Tuesday, January 12

The Surf "Excel" Kid...

Ah..:)....was generally surfing thorugh youtube and found an uncut version of one of my favourite ads on air these days....:)
I simply adore this ad, i love the idea, the execution, the super cute kid, the setting, Rosy Miss..:)...everything about this one and a half minute video...:).

But what I like the most is the naughty kid...:) I love the way the kid has been shown as a super naughty, mischiveous, fun loving, carefree child when with friends, in class in a happy atmosphere. He is part of all the hubaloo....shouts in the class, immitates others ..basically is the carefree kinds, whos parents are the most worried ones in the parents' teachers' meeting....:)

In the very next setting, in a situation which demands seriousness, the kid has been shown as the more sensitive kinds, one who feels for others, who would not say it in so many words but would make it up by his actions...:) would act like a pet to make his teacher smile....:)

The kid has acted the whole situation out so well....i love the tone he shouts in..."Aaj Rosy Miss kyun naai aayi?"....and his jumping around while walking on the road...and then the cute, worried expression on reaching Rosy Miss' house...:)....
Would love to have a kid like that....;-)

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Prats said...

I find the ad very disgusting :-(

The act done by kid is insanely gross and a teacher condoning that is all the more disgusting