Wednesday, July 21

+ve Diary: A tag by PS- Day 1

Preeti from justamotheroftwo did a post today on how its is important and healthy to look at the positive things in life to keep onself sane and happy!!
As she has stated, all of us know this in theory, but have not seen many people following it religiously. I am among those who rarely follow it. So i decided to particpate in this excercise where we have to write a post on five good things that happen in a day for seven continuous days starting today. Considering the usefulness of the excercise and the fact that i have been too irregular in this space for quite some days now, me decided to take it here comes the list of good things that happened today:

1. Sis came home to stay with me. Its always a delight to have siblings around, and her being around means that there would be good rounds of laughter and chitchats..:)..I guess the best part about siblings is that you share the same sense of humor and can easily laugh on the same things...:)...and what better way to spend an evening than with a funny, humorous younger sis....:)

2. I prepared rasam for the first time and it turned out well (my version). I poked sis endlessly and in various ways to admit the same....till she finally agreed and we became version compatible..:D

3. It was not very hot, rather manageable weather.

4. I maroed a night out yesterday, still i did not feel sleepy in office today; which in itself is a miracle...:D

5. I spoke to FIL after like 2 weeks and it felt really nice. (he is recovering from an accident)

Hmm...din bhar mein 5 achchi baatein dhoondna is also not very easy...anyways, time to bid good bye to this day now...:) and jaate gaana....which sis forced me to listen and i found it good..:)

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Preeti Shenoy said...

Nice Colbie Calliat song :)
'maroed' a night out was great! :) Nice U learnt to make rasam--trust me it will come in VERY handy! Speaking from experience :)

Thank you for doing the tag and spreading the positivity!


डॉ .अनुराग said...

jab din me kuch nahi milta to ham raat ko fir hisab jodte hai......ek aadh achhi cheez mil hi jaati hai bhi ...खुदा सुबह हथेली में रोज एक नया दिन रख देता है ..

Deepti said...
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Deepti said...

@preeti ..this is actually a very good initiative...:)..rather a wonderful thing..thanks for the idea...:)

@Dr. Anurag: ji kya baat boli hai..khuda subah hatheli mein roz 1 naya din rakh deta hai...aur kuch na sahi usike ke liye shukriya karna banta hai us khuda ka..:) karna to banta

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