Friday, January 8

Up above the world so High..;-)

१ दिन ऐसे ही बैठे बैठे मुझे ख़याल आया....की ऐसे कौन सी चीज़ें हैं which give me a high almost equivalent to alcohol...;-)
Actually, this idea dawned on me last year when i had not slept for 3 days contibuosly... (not slept as in slept only for like 4-5 hrs per day..:D)...i realised that by the evening of the third day...i wasn't feeling sleepy, rather i was hyperactive...and happy...and laughing on the smallest and weirdest of things......:D....brain had become numb-er and all the issues bothering me those days were lost somewhere, i was just in the present, talking more than i usually do..:O....i realised lack of sleep induces a high in me, which is as good as having 2-3 shots of Vodka...its fun....:)

Another such thing which takes me to a "higher" level altogether is good music...:)
Yes, music- any language, any kind, if melodious gives me a totally different kind of a high...:). It was also the biggest stress burster for me till few days back apart from shopping, now of course blogging has been added to this list...
अच्छे मधुर गीत दिमाग (और दिल को भी...;-)) किसी और ही दुनिया में ले जाते हैं, उन ५-६ मिनटों के लिए ऐसा लगता है की बस यथार्थ से इतना ही दूर रहें....इन गीतों की लय तान में कहीं खोये हुए.....
Love and madness for music would need a complete post in itself though...:), but yes, music does the trick...:)

Now this one is a bit weird...:/ .....I noticed some time back, that reading old chat scripts of some friends also gives me a high..:O....
And thats specially true when the chats are funny....:D..reading old funny chats, where some hilarious jokes have been cracked or some bone tickling stuff has been said....creates the magic...:)
I sometimes read my old chats, (yes I am that velli...:D)...and it feels good....:)
This song for the nice Fri evening...:)

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United Colors of Friendship said...

ab yeh ladki itni veli hai...yeha tamil telugu pata nahi kya kya gaane sunti thee!! :P
aur upar se garhwali gaane !! o teri to!! mere ko ping kar kar ke bolti hai....le mere pahari bhai...yeh gaane sun!! n me being the pseudo pahari..watched the videos for the beautiful women (yes pahari women are BEAUTIFUL....just like the writer of this blog) and the stupid n lost looking men!! (just like the author of this comment :P)
I agree to the pointthat reading older posts is enjoyable!! older chat smtime is manna when u are looking for some entertainment!

Screwball said...

I would love to apply for a job in your company :)

Prats said...

Lollzzz Nice post!!!

Read this

Deepti said...

@bhattu wah wah..bhattu ne kya baat boli hai....1 dum jaise bandook ki goli hai..maza aa gaya..:D

@prats yes..already was one of urs NaBoPloMo posts...:)

@screwball he he...most welcome, but dunno how good it would be for your career...:D

paluck said...

i completely agree with the music thingi.... :-)

The Soul Assassin said...

I am sure you read OUR chats :p

ribticklingly funny =P