Monday, January 11


I saw this tag on someone's blog. It can be good filler post ..:D..(among the other filler posts that is...:D)...
I am suppose to write 10 honest things about myself. Ok, not very sure if I would be able to reach the # 10 but let me still give it a try..:)

1. Lets start with music itself...:).
- I have a varied taste in music and that includes all the pan ki dukaan types gaane fom the 80s and 90s...:).
- I have acted crazy enough to miss my stop, just to listen to the amazing song playing in the bus (ofcourse in the times when accessibility to net was zero.)
- While coming back from office, if i have to take a taxi, i make it a point to ask the driver "bhaiyya gaane chalenge"...a no means, next taxi...:) [I can't do it in the morning becuz of time constraint.:( ]
- I can listen to the same song back to back for days. My philosopy is if you like a song, get enough of that after some time you get bored and move on to the next song...:)
(there are many others, but lets move to the next honest (weird) thing now..:D)

2. Till a couple of years back, i use to suffer from this compulsive disorder of straightning out inverted footwear whenever/ wherever i saw them. And that includes hostel corridor (imagine me standing outside ppl's rooms to straighten out a bundle of inverted chappals and joote...:D, home, outside temples, even roads...:)

3. I love shopping alone. I enjoy it like anything...:)

4.I hate "post" postpaid mobile, postpaid data card..even credit card. I make minimal use of credit card. (the simple reason behind all this, i HATE paying bills)

5. I love talking and i do not remember even a single incident in my life when i had ended a conversation. (other than the ones ofcourse where the other party was either boring beyond tolerance or had very low hearing/ listning thresholds..:D)

6. I have an awful choice in shoes/ footwear for myself. 9 out of 10 times i am out of appropriate footwear for my dresses.

7. I cook decently fast (taste ki koi gaurantee nahi..:D). And i suck at making tea. Most of the times i find it taste like "Kilchoni" (a word for a random mix of many liquids in garhwali...:D)

8. I can sleep for real long hours. The maximum i have slept at one stretch is 18 hours in 1994..:). My father had to wake me up by saying that 18 hrs se zyada sone se heart collapse kar jaata hai...:D

9. I love summers and everything about the season. I HATE winters and more than that i hate wearing sweaters or for that matter any woollens.

10. Hmm..what else...i am listning to this song right now..:)

Baaki, i love the picture on my blog's homepage...:). Blog kholte hi bada achcha sa feel hota hai...:)

3 people have something to say...:

Prats said...

You also forget to mention that despite you have been robbed on the roads you are scared of being robbed on the Internet :-P

Interesting post but mostly I knew them ;-) I know you too well :D

Renu said...

your choice of songs is too good:)..I also love them.

Deepti said...

@prats...thats true..u do know me too well..:)

@renu thanku...indeed they are amazing songs....i am never tired of listning to them..:)