Tuesday, July 28

Over lunch!

Just had lunch with few office friends…..a few :) and :( excerpts from todays lunch..:)

We recently got out passport size photos clicked in office; in a standard format. Today the department secy sent each one of us our individual pics. Did not get a chance to see many of them; but this is how a friend described hers: “Aiyyo, I look like a deranged fellow. The clients will say what a nice and charitable firm ours is; we give chance to mentally challenged people to be a part of our organization.” ..:D
That reminds me, another friend of mine has a collection of passport size pics of all her friends with her. The other day she was showing them to me and needless to say we were ROFLing for some good half an hr. She insisted that all her friends give her a passport size pic of theirs; a hilarious remembrance which can make her laugh every time she sees them..:)

Ok, on the downside, why do some people make noise while eating…:(, and do not hesitate taking food from your plate with their hands/ spoon without even considering that it may not be received very well on the other side…:( I mean I do not mind sharing food. I have shared lunch boxes/ thaalis/ glasses/ spoons all through my life with my pals in school and hostel (sharing stuff in hostel can make a complete post in itself…:)); but then I still feel that unless we are very good friends and are well aware of each other’s dining habits; we should consider someone’s food plate as a very personal territory and should only venture into it after seeking due permission.

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Prats said...

Sounds like Deepti Doesn't share food :-P

Preeti Shenoy said...

You know this habit of peopl who are not close to you just kind of helping themsleves and also these yucky ill-manners of chewing with mouth open, burping (YUCK) and slurping really gets my goat too..

Collection of passport fotus was hilariuos :)


Serenity said...

"sharing stuff in hostel"....jaroor se aur poore itminaan se likhna.....:)))

Deepti said...

@preeti i swear, i seriously wish if these peple could be send anonymous mails telling about their not so gud habits..too make this wrld a better place to eat in..:)

@tushti he he....Blog pe wrd limit choti na pad jaaye....

Neeraj Rohilla said...

दीवार फ़िल्म में अमिताभ बच्चन कहते हैं,
डागर साहब: आज भी मैं फ़ेंके हुये पैसे नहीं लेता...

फ़ास्ट फ़ारवर्ड ३४ साल, दीप्ति कहती है:
ऐ....: आज भी मैं किसी और की थाली से नहीं खाती, ;-)