Thursday, January 14

Life etcetra....

आज बड़े दिन बाद, ऐसे ही बातों बातों में....अपने इंजीनियरिंग preperation के दिन याद आ गए.....चेहरे पे मुस्कराहट आ गयी १ बड़ी से और मन एकाएक ताज़ा सा हो गया...:)... और उस समय की मनःस्थिति भी याद आ गयी....आज जब पीछे मुडके उस समय के जीवन पे नज़र डालती हूँ...तो i feel that there was something about that time that made life appear quite simple and good ...and i wonder why??...there was so much of anxiety, uncertainity.....tension... कि पता नहीं exams clear कर भी पाएंगे या नहीं..... but still....there was something about that period that makes it so memorable....i guess that is because...
ज़िन्दगी में इतना focus किसी उद्देश्य को पूरा करने का उसके बाद शायद कभी नहीं आया...... tension थी, load था, और थोडा डर भी था but साथ ही साथ काफी peace भी था. ये पता था की क्या चाहिए, और ये भी की अगर दिल से मेहनत की और अपना काम पूरा कर लिया, तो फिर चाहे सफलता मिले न मिले, मन को शान्ति रहेगी की इससे अच्छा नहीं कर सकते थे. पढाई की तरफ १ अलग ही रुझान था. 1 disciplined सा नियमित जीवन था, जो more or less entrance exam clear करने के ओर ही घूमता है. (ये बात और है की तब ये discipline/ dedication इतना appreciate नहीं किया जाता था, because it was overridden by the anxiety to pass in it.). A little more drilled attempt at thinking and i feel the main reason was that, during that phase 80% control over the things was in our own hands. Result use to be directly proportional to the amount of hardwork/ commitment you put in. Since this equation was fairly applicable to most of the situations then, so somewhere we had this hope that correct amount of hardwork and dedication would certainly lead to good results. In other words, situation ke variables are in your hands, you have to play with them to maximize the results....:)

And then when I compare life after all these entrance exams and college to my life now; i realise why it is called "real" world..:)
Everything else is same, the hard work, sincerity, commitment, will to succeed....the only thing which has changed is...the equation...which has now become an in-equation...:)....the control of all the variables in this real world is no more in our hands solely. There are external factors which are totally outside our control, which determine the result of our actions- more or less depending on the situation....
And this situation might be anything.....your promotion in this current job, your fight to get a new one, a hearbtreak...anything for that matter...:)
Thats why, life in those student days seems so simple and joyful now...:))
An arguement against this can be, that as we grow, as our horizons expand, everytime we might not be the best judge of what is right for us, hence eventually, all the internal/ external variables work together, to result in what is best "for us" in that situation.
But then, when a part of such situations in life, its not very easy to understand the above theory...:)...

Anyways, hope the best happens to each one of us...and we all soon learn to live with these in-equations...:)
And my engg prep days remind me of my organic chem teacher, sardaarji we use to call him; a super gentle person, who had the habit of using plural for everything. १ बार उन्होंने १ student को बोला....."आप कल अपने "fathers" को बुला के लाइये".... होनहार बालक बोला...." sir कौनसे ??..सिविल lines वाले या neeti nagar वाले" ...:D
ये post लिखते हुए कोई गाना नहीं सुना...फिर भी ये गीत चिपकाने का मन है यहाँ....:)

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Raksha Rajput said...

Very TRUE and good one. Your blog has reminded me my days of struggle too. I would say that life like a phased manner project. In the inception phase complexities are less that is our childhood where we are depended on our parents, when we are growing then the graph of complexity is rising and decision making become tougher and tougher. But with the help of proper risk mitigation strategy and thru smart decision making we can successful rollout the project and life indeed. To enjoy karo team effort karo matlab team to ek husband hi milenge abhi tumhe ukno torture karo khud project manager ban jao aur unse kaam karwao hahahahah.

punit said...

deepti yaar i too remember those days at sardar ji's.chemistry was always a nightmare espacially inorganic chemistry made my life hell. but there r some good things also to remember, first one was chote sardar ji (sardar ji's cute son ) who used to teach us his on baby chemistry at the wall below the black board n second one was, i studied there for a year n hardly paid him thanx to his exceptionally weak memory.
remember " are bhai tumhari fees nahi aaye "
i used to say with tons of confidence " aa gaye hai sir "
pata nahi shayad isi wajah se inorgnic dimaag main nahi ghusti thi!
anyways very wel done !!!!

Prats said...

variables wali baat bahut hi sahi kahi aapne.

Anant said...

i like to think that i am the cause in my life and my life in any given situation is my responsibility, otherwise its so difficult to justify the mess i get into :-)
but hey i follow your blog and its always so fresh and this article was no different!

Deepti said...

@raksha raksha raani badi sayaani...tum prject management mein doob chuki ho....tar batar ho chuki ho...i LOVE u sweety...:)

@puneet ab kya hi kaha jaaye...vo din bhi kya din the...:))

@prats...hmm...i realised that during the past 1 year

@anant hey glad to know you visit this place frequently...:)..agreed, but at times...situations ko blame karna is easier..:D