Thursday, June 18

One Fine Day...

One fine day in December 2008, I decided to watch Dostana. I generally use to go for movies on weekends, pay 200-250 bucks even if I get the uncomfortable front row to sit. I use to think ki theek hai yaar…500 bucks a month for movies is not too much..:). Though I had at times even heard some friends of mine…(and that includes few who are considered to have “royal” habits amongst us), saying, that weekend tickets are too expensive; its better to go either on weekdays or Sat/ Sun morning show…I however, never paid any attention to that. But this time I decided that I’ll save money; and go for Sat morning 10 AM show. “Dostana” was a new release and I had not yet seen it. No friends were ready to give company as most of them had already seen it or were busy somewhere else. So I decided to watch the movie alone, for the first time in my life. The thrill factor associated with the whole situation had increased considerably, as I was going to watch it alone (that makes me so self dependent, Yo!!, I don’t need anybody for watching a movie now..i can go all alone…:); and I’ll be paying half of what I pay usually (aha..100 bucks saved…:). After having taken the super bold decision of watching a movie on a “weekend morning”; one fine Friday evening; I checked the tickets online…almost whole theatre was empty; kool (why get tickets booked in advance then..i’ll buy in the theatre itself…:) my brain did some teeny weenie time calculation; I shall get up at quarter to 9; considering that theatre is just 15 min by auto…..will leave from home at 9 and watch the morning show..:))…all set!!. Subah 9 baje uthe…tickets check kiye..and discovered that 0 tickets are available….koi na..i said to least I managed to wake up at time..that means the plan is executable…still Sunday is there..i’ll go tomorrow…is what I decided..and went to sleep again.
Saturday evening I got the tickets booked for Sun morning. One milestone achieved; now at least I have tickets..:) But honi ko kuch aur hi manzoor that…Sat night I was awake till 5 in the morning finishing some office work; Morning at 9’ clock I tried my best to wake up; but found it impossible to even surgically remove myself from bed….its just a matter of 100 bucks…jaane de yaar….next weekend…:)
Now the thrill of watching Dostana at half of what I usually pay was gone; thrill factor reduced to ½. But the tempo to watch a movie alone was still there..:).
So the next weekend, planning was a bit more advance and thought after. I booked tickets on Saturday evening for two shows on Monday (Dostana and another more fortunate movie on which I had decided to spend full 200 Rs..:D; this one was to be watched with a friend and hence carried “0” thrill quotient..:P). Dostana was booked 10 Am show and afternoon show for the other one. After learning from my last week’s experience I even slept on time (that’s like 2 AM..:P). Now, the proud me wakes up at sharp 9 on a Sunday morning all set to rock INOX with her benign presence!!. Got all dressed up and reached INOX on time….happy and gay I reached the top floor of the mall….and stood in the queue for collecting the tickets of this Karan Johar production which had managed to beat the lazy devil inside me!!
5 minutes in the queue and my turn comes to collect the tickets; I happily tell the reference number saved in my mobile to the guy standing on the other side of the window. Around 30 seconds of his searching for my ticket and I see signs of un surety on his face..:O. Then he picked out one ticket and smilingly told me..”Madam, this ticket is of Wednesday 10 AM show”..:). Ahem Ahem…Ok..i said…”Give me one ticket for today’s show” was my next sentence. I collected my ticket, came out of the queue and just stood there for a moment smiling …:). The thrill had actually become an adventure..i had paid 300 bucks for a movie I wanted to watch for 100 bucks…:)…Koi na…the other half was still intact..i was still watching the movie alone..:D..

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torpedo said...

nice!!! 300 is worth the adventure though i dont know if it was worth the movie!!!

Karthick Gopal said...

lol. Good economics posted here. I would have said "You buddhu kumari" but I have to commend the dedication to watch that movie. Only problem is the movie's crap and it's also Hindi!!!!

Now you should post about how the experience was watching it alone.

Shubhadeep said...

One post that truly justifies the title of this blog - "Forgot to grow up" :P