Wednesday, January 6

NaBoPloMo, Maths and Me

Its been 4 days since I am a part of NaBloPoMo. The other day P called up at 9:30 PM..and after exchanging general pleasantries, said..I just called up to ask..9:30 ho gaye hain…NaBloPoMo bas 2 din ka tha kya…:D. Aah!! and here I was with ready with my reply…are check my latest post, I posted it yesterday night itself. Jaise hi ghadi ne 12 bajaaye raat ke, I posted my post for the next day…:D Of course he was surprised, this kind of active behavior is generally not expected out of me. But the fact is that this one post each day is not that simple as it sounds. I mean after office hours, traveling etc, you are practically left with very little time to think of something interesting to write before the clock strikes 12. Anyways, as P said, it’s more to bring discipline and regularity into your blog. True.

Point is, that this one day timeline creates a certain kind of anxiety in me. If you ask me right now, I feel like writing posts together for the coming 2 days, and just post them at the strike of 12 everyday. :O…[I know its kiddish but its true]. This reminds me of the times when I was in school. I was dead scared of Mathematics as a subject till class 8. So before any exam/ test of this subject I use to become extremely anxious. (I wont say nervous, but gud-gud types hone lagti thi tummy mein..:)). Anyways, this kept happening for close to seven-eight years, before I scored my first century in maths and became much more confident in the subject..:D However, after that whenever I am in any kind of anxious situation, (it can be any….ranging from some crucial match of India till few years back...or any major event happening in life when things are not in favor)…the feeling is always like…yaar ek dum aise lag raha hai jaise maths ke exam ke pehle lagta tha…:D

I am listening to this beautiful song right now...:)..and posting the NaBoPloMo post for Jan 6th...:)

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