Tuesday, January 5

Ding dong....:)

I had written this post few months back, posted it, then deleted it.....no clue whatsoever why....
Again posting it here..:)
I shall start this post without any introduction. Just jotting down the kind of life I had always envisaged after marriage….:)I have always been a very lazy person, and by standards of girls, a bit too lazy. A person driven by sheer convenience when it comes to household chores. Not at all a cleanliness freak. Bas manage ho jana chahiye. Ten years of stay away from home has played a strong role in shaping this behavior. Ok, to add to it, I am careless also, and have perfected the art of loosing things in the past twenty something years. Hence people around me feel that I should get married to someone who is very organized and careful. And should not at all be lazy. So that we “compliment” each other and the "jeevan ki naiyya" sails smoothly. But somehow I feel that it would be great fun to get married to someone lazier than me. (and believe me, I have this strong feeling that I will get married to someone like that only). I have my own good set of reasons for believing so. Lets have a look: 1. I will never be shouted at for oversleeping. (the moment he says..babe u sleep too much….i will have a quick retort….less than u man….so better stay chill..:D)
2. I don’t like getting up in the morning to find the place next to me empty. At home when I sleep with my mum/ sis (for that matter any one), I always open my eyes in the morning to a vacant bed next to me, since all of them get up earlier than me. I am then surrounded by a deep feeling of sheer despair and melancholy …how lazy I am, and man, every one else around me is so active…:(.Now, imagine..opening your eyes in the morning and discovering that the person next to you is still asleep, you are filled with the sheer joy of coming first in the race of waking up early..:D., and with the inexplicable feeling of satisfaction that there exist souls lazier than you on this earth. And leave apart all that, the very fact that now you can begin you day by establishing your superiority over this lazy ass, shouting at him and hence feeling responsible, that you are a perfect wife who ensures that her husband leaves for office on time…:D..:D (this is considered given that yours truly would get up at least few seconds before the line of time of control…:P)
3. All my life till now I have been taunted for being the lazy self who I am. From my parents, to friends in hostel, to flat mates….I have been the target of every group of human beings around and have been reprimanded always for oversleeping, re-sleeping, just lying around doing nothing and finishing every imp work at the eleventh hour. Now imagine, when I have someone around all through out life, to take revenge of all what I have gone through all these years…..YAY!!!!....
4. Another important thing which has bothered me all these years, is the fact that I have always been the last one to take bath at home…especially if it’s a weekend. My wing mates in hostel never had a problem because of me, as this was an unspoken code set, that “Deepti last mein nahane jaayegi”…:)..everybody loved me for this. Even though there were high chances that in the drought ridden HOT places I have done my college from, where water supply was too limited, the tap would stop being kind after 8:30 AM; I was never never in a hurry to take bath, even if in the end I had to fetch water from the mess most of the times…:). “Pehle Aap”, had always been my mantra when it came to bathing.Now imagine, if Mr. Husband happens to be somebody who has been holding the same respectable position in the Boys’ Hostel and believes in a similar theory, how thrilling life would become…:). Weekends mornings would be so much fun…:).
Now the underlying fact in all the above reasons quoted is only one: I get to play the PERFECT wife, one who always finishes first…:)

:))...Reality however, is quite different....:) From little bit of what i have discovered in past couple of months, would be husband happens to be quite opposite of what i had envisaged...:).....More on this after a couple of months....;)

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Prats said...

Lollzzz I remember I commented before too..
So u temme, what u wanted vs what u got?

Shivani said...

You are awesome girl :-)

Deepti said...

@prats what you got bhi aayegi...zara 1-2 mnths de..:D

@shivani mam: lol...thanku....:))