Sunday, May 17


Last week, after a boring day at office, i decided to take a stroll down MG Rd, one place i really like in Bangalore. Though, many people find it too crowded...but there is something about the whole set of streets in that areas which make me like it a lot, and that includes the fancy English names the streets there have..:). Many a times i go there alone in the evenings, buy some nice books from this book shop "Blossoms", buy some "seengdana" (salted nuts) to munch and just njoi the hustle bustlevof the market. So this fine wednesday also, i left office on time, dumped my lappy at homeon my way and reached MGR, i guess after some 3-4 mnths. After buying Mothers' day gift for my Mom (a pretty raw silk saree from Nalli), i straight away went to Blossoms, my fav place on Church Street.

Generally when i go to Blossoms, i already have a set ofbooksin my mind, which i have to buy. (or else its very difficult to explore that place). But this time i had nthing in mind. Just went inside and called P for some assistance, but poor chap was driving back home after a long days work i guess, hence noinputs from there.

So, i randomly started going through the stacks of books kept at the entrance itself, and picked up a good 7 books fromthe lot. All the books are from Indian writers, and i guess should not takemore than 20 days to finish. Its such a great feeling when you spend your hard earned money on books...:).

The books i bought were:

1. Hes just not that into you

2. Twilight in Delhi

3. Lahore- a sentimental journey

4. 1984

5. What would you do to save the world

6. Book of Humor by Ruskin Bond

7. Ofcourse I Love U, till i find someone better

Have already finished reading the first one and found it an amazingly apt read..:))

Would soon write a separate post on that. Have started two books simultaneously after that Lahore: the book has not been written in a great manner, but is interesting enough if you have even the slightest of taste in reading/knowing about the ancient cities of undivided India.

What would you do to save the world: I read some 25 pages of this book, in some book store in Mumbai some 3 years back. I always wanted to read the wholebook, as at that time i had foundit quite humorous. But alas! the book is no more captivating now....:(..seems my Sense of Humor has improved in these years....:)..

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Prats said...

Oh Blossoms thats one Place I always loved in Blore. Lovely collection!!!

I always find bookstores very soothing and encompassing, a great stress busters for me :-)

rachs said...

when did this new buk of Rusty flooded the market?! i have to go get it today!!

n i also wanna read the last buk... shud b v.interesting n inspiring! ;)

Anas said...

Waaow thats a lot of them in one shot!! U must join British Library....and hey, blogs are sweet and fast paced..:) Keep Bloggin....