Friday, September 18


I am having a BAD day at office….a super Bad day I must say….Opened my blog and found this tagged post in Preeti’s blog. Though I have not been tagged on this….but this one looks interesting so would go ahead and try it out!! It’s the tag of 8’s.

8 TV shows I like to watch

I am not much of a TV show person, more in to music channels mainly MTV and Zoom….so I’ll list down all the TV shows I would want to follow, if I could remember at what time they are aired and if I am home at that time…

1. Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata hai!!..:D
2. Lux Perfect Bride..LOL…total TP
3. Kiran ki Kachaheri..:)..Dnt even ask WHY???

Ok, among the saner ones…
4. Walk the Talk with Shekhar Gupta
5. We The People and The Big Fight
6. Tere Mere Beech Mein
7. Coffee with Karan
8. And any of those singing competitions on Star and Zee

8 Favorite Places to Eat

1. Mum’s Kitchen
2. My own kitchen is also Ok types..:P
3. Sis’s kitchen for all kind of junk!!
4. Murugan Idly in Chennai
5. One of my maternal aunt’s kitchen- great cook she is
6. Mess food of IIT M was pretty decent…:D
7. There was one tiffin vaale uncle who use to deliver khana at our place when I was in Noida, awsum ghar ka khana it was..:)
8. Last but not the least..almost any roadside stall in North India

8 Things I look forward to

1. Saturdays
2. My Dinner
3. Opportunity to use any new stuff I have bought
4. Aarti in Sai Baba mandir at 6:30 in the evening (Most of them are in Marathi and sung very well)
5. Meeting my friends in Delhi whenever I visit home
6. My birthday..:)
7. And nothing else is coming to my mind rite now…!!

8 Things that happened yesterday

Thank God its not Today…:)
1. I had dinner twice
2. I slept early
3. I did not open my laptop after reaching home
4. Went to Sai Baba mandir, but missed the Aarti
5. Cleaned the water purifying thing at not getting the proper noun we use for it…:O
6. Spent the second half in office, solving some petty work related issue
7. Ok..also got an auto back home frm office pretty easily…:)..i guess this was the most happening thing..:D
8. Spoke to Bro on phone and laughed hysterically on sum funny ideas..
On re-reading..boredom re- defined is what life looks like....:O

8 Things I love about Winter

I’ll tweak this a bit…I HATE winters….so I’ll put down the 8 things I love about non winters..summers to be precise :D

1. Days are longer, so you can come back home and still have time to yourself
2. During school days, you could sleep in the afternoon also..:)
3. You don’t have to wear Kgs of woolens to protect yourself from sardi; No rajaai, no scolding frm dad to wear one more sweater….
4. Khana plate mein daalte hi thanda nahi hota…
5. Han, and all the half yearly/ final exams use to fall during the mnths from Dec to I so much hated winters for that…..and summer was all chill relax time!!
6. And yeah in North India its summer vacations ..long 1.5 mnths holidays….
7. You get to wear all fancy clothes during summers..:)
8. My Birthday ..:)
Basically….i LOVE everything about summers and hate almost everything about winters…!!

8 things on my Wishlist

1. A trip to Venice
2. Opening a dance school somewhere down the line
3. Report one of the Cricket World Cup matches from Durban for one of the better news channels, when SA hosts WC
4. A trek to Valley of Flowers
5. Host a Filmfare award function
6. Learn to make stuffed parathas (I always mess them up…stuffing collects on one side and all the aata on other)
7. Being able to carry water filled containers (made out of bronze, and hence are quite heavy), on my head from the nearest water source (called dhara) to my granny’s place (which seems a distant dream with the kind of back I keep..:( )
And last but not the least….
8. Getting out of the trouble I am in @work..ASAP

8 words or Phrases I use often

1. Are yaar!!
2. Han kya!
3. WTF!!
4. 1 baat bata yaar…
5. Namaste ji!!
6. Sahi hai bhai…
7. LOL..(yes I say that ..:D)
8. Jee nahi…..

8 places I would love to go, visit or see

1. Afghanistan
2. Pakistan
3. Venice
4. Seychelles
5. Mauritius
6. Kashmir
7. Valley of Flowers
8. Rajasthan
Strictly in that order..:)

This post is the only good thing happened during the day tdy...:)