my head had to be shaved 3 times when I was a kid; till she felt the texture of my hair was some where near normal…:)
Blacked out from drinking? No
Played a prank on someone? Yes…though I am not much of a prankster…
Felt like killing someone? Almost every week……:)
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? I don’t make people cry….:)
Had Mexican Jumping Beans for pets? No
Been in a band? Ha ha…No
Shot a gun? No
Donated blood? No….At times I feel I need though..
Eaten alligator meat? No
Eaten cheesecake? Yes
Still love someone you shouldn’t? Not now…
Believe in love? Hmm…..i guess yes….Ok.Yess..:)
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? Yes…
Believe in fate? Hmm..Dunno…
Believe that things “happen for a reason”? People say so…I seldom find any….
Held a grudge longer than a year? In certain cases….
Hid a secret for a long period of time? Yes..and its so painful…:(
Miss someone on your facebook list of friends? No
Changed the oil in your vehicle? No
Threw up after riding a rollar coaster? Yes
Bought a gift for someone and kept it for yourself? Happens at times….thats because I forget to gift….
Bought something and returned it worn? No
Tripped on LSD? No
Have any tattoos? No
Seen a ghost? Yes..
Done body shots? No
Peed in the pool? No
Have body piercings below the neck? No
Think about the future? Yes…only think…hardly do anything….:)

So, finally a gudunitus....junta has started changing colors on gtalk...more than half of them ve turned orange as i finish this post.....means i will have to wait till force them to read this ..:)..koi na....chalega..:)...

Friday, June 26


I saw this tag on Preeti’s Blog, and the on Prat’s blog. I started taking it, but was too lazy to finish it in one go. I have office tomorrow and also need to make a 2 min presentation on some random topic. I am feeling too lazy and too too sleepy (as I normally do whenever the going gets tuff). Anyways…here goes the tagging bit….:)
1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
Ye face itna dull kyun hai..:(
2. How much cash do you have in your wallet right now?
Gin ke 50 rupay
3. What’s a word that rhymes with DOOR?
Bore, boar, soar, core, soar, hoar, more
4. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?
5. What is your favorite ring tone on your phone?
As of now November Rain
6. What are you wearing right now?
hot pants (which dear sis got from Delhi) and an ages old T
7. Do you label yourself?
As in??
8. Name the brand of the shoes you’re currently own?A brand new pair of footwear from Soles
My basic black sandals from Catwalk
Pair of formal black footwear by Senorita I guess
Sports shoes ..hmm..Reebok
A golden color footware..Metro
And a rack full of footwear from the streets of Mumbai and Bangalore..:)
Yeah and my Chappals- Osho Chappals from Koregaon Park Pune in bright pink color which I really love

9. Bright or Dark Room?
Bright room…in a dark room I wud never get up from sleep…
10. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you?
Prateek: I wish I were even half as pragmatic as he is
11. What does your watch look like?
Very Sexy..:)..its my C510 Sony Cybershot..:)
12. What were you doing at midnight last night?
feeling gloomy and depressed…and chatting wid a gud old friend
13. What did your last text message you received on your cell say?
Deepti aapka Backache theek hai..?..By Chhavi..a sweetheart..:)
14. What’s a word that you say a lot?
OK, sry ya, awsum man, han kya, namaskara, wtf..
15. Who told you he/she loved you last?(please exclude spouse , family, children)
Life Sucks…Rach must ve told….’cuz I dnt remember now…
16. Last furry thing you touched?
The teddy on my bed…:)
17. Favourite age you have been so far?
Hmm..i guess from 15 to 25 it was all awsum….and I guess I wud say the same for this current age few years dwn the line..:)
18. What was the last thing you said to someone?
E-gov ke projects mein location would always be some interior part of India.
19.The last song you listened to?
Hai Junoon..from Newyork..i am loving it!!
20. Where did you live in 1987?
Saharanpur – My Home
21. Are you jealous of anyone?
Yes….i can count few…
22. Is anyone jealous of you?
Yeah..i know of some…:)
23. Name three things that you have on you at all times?
My two rings, my glasses, and yeah nailpaint these days..:)
24. What’s your favorite town/city?
Pauri Garhwal, Mumbai, and Bangalore...yeah not to miss Chennai…:)
25. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?
Hmm…sometime in 2001 I my Mom…from engg College…
26. Can you change the oil on a car?
27. Your first love/big crush: what is the last thing you heard about him/her?
A guy in class 10, Don’t remember the last thing heard….
28. Does anything hurt on your body right now?
My Back..:(…and very badly that too….
29. What is your current desktop picture?
My Company’s 7 Values..:O (company ka laptop hai)
30. Have you been burnt by love?
Don’t even ask….

Thursday, June 18

One Fine Day...

One fine day in December 2008, I decided to watch Dostana. I generally use to go for movies on weekends, pay 200-250 bucks even if I get the uncomfortable front row to sit. I use to think ki theek hai yaar…500 bucks a month for movies is not too much..:). Though I had at times even heard some friends of mine…(and that includes few who are considered to have “royal” habits amongst us), saying, that weekend tickets are too expensive; its better to go either on weekdays or Sat/ Sun morning show…I however, never paid any attention to that. But this time I decided that I’ll save money; and go for Sat morning 10 AM show. “Dostana” was a new release and I had not yet seen it. No friends were ready to give company as most of them had already seen it or were busy somewhere else. So I decided to watch the movie alone, for the first time in my life. The thrill factor associated with the whole situation had increased considerably, as I was going to watch it alone (that makes me so self dependent, Yo!!, I don’t need anybody for watching a movie now..i can go all alone…:); and I’ll be paying half of what I pay usually (aha..100 bucks saved…:). After having taken the super bold decision of watching a movie on a “weekend morning”; one fine Friday evening; I checked the tickets online…almost whole theatre was empty; kool (why get tickets booked in advance then..i’ll buy in the theatre itself…:) my brain did some teeny weenie time calculation; I shall get up at quarter to 9; considering that theatre is just 15 min by auto…..will leave from home at 9 and watch the morning show..:))…all set!!. Subah 9 baje uthe…tickets check kiye..and discovered that 0 tickets are available….koi na..i said to least I managed to wake up at time..that means the plan is executable…still Sunday is there..i’ll go tomorrow…is what I decided..and went to sleep again.
Saturday evening I got the tickets booked for Sun morning. One milestone achieved; now at least I have tickets..:) But honi ko kuch aur hi manzoor that…Sat night I was awake till 5 in the morning finishing some office work; Morning at 9’ clock I tried my best to wake up; but found it impossible to even surgically remove myself from bed….its just a matter of 100 bucks…jaane de yaar….next weekend…:)
Now the thrill of watching Dostana at half of what I usually pay was gone; thrill factor reduced to ½. But the tempo to watch a movie alone was still there..:).
So the next weekend, planning was a bit more advance and thought after. I booked tickets on Saturday evening for two shows on Monday (Dostana and another more fortunate movie on which I had decided to spend full 200 Rs..:D; this one was to be watched with a friend and hence carried “0” thrill quotient..:P). Dostana was booked 10 Am show and afternoon show for the other one. After learning from my last week’s experience I even slept on time (that’s like 2 AM..:P). Now, the proud me wakes up at sharp 9 on a Sunday morning all set to rock INOX with her benign presence!!. Got all dressed up and reached INOX on time….happy and gay I reached the top floor of the mall….and stood in the queue for collecting the tickets of this Karan Johar production which had managed to beat the lazy devil inside me!!
5 minutes in the queue and my turn comes to collect the tickets; I happily tell the reference number saved in my mobile to the guy standing on the other side of the window. Around 30 seconds of his searching for my ticket and I see signs of un surety on his face..:O. Then he picked out one ticket and smilingly told me..”Madam, this ticket is of Wednesday 10 AM show”..:). Ahem Ahem…Ok..i said…”Give me one ticket for today’s show” was my next sentence. I collected my ticket, came out of the queue and just stood there for a moment smiling …:). The thrill had actually become an adventure..i had paid 300 bucks for a movie I wanted to watch for 100 bucks…:)…Koi na…the other half was still intact..i was still watching the movie alone..:D..

Thursday, June 11

Aise hi

I mite have to put a nite out today for office work..:(. I am shikaar of Project Mismanagement by my seniors in office. I am dying to write a post on my Badrinath trip, but this crazy schedule is taking the better off me...
But now that I have started writing, will put down few arbit lines..:)
I would be attending a friend's wedding in Chennai this weekend, a Tamil wedding..:). After 2 long years i would be visiting Chennai, and campus too!. A dear friend S called up from Chennai today, laughed a good 20 minutes on phone and made all plans for the two days..:). Looking forward to a fun filled trip..!!.
Cheers to Chennai!!
Aah and missed a very imp thing...June 10, 2009, exactly 1 year ago, last year, my hand bag was snatched in front of my house..:(. My hand was on sling for a good one month, and I was at home for four weeks, though a bit painful, it was a four weeks paid holiday at home..:). Ah, might sound weird but i really enjoyed that "Doing Nothing" phase. Read books, utilized you tube, ate like crazy, and slept...:). ....
Ab gudnite rahega..will take a shrt nap and then wake up again, to finish wrk..

Monday, May 25

Down the Bollywood Lane..:)

Its quarter to 3 in the night. Have office tomorrow, IPL has just ended, with DC taking away the trophy this time. I am just getting over with a half an hr crush over Adam Gilchrist…J, Cute he is!!
Just discovered a good site for listening to online radio, got the link from some blog. The radio is playing one of my fav songs..”mere khwabon mein jo aaye”…J from the movie DDLJ, which was released on Oct 20, 1995. I got the golden opportunity to watch this evergreen romantic flick on December 08, 1995 immediately after my half yearly exams ended. My aunt had come over from Ahmadabad with her kids, who are half gujju, owing to the fact that they have spent almost all of their lives in the state of Mr. Modi. Well, this blog is by no ways about my semi gujju cousins, or the fast rate of industrial development in the state of Gujrat. Its about some more interesting stuff…J.
I have always been a movie buff. And since time immemorial (that is like 1990..:P), since the time I actually started making some sense out of the bollywood movies, I have kind of followed them very well. And as it happens, today when I look back I can associate a particular passage of time in my life with the songs I use to listen to during those days. Today also when I listen to these songs I am invariably transported to those good old times. Here I would mention those few songs/ movies which I have associated with my different phases of growing up..:)
Chandni/ Lamhe/ Saajan: Aha, this was 1989-92, I was in the final years of my primary education. Dancing to the tunes of “mere haathon mein 9-9 choodiyan” and “ Morni bagaa maa bole” was the in thing for us kids. I don’t remember to have missed even a single bhaiyya/ didi ki shaadi in the colony where we (me and a dear friend A), did not lighten up the ladies sangeet function with our performances. All their wedding cassettes still have the dancing us in their videos…J
Rang: I loved all the songs of this movie. I was in class seven when it released. I use to listen to its songs back to back innumerable times…J. This was Divya Bharti’s last released movie I guess. The cassette over had her smiling face against a black background. I strongly associate this movie with the end of my summer holidays in 93. We were coming back from Pauri (my grandma’s place), and en route SRE, we stayed in Kotdwar for 2 days, with my uncle. I got hold of this cassette there. “Tujhe na dekhun” was my fav track from the album.
Ek ladki ko dekha: I was in class 8 when this movie, along with Mohra (yeah, “tu cheez badi hai mast mast”) was released.. Another song which was very popular that time was “Ole Ole: from the movie “Ye Dillagi”. "Ek ladki ko dekha” was an awsum composition and all of us use to appreciate the melody of the song during the lunch break. All my friends were in awe of the melody and lyrics of the song. I never then had the courage to admit the fact that I love the other two numbers “Ole Ole” and “Tu cheez badi hai mast” much much more than this sophisticated lyrics oriented melody..:D. Anyways, today I appreciate both genres for their distinct charm..:). And yeah, 94 was also the year when HAHK was released. I remember the kid me pestering my dad for taking us to this movie. One fine day he said “ beta kal chalenge, dead sure”, and I got even more upset. “Dead Sure”, its a “dead” sure, means not sure ki kal bhi challenge ki nahi..:D (poor me and my angreji).
DDLJ: Aha now this was 1995, as I have already mentioned above the date when this movie was released and when I saw it..:). The first movie whose making was shown on television, which was the talk of the town for days to come. I guess we friends spent the entire second half of that year discussing this movie. Not a single scene, a single dialogue was left un-operated. Rage it was!!. From getting those tunics stitched to aping Kajol’s hairstyle..crazy it was. I vividly remember how I use to tell my dad to call me from my study room whenever the trailer of DDLJ comes (that was the initial teaser which showed “tujhe dekha ..” for like some 10 seconds). My dear dad use to dutifully call me so that their studious, hardworking daughter gets a well deserved break…;-). And yeah, the other super movie which was released this year was Rangeela..:)), one of my all time favorites. This was the year when we had first got cable connection in our home. Come back from school, and get glued to the idiot box, to watch the same trailers again and again and again..:)
As I write this post, I realize that I have not even reached half way and its already 4 am…:(, boss I have to be at client’s place tomm on time, I shall finish my bollywood journey in the second half of this post. Till then gudunitu..:)

Thursday, May 21


P was doing this tag few days back, and i was more than tempted to take it; which female celebrities you would have a crush on if you were a guy!!...some names popped up in my mind...and i shared them with him..."he are not thinking like a guy"...was his reaction. I saved the post for some other day, and decided to take the tag after sharpening my "guy like" thinking ability..:P...i dont think there has been any improvement...but here are few females i guess i would have a crush on ..had i been a guy..:)
1. Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) for the wonderfully weird female she is!. She is my fav charachter in Friends, i simply adore the way she speaks her mind, heart all the time..:).
2. Katrina Kaif for the pretty and innocent looks the damsel has..:)

3. Ayesha Takia: for her nice long hair and the cute smile....

4. Madhuri Dixit: for the perfect lad she is....

5. Priyanka Gandhi: for the graceful way she carries herself....

Ok..enuff of crushy mushy stuff; i changed my abode few days back..and yesterday only gave my room some basic decore'....clicked a pic of my fav corner of my room where i spend 90% of my time when at home....:)

Tuesday, May 19

5 Powerful Phrases

Already written one post today, but since its already past 12, and just now P has tagged me on this, so here comes my first tagged post..:)
1. You've changed my life: Many people in many ways have affected and moulded my life in more than one ways...
Dr. R S Zaidi, Ms Prabha Gupta: My English and Maths teachers in school, thanks for inculcating all the confidence and showing faith in me, grooming me into what i am today..:)
Vivek: Thanks for telling me that a smile does not cost anything...:), it changed a lot in me...:)
Tushti and Raksha: For making it evident that life is all about attitude..:)
Prateek: For trying your best to change my life for better...:)..but stubborn taurus in me has to learn the hard way...:(
2. I need you: Rachana and Shweta. Rach..for always being the patient listener you are, love you babes ...cant really do without you..:) Shweta: My counsellor, my guide always..:)
3. I love you: Mum, Dad, Mausi, Nani, Ani and Manu
4. I am here for you: Manu, Piyush, Rachana, Shweta
5. You are a gem: Anupam, Piyush, Shweta, Rachana, Neha, Prateek, Tushti, Manu, Aruna, Joshi Ji, Raksha and Jaideep.
Thanks guys for being there, you all are amazing in one or the other way..:) Lucky to have you around..:).

Monday, May 18

To all the Happy Souls around!!

Now this one is for all the happy souls around me....:). One thing i have realised in the past few years is that the one great quality i admire in people above all other things is their happiness quotient. (apart from their e-value..:P). Happiness, though a very relative term, can still be sensed with quite an ease in the very first few meetings with a person. During all these years i have come across very few people whom i can consider Happy!. We all have our own set of frustrations, insecurities and complexities; and all of us have some defined/not so very well defined "to be" state. But still, there are few of us, looking at whom the first thing which comes to mind is....peace..happiness...:). They may not be the most phodu/ successful or happening people around, but they reflect certain kind of goodness, simplicity and satisfaction with life, that there mere presence around makes you feel good. They may not be your bestest friends, but are surely the first few people you look for the moment you enter office/ class/ come online/ or may be reach home..:).

Luckily I am also blessed with certain such individuals, and hence am jotting down here, a line or two about each..:)

Chhavi: A coalleague of mine,one of the happiest people i see around, every sentence ends with Bindasssss...masssst.....ecstatic she becomes, if the cab we hire for office has its music system working. No suit materails are bought, only readymade..."Deepti ab silwaane ka patience kiske paas hai, mujhe to next day hi pehnna rehta hai har naya dress"..:). Some people just enlighten the surroundings, this babe is one of them....keep smiling sweety..:)
Aadi: One of the most peaceful souls i have met. Another office coalleague cum friend, life may not be perfect, but can be made simple....:).Unpurturbed/ nonchalant most of the times, has the genuinnest advices and views on things/ situations. A decent sense of humor coupled with a harmless nature,one of the most feel good factors around!!...
Raksha: Now she is the latest addition to the list of my friends.Met this female in Mumbai, and boy!!....ball we had for those three weeks we spent together. Some people exuberate laughter!!!..she is one of them. An amazing narration style, one can easily be seen rotfl most of the times in her company. The best part is that this fun factor is accompanied by a lot of gravity in terms of thought process. Again one of those people who glow with happiness and positivity. I dont remember to have met a female as radiant as her!!...way to go babe..:)
Rimpy: This female happens to be a flatmate, with whom my only interactions have been restricted to chitchats when we are watching TV together, or cooking together. But then, i cannot recall even a single incident when i had seen her low/down/ dull. Always smiling, happy, giggling, finding pleasure in the weekly get tgethers with other such happy souls from Punjab....:))..another one of those FGCs..:)
Shubhadeep: Funniest people in my friends list. There was a time when i use to be literally falling of my chair chattin wid him, but PwC has taken the better of him now..:). A super human, with an amazingly positive attitude twrds life....
Gaurav Shah: A dear friend, whos always high on life...:). Have rarely seen him worried/ down, mastam sense of humor and a zeal to live life to its fullest..:), keep rocking dude..:)
Then there are few other happy souls who need a mention here...
AB (a feel good friend;thanks for being nice), Manu (bro dear), Jdp, Sony Anthony, Namrata...
Cheers to all you guys..:))..i really look forward to meet you and talk to you...keep rocking and spreading joy...:))
PS: All my other friends,if your name does not figure above, that does not mean that your presence in life is undermined!!. I love you all, and you all know it..;-).

Sunday, May 17


Last week, after a boring day at office, i decided to take a stroll down MG Rd, one place i really like in Bangalore. Though, many people find it too crowded...but there is something about the whole set of streets in that areas which make me like it a lot, and that includes the fancy English names the streets there have..:). Many a times i go there alone in the evenings, buy some nice books from this book shop "Blossoms", buy some "seengdana" (salted nuts) to munch and just njoi the hustle bustlevof the market. So this fine wednesday also, i left office on time, dumped my lappy at homeon my way and reached MGR, i guess after some 3-4 mnths. After buying Mothers' day gift for my Mom (a pretty raw silk saree from Nalli), i straight away went to Blossoms, my fav place on Church Street.

Generally when i go to Blossoms, i already have a set ofbooksin my mind, which i have to buy. (or else its very difficult to explore that place). But this time i had nthing in mind. Just went inside and called P for some assistance, but poor chap was driving back home after a long days work i guess, hence noinputs from there.

So, i randomly started going through the stacks of books kept at the entrance itself, and picked up a good 7 books fromthe lot. All the books are from Indian writers, and i guess should not takemore than 20 days to finish. Its such a great feeling when you spend your hard earned money on books...:).

The books i bought were:

1. Hes just not that into you

2. Twilight in Delhi

3. Lahore- a sentimental journey

4. 1984

5. What would you do to save the world

6. Book of Humor by Ruskin Bond

7. Ofcourse I Love U, till i find someone better

Have already finished reading the first one and found it an amazingly apt read..:))

Would soon write a separate post on that. Have started two books simultaneously after that Lahore: the book has not been written in a great manner, but is interesting enough if you have even the slightest of taste in reading/knowing about the ancient cities of undivided India.

What would you do to save the world: I read some 25 pages of this book, in some book store in Mumbai some 3 years back. I always wanted to read the wholebook, as at that time i had foundit quite humorous. But alas! the book is no more captivating now....:(..seems my Sense of Humor has improved in these years....:)..

Thursday, May 14

Happy Bday..:)

11th May, 2009, My bday....:) and from now on birthday of my blog as well. Last year the idea of starting a blog hit my mind around this time only, but life was going through such horrendous patches, that my draft posts all revolved around only one thing ...... However, yesterday was having a regular discussion with P, and suddenly the question popped up..why do I want to blog....becuz i want people to cum and read my posts and leave comments, because i want to share stuff with strangers....or simply because i want to speak with myself. I guess last one is the right reason why i am here.It happens to be my bday today, the most imp day of my life till now. Love this day for all the good wishes and warmth i recieve from all my friends around...:). Though the age number is growing now...and being on the wrong side of 25, doesnt feel that great at times...but then, sometimes ..rather most of the times i feel, that i kind of forgot to grow up..."badi hona bhool gayi main"....the way i am giggling today at every bday phone call, feeling like a princess as if its my 16th bday or sumthing...really makes me wonder!!!Friends and family are calling....though since bday falls on a Monday tdy....hence not many ppl called up at 12 in the night...but then came mrning..and everbdy who mattered started calling...happy happy!! Lunch was with nice office friends....and hopefully dinner plan would also succeeed....till now day has been good....Every now and then i realise the importance of having good people around. Thank You GOD, for showering me with the bestest of friends, i sumtimes it that I am good in judging people..or just that God is kind..:)..i guess the latter is true.....ok..would soon write a separate post on friends!!cheers to all the good people around me!! and happy bday :))