Friday, January 1

Three idiots!!

I saw 3 Idiots last week on X-Mas day. An amazingly entertaining movie which will keep you laughing out loudly, throughout. Theatre mein taali baja baja ke hanse hum.... A great plot, super direction and applaudable performances by the whole cast makes the film watchable at least twice. The director has been quite successful in keeping the tempo of the movie consistent throughout the movie. Highs and lows have been so well timed that it surely could not have been better than this. So, basically a super movie to end 2009 with...:)
Kind of movie, jiski DVD khareed ke rakh lo, aur revise karte raho samay samay per...:)
Anyways, i would have dedicated this whole post to the movie itself, had i not seen Mr. Chopra, the producer of the movie, shouting like mad at media some time back on national television. Watching him mis conduct himself forced me to ye kya hai bhaiyya...kuch bhi...kab tak bevkoof banaoge public ko.....
3 Idiots is based on 5. Some 1 (A super hit book by Chetan Bhagat released in 2004).
Anyone who has read the book can easily say that the storyline of the movie is 70% 5. sum 1. The basic plot is same, the message has been kept intact, 70% of the situations have been copied wihtout any changes, basically the soul of the movie resonates the soul of the book.
But apparently the makers of the movie including Mr. Aamir Khan think otherwise. It was shocking to see the star defending the producer and director by saying that the movie is just 3-5% based on 5. sum 1...:O
I am amazed by the fact how blind and unethical can people become when given some money and power....It was a disgrace seeing the producer of the movie shouting at the media when questioned about the storyline. The producer went to the extent of saying that CB is using Aamir's name to get publicity!!!
Someone please go and tell these people that the youth of India is intelligent enough to exercise their own judgement in deciding who is copying what. I seriously doubt if a person like CB even needs Aamir Khan to get publicity. Dear Mr. Aamir and Mr. Chopra, Kindly open your eyes and realise that your audience is not foolish and there is a huge world of Blogs/ internet/ print media out there which people resort to more often than your movies and hence are aware enough to to understand whos copying whom.
The three idiots (Raju Hirani, Vinod Chopra and Aamir Khan) should be sent flowers saying "get well soon" and at least be true to the profession which earns you bread and butter.
Chetan Bhagat may not be a legendary writer, but then what is his is his. You can't just take credit of his work and then slam him publicly in media. Thats just not done.
Anyways, this is just a not so harmful version of how unethical people at the top can get.
Ruchika Girhotra's case is another case which makes me sit down and think...for how long are we going to be The Helpless citizens in our own country?? Where actually are we headed to, as a a nation??
2010 is here, i just hope, wish and pray that the coming year brings justice to all, is more peaceful and happier for all the suffering souls around....

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Renu said...

I didn know that the producer hasn credied his film to the book, because everywhere I read that a film is being made on his book...this is really shameful.

We need to introduce moral science in our syllabus for children.

Deepti said...

@renu Happy new Year...:)
He has, but by saying that the mvie is "loosly" based on the book.....the mvie is quite a pik from the boook...anyways....yess...we need to send these people again to the basic moral and ethics classes....


The Soul Assassin said...

Chetan Bhagat was absconding when Hello flopped.. don't think he'd want the CREDIT there ...

anyway, all they're saying is - WATCH the movie, READ the book .. bla bla ... the main point is - BUY BUY BUY!

Serenity said...

All izz well :)

Janus said...

The controversy is good for both parties.. People who had read the book but had decided they may or may not watch will definitely go now...and those who have watched and not read will buy to read it.. My predictions - 1. Movie ticket and book sales will show an exponential increase after this. 2. Both sets of idiots will kiss and makeup. 3. This entire episode will become a text book case study and a new stream of marketing called "controversy marketing" will emerge and be taught at B Schools :P

Anonymous said...

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