Tuesday, October 27

After a hiatus...

Moment of the Day.....

Was exchanging tweets with fellow tweeple today...and this kid who calls himslf Softykid..:)...said this in reply to ...hows life?

softykid 2 min ago
@deeptidhyani my life is exceptionally beautiful and having fun to the core :) howz day coming along and are u working in bangalore ?
from web in reply to deeptidhyani

I zimply loved the positivity his statement reflected....i mean what an awsum reply....my face lit up with a smile and for few seconds i was taken off all my worries. I cherished the moment and openend my blog to pen it down ...:))....
I guess this radiant pic which i captured sitting inside a beach side cafe at Kovalam Beach in Trivandrum would compliment this wonderful moment!!

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nabeel said...

Hmm thank you very much.

indeed life is very very beautiful :)

as they say "life is unfair" if it decides to be so then trust me, one cannot survive even for a second" so lets better be thankful for what we have :)

ups and downs are part of life,instead of giving enuf importance to negative aspects of life,why not look at the other side?

i knw its very difficult but atleast one can try :) cheers and have fun.

God bless everyone :)

Prats said...

Very very beautiful post and a lovely pic too :-)