Friday, November 20

My 10 tana tan from Bhattu's pen..:)

Bhattu commented on my last post....i could not resist posting it here...:)

1. The diamond part was such a show off!! but glad u will have smthing forever :P
2. the number of spectacles she broke/lost during the course of her MBA
3. the number of times she would normally fall asleep in a strategy class
4. the number of original members of the ANDV :P
5. the number of languages she enjoyed watching movies in (in order of priority-dnt know which of the last 2 she understood....viz. garhwali, hindi, english, tamil and telugu!!!)
6. the average number of times she would laugh during a normal conversation with me...(no misunderstandings here folks!! my conversations with her were generally out of the ordinary humorous....generally my part of the conversation)
7. my favourite number...and the minimum number of times she would listen to a garhwali song!
8. the average time she would enter in the class! Just missing being disallowed from attending the class!
9. the number of lives a cat has...and the number of personalitites this girl has!! depending on what assignment is to be submitted the next day!
10. the min. no. of hours of sleep required by her to keep her systems functioning in the way they are designed to...

PS: Don't go by the facts stated above; the tag has been posted here in the sheer spirit of humor and friendship...:)
AND_V was a group formed by four of us in started with the idea to revolutionize the complete education system and ONLY think out of the box...:)...The initial goals could ofcourse not be achieved, but it did become an enriching experience in the lives of the four of us...

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Prats said...

1- I agree with the showoff part.

2- Sirf do??? Its very good given by all her lost stds.

3- What woke her up amidst two sleeps, please don't say the lecture on strategy?

4- No cluse abt the grp, hence no comments

5- She doesn't likes watching telugu and tamil movie just likes watching the busty south Indian actresses (its a secret she doesn't tells anyone :-P)

6- I agree with this one too :-)

7- The number of times has been increasing exponentially. Last time she got a Garwali MP3 CD I was told about its existance 7 times.

8- She actually attended classes, thats a million dollar improvement after engineering

9- 9 Personalities???? Where?? I couldn't even find one...Okay I found one which said Lost on it :-P

10- Deepti please visit your doctor for insomnia your sleep hours have reduced considerably? Was it the MBA grind that took it all that 15 hrs of sleep away from you?

Deepti said...

@prateek ruk jao gadadhaari bheem...meri shaadi ho jaane do...fir jo man kare chaap lena...!!!

Janus said...

OMG.. I am supposed to be ideally the first one to comment on this..but I have been beaten to the finish line..

I agree with most of the feedback...
I think the sleeping hours have only gone up !!
The specs may soon be replaced permanently
and many more changes are also in the pipeline...

I guess they will require a separate post ! :P

Neer said...
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Prats said...

You have been taggeed
heeeee heeee haaaaaw haaaaw muuuuuuah *Wicked Smile*

Reflections said...

I notice tht u have blogrolled me but how come I havent got any comments from u;-)).
I came here hy chance today following ur link on my page:-).