Thursday, January 7

Job Blues!!

My office expense policy sucks....big time!!!...
I came back from an office tour last to last week. Raised my bills and today got a mail from Finance saying:
"In the above-mentioned ER, you have claimed laundry expenses which is not in line with the expnse policy. As per policy, employees travelling for a period exceeding 5 continuous days would be reimbursed laundry expenses for the number of days exceeding five only."
Apparently i had given my clothes for laundry on the 4th day of my stay itself.....and point to be noted is that i stayed there for some 20 days altogether.
I hate such policies. You travel for office work, travel like some 60 kms per day to and fro to the client's place and then at the end of the day also keep a tab on the number of days when you become eligible for giving laundry.....a day here and there and these cost cutting morons start sending you such e-mails. Not that i am against rules, but thing is, amidst so much work..who would remember ki abhi 5 din hue hain ki nahi.......isn't that totally Insane!!!....
Added to this, you are also suppose to submit your boarding passes while claiming your taxi expenses to airport...:O. This is, when the tickets are booked by the firm itself!!. But who knows, you might call the airlines and get your destination changed..., take a vacation....and come back to claim all expenses...:D....all this...without your manager knowing anything and at the "huge" risk of loosing your job??.....
life sometimes sucks..and that is an understatement!!!

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Screwball said...

lol...I can so relate to this...My office rejected 30 USD worth of bills for drinking water, saying that this is not a part of their policy, even though the only other alternate would have been me raiding the hotel mini-bar, which would have cost them 10 times as much. I still am fighting to get this money back :(

Renu said...

My office expense policy sucks....big time!!!...I heard this from my hubby and now my children all the time:)

and everytime only bonafide people suffer, others get evrything reimbursed.

Prats said...

I dont know whether to laugh or to feel sad (u knw better) But still ur company policies are friendlier than my prev companies' policy... u know u can look at friends who r still working there and fell happy abt urself :-)

United Colors of Friendship said...

Now i feel...i am truly blessed!! :)
our company's policy is spend watever u want...just keep the bills :P
we are entitled to a taxi drop back home....the day we stay @ work post 8:30....and considering i stay 40 Kms away....i make a cool 500 bucks. Actually i did a calculation...the total taxi fare i claimed last year....was more than my annual increment for the year! :)
food!! eat whatever!! order it in...and present the bill..irrespective of the fact whether u order frm Oberoi, Domino's or Moti Mahal :)
For all air travel above 4 hrs...u travel executive class...and the best lunch spread in town for 72 Rs. a month :)
Neone for a competetion?