Tuesday, May 19

5 Powerful Phrases

Already written one post today, but since its already past 12, and just now P has tagged me on this, so here comes my first tagged post..:)
1. You've changed my life: Many people in many ways have affected and moulded my life in more than one ways...
Dr. R S Zaidi, Ms Prabha Gupta: My English and Maths teachers in school, thanks for inculcating all the confidence and showing faith in me, grooming me into what i am today..:)
Vivek: Thanks for telling me that a smile does not cost anything...:), it changed a lot in me...:)
Tushti and Raksha: For making it evident that life is all about attitude..:)
Prateek: For trying your best to change my life for better...:)..but stubborn taurus in me has to learn the hard way...:(
2. I need you: Rachana and Shweta. Rach..for always being the patient listener you are, love you babes ...cant really do without you..:) Shweta: My counsellor, my guide always..:)
3. I love you: Mum, Dad, Mausi, Nani, Ani and Manu
4. I am here for you: Manu, Piyush, Rachana, Shweta
5. You are a gem: Anupam, Piyush, Shweta, Rachana, Neha, Prateek, Tushti, Manu, Aruna, Joshi Ji, Raksha and Jaideep.
Thanks guys for being there, you all are amazing in one or the other way..:) Lucky to have you around..:).

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