Wednesday, July 28

A Blog Post-3

Just now discovered that i can compose posts from my office..:).What a great relief...Using mozilla, not only can i open my blog in view mode but can also compose and post new posts....But alas!!..this discovery came a bit too late, all these days i was totally jobless but did not know about this mozilla thing...and the day i discovered this...bang!! came the strart date of a new project...Anyways, this post is solely dedicated to the fact that now during free time i would be able to write a post or 2 from office...:)

Its sunny outside and no traces of clouds...This otherwise boring office gives an awsum view of outside on rainy days. The other day clicked this pic when it was pouring heavily..

And this is how Gurigram looks like from my office window on normal no rain days....

Chalo ji..time to wind up for the day..!! cheers...

Sunday, July 25

+ve Diary: Day 4

Ok..i will not start this post with explanation of why 3 pages of this diary are missing.....Todays good things...

1. Finally after many many days i managed to charge my camera...:)..i got it as a wedding gift frm dear sis, and am very happy that now i would be able to put pics also in my posts..:).... Clicked some pics using the same and felt wonderful, rather super wonderful..:).....(I have mispaced the data chord and hence could not chipkao the pics here...*cribs max*: to be ignored..:)))

2. I am learning classical dance these days; today i realized that all these days i was actually physically present in the dance class but could not avoid idhar udhar ki tensions hovering on my head and actually enjoy however, i was too absorbed and involved in dancing and really enjoyed that 1 hour...:) was bliss, i have decided that from now i would ensure that none of these trivial or not so trivial things are carried to the dance class..:)
I had learned classical dance for a month long long time ago..when i was in class 3; i had a pair of ghungroo as well. This time again i bought a new set; and needless to say it feels great to own one..:)

3. The weather here is awsssumm today..i mean amazingly need of AC and no humidity, Thank You God for this relieving weather change ..for these beautiful rains...:)...

4. Yess..and a very important thing..i managed to grab breakfast today..:)).....this is one thing which is very high in my to- do list ..but somehow every day passes with.."kal se pakka".......

5. Spoke to a friend whos leaving for UK in a couple of days, asked her to get me a nice handbag from which i started googling away to glory..:)....and here are some lovely handbags which i found...:)

Needless to say i was thrilled after this exercise, the very idea of shopping is enough to lift the mood up from any depths of this universe...:D

Unlike other fellow bloggers who by now must be done with this 7 day positivity experiment; i would take 3 more days to complete it..rather i think it can be adopted as a regular down all the things you feel good, grateful about despite of all the lousy, bad days you have....naaice..:)

Thursday, July 22

+ve Diary: Day 2

Good things that happenend today:
1. An encouraging thing @ office which made me feel quite good.
2. I got my office ID card after a good 2.5 mnths of shifting to Ggn office. Reason i did not have a passport size picture of mine. Though at the face of it did not seem much of a hassle collecting a temp card at the entrance everyday, but today when i got my ID card i realised that making an entry at the temp card register everyday was actually a cumbersome excercise and an unnecessary task every morning which the mind was taking as a burden, totally avoidable. Entering office with my own ID card made life quite simple...:). Now the day at office would not start with a futile exercise.
3. Spoke to few good friends during the day and needless to say it felt really good.
4. Slept after coming from office but still managed to finish some important household chores.
5. And the best thing happens as i write this post...chatting with sis and we end up discussing JWM and Kareena's character in it....lovely movie with super positive energy..perfect to go with the mood of this post...:)
My favourite-est scene is the one in train when she is convincing the TTE explaining him why Shahid is travelling without ticket... and says.."Bhaisahab aap convince ho gaye ki main aur bolun.."...:D....Here is a collection of some funny scenes from JWM...:)

Wednesday, July 21

+ve Diary: A tag by PS- Day 1

Preeti from justamotheroftwo did a post today on how its is important and healthy to look at the positive things in life to keep onself sane and happy!!
As she has stated, all of us know this in theory, but have not seen many people following it religiously. I am among those who rarely follow it. So i decided to particpate in this excercise where we have to write a post on five good things that happen in a day for seven continuous days starting today. Considering the usefulness of the excercise and the fact that i have been too irregular in this space for quite some days now, me decided to take it here comes the list of good things that happened today:

1. Sis came home to stay with me. Its always a delight to have siblings around, and her being around means that there would be good rounds of laughter and chitchats..:)..I guess the best part about siblings is that you share the same sense of humor and can easily laugh on the same things...:)...and what better way to spend an evening than with a funny, humorous younger sis....:)

2. I prepared rasam for the first time and it turned out well (my version). I poked sis endlessly and in various ways to admit the same....till she finally agreed and we became version compatible..:D

3. It was not very hot, rather manageable weather.

4. I maroed a night out yesterday, still i did not feel sleepy in office today; which in itself is a miracle...:D

5. I spoke to FIL after like 2 weeks and it felt really nice. (he is recovering from an accident)

Hmm...din bhar mein 5 achchi baatein dhoondna is also not very easy...anyways, time to bid good bye to this day now...:) and jaate gaana....which sis forced me to listen and i found it good..:)

A blog post-2

Today during lunch break we were discussing who all have nick names…I do not have one. Both siblings have two names each and a third joint name!! in they are called “Ani” and “Manu” when addressed individually..but if one has to call them together/ or refer to them together…it becomes “Ani-Mani”..:D, so basically the twins share 5 names between them..:O. I always wanted that even I should have been given a nick name. I guess parents made up for their deed of not nick naming me by bestowing siblings with a set of 5 names..:D….anyways, I have always been known by this single name only. Infact if I look around, almost all my cousins have a nick name, even all my chachas/ maamas ..yess..ALL..and they would be somewhere close to 30 if I count all the cousins my dad has… have nicknames…..infact I still do not know the official names of many of them..:O…yess, it was never needed…..the only times when we ever came to know about the “actual” names of these chaachas / maamas was when we had to write their names on invitation cards..or we received the invites of their marriage..or we actually went to their place and saw it on the name plate… :D…I remember..bachpan mein if we actually needed to know any chachaas real name…we would ask dad..”papa Bombay vale pappu chacha ka naam kya hai???.....(Bombay vale was imp, because there is another pappu chaacha..Musoorie vale…whos actual name I still do not know..:D) Huge family you see….nick names also had to be repeated after a certain point…:D (Btw ..i have a Pappu mama also….:D)
I remember in Bombay vale pappu chaacha ka naam I came to know when I went to his place in Mumbai for the first time in 2006. I saw it on his nameplate at the reception of his building..and had “Dhyani” not been written next to it..i would have never been able to figure out which one was his flat..:). Thank God the sir name is not too common, otherwise the family would have had a tough time finding and identifying each other outside home..:) ..So many a times it happens that I come across people who ask me..are vo falaane Mr. XYZ Dhyani ko hum jaante hain, vo jo tumhaare chaacha hain…and we kids are clueless, as we only know our chaachas/ maamas as Nandan Chaacha/ Tinku chaacha etc..:)
The other day..FB was throwing suggestions for friends….a name called Sachin Nawani was appearing almost every day…..i thought lemme go and see ye kaun hain…clicked on the profile and discovered that it was “dabloo” mama’s profile… mum’s first cousin…
In school we use to have many kids whos names in school seemed as if they were their nick names only….there was a guy called Goldy…I always thought ki iski shaadi ke card pe ye naam kaisa lagega…:D..however, I guess Goldy read my mind..and later changed his name in class 10.
Then my mum had some students like..Silky Bagga…:O…matlab mum papa ne zyaada dimaag hi nahi lagaya naam rakhne se pehle….or may be…the naamkaran ceremony was bypassed and by the time parents reached the stage where the child’s name was to be registered in a school…they did not feel like straining there grey cells and let the “happy”, “silky”, “princy”, “bubbly” name prevail!!
Anyways, all said and done I always secretly wished for a nick name and wondered how kool it would have been to have one…
So I thought that when I have kids, they surely will have nick names..:)…until I met husband who is a staunch disbeliever of nick names…..and feels that nicknames tend to stay with people for too long and these grown up kids when called Shanky uncle and Simpi aunty…it kind of does not go very well with their graying hair…:D
And since I strongly believe in not imposing/ trying things on my kids which I could not do/ accomplish…I too have decided to go with his thoughts and it seems like nick names will be distant thing in family as of now….

and this song for all our babloos and dabloos...and Bhatt ji....jinke soujanya se ye gaana yahan chipak paaya...:)

Writing about nick names reminds me of the horoscope names which we people have. It is the name which a child has based on his/ her DoB, ToB etc..and which panditji tells during naamkaran..however the official name has to be different from the janampatri name and thank GOD for that....because in my case that name was such a big disaster that inspite of me being generally cmfrtable laughing at myself, i have never ever told anybody about my hor(ror)oscope name..:O..the peculiarity quotient of bthese names can be gauged by the fact that siblings horo names were Ghananand and Ghanaakshri....and i find these OK when compared to mine..:D