Sunday, June 28

Fir se Tagged..:)

I wrote a tagged post yesterday…enjoyed it thoroughly…:)
Have had an awful day at work…yes..i went to office on a Sat also, had to sit on a really uncomfortable chair and survive on dip-tea (that sounds like Deepti..he he he..:)). Came back home to discover that the milk which I had thought would be one half of my dinner today was spoilt (despite of being kept in refrigerator); so made steamed egg (a yumm new dish I have learnt to prepare few days ago) and had the first meal of my day at 10 pm…:(. I decided that the moment I finish my dinner, I’ll be off to bed (I have to go to office tomm as well…this weekend is one really happy and happening one…:))!!..anyways..han to the point was …that I am suppose to sleep on time today, tomm is one anther hectic day for me. So I was following the normal routine of browsing through all the basic sites (read gmail, orkut, FB, Twitter, IBN Live and yeah My Blog). But after a screwed day at office I decide to write something. A long awaited post on “Meri Badrinath Yaatra” is pending…but it will have to wait…for some better day!!. I found this tag on Prats blog. Tags are fun, so I’ll end my day in a fun way..:). I love my blog….where else can I write all this in coherent crap..and still ask people to read and comment also…:)
So heres the tagged me.....
Kissed any of your friends on social networking groups? No
Been arrested? Nahi Bhai..
Kissed someone you didn’t like? No..
Slept until 5 PM? Aha..yes..a number of times…(it sucks though)
Fallen asleep at work/school? In School ..Yes…
Held a snake? Nopez
Ran a red light? Nopez
Been suspended from school? Uff..No Man!!..i was a very good student till school…”Till” is to be noticed
Totaled your car/motorbike in an accident? Hmm..Nah…thankfully..
Totaled a friend’s car/motorbike in an accident? Vo bhi nahi kiya….
Been fired from a job? No
Sang karaoke? Yes (And here I am lying ..just to feel good)
Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Lo..kar lo baat…I do that always..
Laughed until something you were drinking came out of your nose? Yes…
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Nah….
Kissed in the rain? :(..Nah….So many Nozzzz….
Sang in the shower? Aha..yes…I do that quite often….:)
Sat on a rooftop? Hola…many a times….alone..with friends…:)..its fun..:)
Been pushed in a pool with all your clothes? Thankfully no…..
Broken a bone? Kiski..apni..Hmm..nahi….baaki i am a peaceful kisi aur ki bhi nahi..:)
Shaved your head? Mom says 3 times ….she says my hair was like jute ki rassi….so my head had to be shaved 3 times when I was a kid; till she felt the texture of my hair was some where near normal…:)
Blacked out from drinking? No
Played a prank on someone? Yes…though I am not much of a prankster…
Felt like killing someone? Almost every week……:)
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? I don’t make people cry….:)
Had Mexican Jumping Beans for pets? No
Been in a band? Ha ha…No
Shot a gun? No
Donated blood? No….At times I feel I need though..
Eaten alligator meat? No
Eaten cheesecake? Yes
Still love someone you shouldn’t? Not now…
Believe in love? Hmm…..i guess yes….Ok.Yess..:)
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? Yes…
Believe in fate? Hmm..Dunno…
Believe that things “happen for a reason”? People say so…I seldom find any….
Held a grudge longer than a year? In certain cases….
Hid a secret for a long period of time? Yes..and its so painful…:(
Miss someone on your facebook list of friends? No
Changed the oil in your vehicle? No
Threw up after riding a rollar coaster? Yes
Bought a gift for someone and kept it for yourself? Happens at times….thats because I forget to gift….
Bought something and returned it worn? No
Tripped on LSD? No
Have any tattoos? No
Seen a ghost? Yes..
Done body shots? No
Peed in the pool? No
Have body piercings below the neck? No
Think about the future? Yes…only think…hardly do anything….:)

So, finally a gudunitus....junta has started changing colors on gtalk...more than half of them ve turned orange as i finish this post.....means i will have to wait till force them to read this ..:)..koi na....chalega..:)...

6 people have something to say...:

Prats said...

So Many No's!!! Kya kar rahi hai ladki??

Anonymous said...

used 'No' fr the good.....i hp u save ur 'yes' and details fr the best....
vaise these days fr basic --read gmail, orkut, FB, Twitter, IBN Live ...a same pinch...;-)

Logical Thinking said...

Dip Tea is seriously funny

Neeraj Rohilla said...

jute ki rassi!!!
My friends used to refer to my hair as "copper coil" & that they move a little under hurricane force winds...

Bhoot waali baat pe to poori ek post banti hia..Kab hua, kaise hua, kahan hua? :)

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