Monday, May 25

Down the Bollywood Lane..:)

Its quarter to 3 in the night. Have office tomorrow, IPL has just ended, with DC taking away the trophy this time. I am just getting over with a half an hr crush over Adam Gilchrist…J, Cute he is!!
Just discovered a good site for listening to online radio, got the link from some blog. The radio is playing one of my fav songs..”mere khwabon mein jo aaye”…J from the movie DDLJ, which was released on Oct 20, 1995. I got the golden opportunity to watch this evergreen romantic flick on December 08, 1995 immediately after my half yearly exams ended. My aunt had come over from Ahmadabad with her kids, who are half gujju, owing to the fact that they have spent almost all of their lives in the state of Mr. Modi. Well, this blog is by no ways about my semi gujju cousins, or the fast rate of industrial development in the state of Gujrat. Its about some more interesting stuff…J.
I have always been a movie buff. And since time immemorial (that is like 1990..:P), since the time I actually started making some sense out of the bollywood movies, I have kind of followed them very well. And as it happens, today when I look back I can associate a particular passage of time in my life with the songs I use to listen to during those days. Today also when I listen to these songs I am invariably transported to those good old times. Here I would mention those few songs/ movies which I have associated with my different phases of growing up..:)
Chandni/ Lamhe/ Saajan: Aha, this was 1989-92, I was in the final years of my primary education. Dancing to the tunes of “mere haathon mein 9-9 choodiyan” and “ Morni bagaa maa bole” was the in thing for us kids. I don’t remember to have missed even a single bhaiyya/ didi ki shaadi in the colony where we (me and a dear friend A), did not lighten up the ladies sangeet function with our performances. All their wedding cassettes still have the dancing us in their videos…J
Rang: I loved all the songs of this movie. I was in class seven when it released. I use to listen to its songs back to back innumerable times…J. This was Divya Bharti’s last released movie I guess. The cassette over had her smiling face against a black background. I strongly associate this movie with the end of my summer holidays in 93. We were coming back from Pauri (my grandma’s place), and en route SRE, we stayed in Kotdwar for 2 days, with my uncle. I got hold of this cassette there. “Tujhe na dekhun” was my fav track from the album.
Ek ladki ko dekha: I was in class 8 when this movie, along with Mohra (yeah, “tu cheez badi hai mast mast”) was released.. Another song which was very popular that time was “Ole Ole: from the movie “Ye Dillagi”. "Ek ladki ko dekha” was an awsum composition and all of us use to appreciate the melody of the song during the lunch break. All my friends were in awe of the melody and lyrics of the song. I never then had the courage to admit the fact that I love the other two numbers “Ole Ole” and “Tu cheez badi hai mast” much much more than this sophisticated lyrics oriented melody..:D. Anyways, today I appreciate both genres for their distinct charm..:). And yeah, 94 was also the year when HAHK was released. I remember the kid me pestering my dad for taking us to this movie. One fine day he said “ beta kal chalenge, dead sure”, and I got even more upset. “Dead Sure”, its a “dead” sure, means not sure ki kal bhi challenge ki nahi..:D (poor me and my angreji).
DDLJ: Aha now this was 1995, as I have already mentioned above the date when this movie was released and when I saw it..:). The first movie whose making was shown on television, which was the talk of the town for days to come. I guess we friends spent the entire second half of that year discussing this movie. Not a single scene, a single dialogue was left un-operated. Rage it was!!. From getting those tunics stitched to aping Kajol’s hairstyle..crazy it was. I vividly remember how I use to tell my dad to call me from my study room whenever the trailer of DDLJ comes (that was the initial teaser which showed “tujhe dekha ..” for like some 10 seconds). My dear dad use to dutifully call me so that their studious, hardworking daughter gets a well deserved break…;-). And yeah, the other super movie which was released this year was Rangeela..:)), one of my all time favorites. This was the year when we had first got cable connection in our home. Come back from school, and get glued to the idiot box, to watch the same trailers again and again and again..:)
As I write this post, I realize that I have not even reached half way and its already 4 am…:(, boss I have to be at client’s place tomm on time, I shall finish my bollywood journey in the second half of this post. Till then gudunitu..:)

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United Colors of Friendship said...

hats off to u lady!! the fact that u re a movie buff...this was evidet the day i saw u seeng a telugu movie...(i dint know how much telugu u understood!!) and still enjoying it!!
mebbe the reason there was no other movie available to watch!! :P

Megh@dPractitioner said...

After reading this blog .. even i realized that I could also relate to different movies and songs with different stages of my life .. nice one .. u jotted down something which most of us have went through.. :)

Logical Thinking said...

Eastman Color, Good Start to your new web career! Great memory too !!

Shubhadeep said...

An AWESOME ride down the memory line :)
Cool and refreshing... Tell you what? It reminds me of one more Era - Maine Pyar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun :)