Saturday, January 2


Monika has started NaBloPoMo again this new year....:). I intend to be a part of it, lets see how far can i sustain...
NaBloPoMo is the National Blog Posting Month, where all the partcipants have to post continuously every day for a period of one month.
few promises i have made to myself this year..
1. Drink more water...
2. Try to speak slowly...:)
3. Try to reduce the number of hrs i sleep... :D (have failed miserably on this one till up at 1 pm tdy..:O)
4. Read at least 30 books this year...
....will surely have to add few more to this in the coming months..:)
Welcome 2010!!

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Prats said...

Great!!! Best of Luck for NaBloPoMo.