Saturday, July 25

Yun hi...

I have many things to write about, topics I can discuss for hours, topics which have been bothering me for quite sometime now and hence can fill pages with…but I guess I have thought through them so many times, that now I have no patience to jot them down to make a nice readable post. Nothing major is happening in life as such. Things are going pretty much at the same pace. It has been almost 20 days since I shifted to this new house. Things are faring decently till now..:). Few thoughts here and there.....

1.Bangalore Weather: What is wrong with it?? I mean we call it pleasant when its neither too hot nor too cold; we are not tweeting/ filling FB walls telling the whole world about the torturesum state we are in because of it; our phone conversations do not essentially revolve around it!!. But what do we call it when you don’t see sun for some 1 month all together, not a single drop of rain, breezy almost all the time with those filmy Saiyen Sayein sound!!, ....I can make my friends in HOTland Dilli hear those sounds on phone…:O. Its weird!!, irritating..and requires immediate attention by the Sun and Rain Gods. Ok, I agree I hate weather of India north of Tropic of Cancer, and I tell all placement consultants that “Anywhere in India” in my profile actually means anywhere except NCR; but this pleasantness of Bangaluru weather is now making me crave for Dilli ki sardi and garmi…:(. I seriously want this weather to show some signs of change now!!

2.Twitter: I am active on this social super networking site since past two months now I guess. It was Orkut, then FB and now its Twitter. So these days I am addicted to it. Gmail has been replaced by Twitter as the first page which I open when I enter the virtual world. I tweet, RT (Re-Tweet), read others tweets, laugh many times a day courtesy some humorous/ hardworking fellows I am following who make it a point to search internet right, left and centre to post funny one liners every minute to keep the laughing ball rolling. (When do these guys work???..i mean I can count few who tweet like some five times every minute). I seriously want to learn this multitasking ability or be recruited by their organization. The addiction and sincerity towards tweeting is commendable!! Some of my friends have stopped chatting with me, tweet karo bas…:O kaise halchal/ wossup/ kahan ho..sirf tweets ke through poocho!!
Not that I am against tweeting but i seriously wonder how cun some people tweet ALL the time..!!
One interesting thing I discovered after entering this tweet world is that I am not very quick at gelling with unknown online junta. In twitter you follow people you know, you also follow many who you don’t….now these unknown fellas are mostly the ones recommended to you by your friends; then you start interacting and become a part of the numerous # ed topics…. It took me I guess a good one nd a half month to become familiar with few of those unknown handles I follow on twitter who are supposedly hyperactive on it. Anyways, all is good till it lasts, lets see for how long we all keep tweeting…!!

3.Moment of the Day: The other day, a good friend in office, rather my best friend in office came and sat next to me post lunch, he had to change his seat for some reason. I looked at him, and for a moment was thrilled (I grinned and said..”tu yahan baith raha hai”); just like the way I remember I use to feel super YaY when till class 8th, the teacher use to allow us to sit with our friends on rare occasions. (other wise we were made to sit with some random classmates; and people like me with specs had their fixed seats in the second row with some other chashmadharis; the rest of the junta use to follow a seat rotation, we were however spared from that since humen peeche vaali seats se dikhayi nahi deta tha..:D). I loved that 10 seconds excitement; when I told him this we had a good 2 minutes laugh…:D…it was the moment of the day!!

4.:) I also discovered a new thing about myself; my laughing threshold is very low. I mean I knew that I laugh more as compared to other souls around, but recently I noted that its very easy to make me laugh. Also, I can re-laugh on the same thing many a times. At times there have been incidents when I could not narrate a particular incident to junta, because I was laughing so much myself while telling it that we had to postponed the narration to some later point. I have often heard people around me saying “itni hanse vaali baat to nahi thi” and giving me confused looks, wondering if they have missed the humor; but don’t worry folks, it has nothing to do with your sense of humor….:). Ye, and on this smiley note, I want to mention here….last Friday night I discovered a nice blog. Here is the link. I was ROFL reading it. I am sure you too would like it.

PS: I have conviniently replaced "poor sense of humor" with "low laughing threhold" ..:) thora better sound karta hai..:D

5.We had a mehndi eve yesterday at a friend’s place…:). In N India there is a festival called Teej, women folk put mehndi, wear new clothes and bangles etc and celebrate. We all gathered at this friend’s place and had a girls’ eve out. Fun it was.

6.I won a card..:) Yahan jaake dekhiye..:)

Bas abhi itna hi yaad aa raha hai..:)

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Preeti Shenoy said...

:) hee hee Your point number four had me nodding in complete agreement! I am soooo like that too :) {But I am not so modest..I call it a great sense of humour} I agree with you on the linked blog too.
And congrats on winning the card ;-) :-)

BTW download twitfox if you're using Firefox (if not download firefox first!) :) It is soooo easy to keep up with twitter using that. :-) I too am a big fan of twitter now.


Prats said...

He he he twitter addict!!! I dont knw why I am laughing on that :-)

btw Congrats on winning the card!!!

The Soul Assassin said...

About point number 4! Now I know why I get a million LOLS when I am chatting with you :P

and here I was thinking I am the funniest man alive. =/

Neeraj Rohilla said...

I have an account on twitter but I am scared to death to go there. At this time in my life I want anything but another addiction. And, going by my record I fall for things (people) pretty easily, ;-)

Keep the laughing out loud part rolling in life. It is something to be proud of.

When, I was a kid Mehndi means a competition between my sister and me to show our artistic talent on the palms of my mother. Of course, my talent had no bounds and couldn't be contained in such a small canvass. Hence, my mom will end up having an intricate design on one palm and modern art/cicle/rectangles/polygons on another palm. I am not telling which one was my art work, ;-)

Pavithra said...

Talk about the weather in Bangalore!!I completely second you in wishing it would change!!Reason?In the middle of the night,when my husband and I retire to bed,I do the daily routine of visiting the sacred room for a quick biocheck.And I have this neat habit of washing myself well after the act.In blore weather,it doesnt help coz you just shiver away,particularly when its the middle of the night!!

Deepti said...

@preetishenoy i cant donload anything on this dabba..its an office i use IE..:(

@mayank dude u are FUNNY...and i guess its high time u update ur blog now...:)

@neeraj he he..:)) cute ...the way u run now..i wud say the whole wrld is surely ur canvas..:)


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