Thursday, June 11

Aise hi

I mite have to put a nite out today for office work..:(. I am shikaar of Project Mismanagement by my seniors in office. I am dying to write a post on my Badrinath trip, but this crazy schedule is taking the better off me...
But now that I have started writing, will put down few arbit lines..:)
I would be attending a friend's wedding in Chennai this weekend, a Tamil wedding..:). After 2 long years i would be visiting Chennai, and campus too!. A dear friend S called up from Chennai today, laughed a good 20 minutes on phone and made all plans for the two days..:). Looking forward to a fun filled trip..!!.
Cheers to Chennai!!
Aah and missed a very imp thing...June 10, 2009, exactly 1 year ago, last year, my hand bag was snatched in front of my house..:(. My hand was on sling for a good one month, and I was at home for four weeks, though a bit painful, it was a four weeks paid holiday at home..:). Ah, might sound weird but i really enjoyed that "Doing Nothing" phase. Read books, utilized you tube, ate like crazy, and slept...:). ....
Ab gudnite rahega..will take a shrt nap and then wake up again, to finish wrk..

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Neeraj Rohilla said...

Hmm...Where to start!!!
Where is next installment of Bollywood down memory lane..:-)

Is it already one year since that purse snatching incident? Time flies real quick!!!

Do write about your Badrinath trip. Pictures were great!!!