Monday, January 4

Silk Silk all over....

Last year December I was in Chennai. For the D-day which is now just a month away, I started getting phone calls from all aunts, cousins for getting some silk for them from Chennai.
I have lived in Chennai for 2 years, and had been to T Nagar (shopper's paradise for Chennaites), but had never explored the silk shops there properly....
I had been to Nalli Silks in bangalore too, so i thought of exploring Sri Kumaran Silks, another silk saree shop just few metres from Nalli.
Appalled I was the moment I entered the silk house. HUGE is not the word.....its huger than huge....:). The shop is like some set of old hindi movie film ...a huge bunglow of some millionaire.
A big round antique wall clock hung on the first floor wall must be some 50 years old. The complete atmosphere inside the shop gives you the feeling that in what high regards silk or say silk sarees are being treated. Its a paradise for saree lovers, with 4 floors spanning over an area of 60,000 square feet. You name a variety of southern silk, they have it. From traditional to fancy to all experimental designs ..this place has all. And the best part is that the sales men are more than interested in telling you the whole history of kancheepuram silk sarees, how it takes 30 days to weave one, and how gold/ silver zari is used in all kancheepuram sarees.

The best part about the shop which i liked from a customer's point of view was that the shop owners have not labeled the buying areas according to the price range of the sarees available there. (unlike some other shops in that area). I found it a very nice thing as the shop owners did not seem to be telling the buyers, which segment to visit or rather which segment would suit there pockets. You come in to the shop, explore the area you happen to visit first and then ofcourse they have salesmen all over to direct you personally to the counter of your choice of silk and price range.

So all in all, it was a super experience being in Sri Kumaran Silks, I thoroughly loved the sarees, the experience and the feel of the place.

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