Monday, November 30

Thank You!

Like many others I was introduced to the concept of Thanksgiving through FRIENDS!
I say thank you quite a few number of times in a day. And after coming to the southern part of the country i have started using this word even more. I take this opportunity to thank all the people who have been around to provide a helping hand at that moment of stress, who have made my day at more than one occassion by that one simple smile, who have unknowingly made a mark on my memory by a sweet, touching gesture.....whom i never got/ get a chance to say thanks....
1. Though I say thanks to the autowallah when i get down (with a smile when he charges by meter/ takes only 10 Rs more than meter reading); i still want to THANK all the autowallahs around, who are honest enough to go by meter, no matter even if they have to take a 2KM long U Turn after dropping me; hence saving my day from a bad start...:)
2. I want to THANK my roomie, for her amazing house keeping abilities...:)
3. I want to THANK all my tech savvy friends for always being there to answer all my stupid technology related questions..:) (Bhatt ji and Prateek need a special mention here)
4. I want to THANK Biniya ji and Raamkali ji (the two maids in Yashodhara Bhavan -my engg hostel), for doing all errands for me, ensuring that i get lunch/ dinner even after the mess is closed, cleaning my cooler at the begining of summers...and filling it n number of times during a hot summer day....making life so simple and easy....and these wnderful women never asked for any money/ anything in kind for doing all this....
5. I want to THANK "Aunty" -our house maid who is the support system of our kitchen back home, who is helping my mum since past 20 odd years, and is genuinly concerned about my mother's health...who makes it a point to work overtime, and even comes at odd hours to ensure if she is fine, on her bad back days.....
6. I want to THANK all those uncles/ aunties whom i request to look after my luggage at various railway stations of the country, while travelling alone...when i have to leave the waiting room/ bench for some imp work....
7. I want to THANK my tailor (for past 10 years)....back home who stitches my clothes (salwaar kameez to be precise) exactly to the given measurements....without making me go back to him for any alterations....[getting a dress stitched nicely gives a diff kind of relief and satisfaction altogether....and all girls wud surely agree to that...:)]
8. I want to THANK all the people on my gtalk list who are night owls like me..:) keep me company at those odd hours...:)
9. I want to THANK the driver of an airport bound Volvo, who was kind enough to hand over my baggage at the JB Nagar bus stop office, when i left it in the bus and got down at my stop! (the bag had my wedding related shopping....i was busy talking to a friend over phone, when i forgot to take my bag...)
As i write this post, i realise that i have many many more people to thank, and this one post if surely not enough for it.......
I would soon write another thanks giving post to thank all the people around who have made life better, easier, happier for me...:)
Ok, one name just struck me....and i cant wait for another post for thanking him....i want to THANK Hrishikesh Mukherji for making all the amazing, hilarious movies in the 70's and 80's, which now form a part of my DVD collection...:)

Friday, November 20

My 10 tana tan from Bhattu's pen..:)

Bhattu commented on my last post....i could not resist posting it here...:)

1. The diamond part was such a show off!! but glad u will have smthing forever :P
2. the number of spectacles she broke/lost during the course of her MBA
3. the number of times she would normally fall asleep in a strategy class
4. the number of original members of the ANDV :P
5. the number of languages she enjoyed watching movies in (in order of priority-dnt know which of the last 2 she understood....viz. garhwali, hindi, english, tamil and telugu!!!)
6. the average number of times she would laugh during a normal conversation with me...(no misunderstandings here folks!! my conversations with her were generally out of the ordinary humorous....generally my part of the conversation)
7. my favourite number...and the minimum number of times she would listen to a garhwali song!
8. the average time she would enter in the class! Just missing being disallowed from attending the class!
9. the number of lives a cat has...and the number of personalitites this girl has!! depending on what assignment is to be submitted the next day!
10. the min. no. of hours of sleep required by her to keep her systems functioning in the way they are designed to...

PS: Don't go by the facts stated above; the tag has been posted here in the sheer spirit of humor and friendship...:)
AND_V was a group formed by four of us in started with the idea to revolutionize the complete education system and ONLY think out of the box...:)...The initial goals could ofcourse not be achieved, but it did become an enriching experience in the lives of the four of us...

Thursday, November 19

10 tana tan...:)

Offlate i saw many bloggers mentoning the term.."writer's block"...when u cannot come up with anything to write..reason can be any...rather many....
I was going through my posts of the last few months and noticed that even i am suffering from this so called block....there are some vague ideas here and there but finding it difficult to come up with a post which I can read again after posting....:)
In such a situation, tags are something which act as a saviour...:); they at least provide a skeleton to fit your thoughts into....
I saw this tag on P's blog. Found it interesting; s to take it up this fine morning..:)
I have to assign something of importance from figure 1 to 10...lets see how much i can pull...

1-is the number of diamonds i have rite now..:)
2-is the number of siblings i have...and also my favorite number. In school, in coaching classes i always preferred sitting on the 2nd bench, standing 2nd in class somehow gave me more thrill than coming first..:D....Ok and it also happens to be the birth date of the guy i would be tying the knot with coming February..:) (again 2nd month of the year…a Piscean wedding ours would ....(Yes, I have finally found the one to spend my rest of the life with...:). Am actually waiting for this so called “block” to get over to write a nice post on this important development in my life..:))
3-is the number of organizations i have worked for till now (including my current one)
4-is the number of people in the family i would be moving into...:)
5-is the number of months I have been to Salsa class…(isse behter kuch chamka nahi dimaag mein..)
6-is the number of Indian cities I have lived in so far
7-is the number associated with my family name. (Apparently our huge family on my father’s side is descendants of seven brothers who migrated from southern part of India to Garhwal long long time ago...)
8-It was in class 8th that i saw my first movie in theatre, hosh sambhalne ke baad that is (1942-A love Story and HAHK)
9-was the standard i was in when i got 100 marks in mathematics for the first time...(i was dead scared of maths till then..:D)
10-is the total number of years I have been staying away from my parents...
baaki everythings decent, apart from the fact that this client has made me sit in a room which is a glass box without blinds....:( gives me a feeling as if i am in some show case..:O

Wednesday, November 11

A Wednesday!

Another not so great day....I am at a client at Peenya Industrial Area....some place in a remote corner of Bangalore, its is the farthest i have travelled within Bangalore from my home, i guess in past two and a half years..!!. I have to be here by 8:30 tommorrow..:O..i am tormented at the thought of leaving home by 7:15....insane hr to start work.... The assignment is a regular one; but before coming here I was having some apprehensions regarding the scope of work, people i'll have to work with and the size of the organization. All those got washed away once i entered the building. Client is a apparel tag manufacturer, the office setup is quite small...with single washrooms on every floor. Very humble settings and simple helpful people.
I remember visiting a client with similar infrastructure in Dec 2007, small office....the kind that looks as if a residential complex has been converted into an office. Small dining area, comparitively lower roofs, and yeah not to mention a terrace where you can go for evening coffee to enjoy Bangalore weather..:)
I have noticed, that such homely set up creates a very conducive environment for me to work, and gives some kind of mental comfort....(ok, some of you who know me would say, that han tujhe lagta hoga ki are ye to ghar types din mein post lunch so jayenge aaraam se..:D ..hmm...soch ke aisa lag to nahi raha..but ho bhi sakta somehow feel that i am more productive work wise, and i kinda feel that things are in good and in favor when i am working for such small set up (only in terms of infrastructure) clients...days appear longer...:)..i guess the homely environment gives a protected kinds feeling than the huge insane jazzy corporate setup...

What else...yeah one good thing which i noticed at one of the most crowded metro stations in Delhi; that people were standing in queues while waiting for the metro to come...:)....Queues at public places in Delhi are a treat to eyes...:). here is what it looked like...but still its better than no queue at all...

Though the moment train arrived there was again hauch pauch at the train door...but still, at least its a good begining....:)
One of my best friends wedding got fixed after a series of long drawn efforts..:))...I am super happy for you babes...:)..Congrats once again...:)...

Sunday, November 8

Kuch Nahi!

Giaanis (an icecream parlour) at CP metro station in Delhi serves "kuch nahi"....:)
And not to miss, the sardarji and his help at the outlet were so enthu about their innovation being captured..
"Madam yahan se le lo foto, achchi aayegi"...:)