Thursday, July 22

+ve Diary: Day 2

Good things that happenend today:
1. An encouraging thing @ office which made me feel quite good.
2. I got my office ID card after a good 2.5 mnths of shifting to Ggn office. Reason i did not have a passport size picture of mine. Though at the face of it did not seem much of a hassle collecting a temp card at the entrance everyday, but today when i got my ID card i realised that making an entry at the temp card register everyday was actually a cumbersome excercise and an unnecessary task every morning which the mind was taking as a burden, totally avoidable. Entering office with my own ID card made life quite simple...:). Now the day at office would not start with a futile exercise.
3. Spoke to few good friends during the day and needless to say it felt really good.
4. Slept after coming from office but still managed to finish some important household chores.
5. And the best thing happens as i write this post...chatting with sis and we end up discussing JWM and Kareena's character in it....lovely movie with super positive energy..perfect to go with the mood of this post...:)
My favourite-est scene is the one in train when she is convincing the TTE explaining him why Shahid is travelling without ticket... and says.."Bhaisahab aap convince ho gaye ki main aur bolun.."...:D....Here is a collection of some funny scenes from JWM...:)

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सागर said...

great... All scenes are amazing... love this film

Deepti said...

@ saagar: me too...:)..lovely movie...:)