Tuesday, January 19

Can hear the bells ringing now!!

I saw my wedding card today....:)

The first reaction was, man..its really happening now...:D. Honestly speaking, there was a 30 sec high when i saw the shaadi chalked out in print...:))

Its just 17 days now, and i really want to be home, to sit with mum dad and discuss everything at length, see my mum's enthusaiasm, and just be a part of all the excitement.....and yeah...help dad in writing names and addresses on the invitation cards..:)

Alas!!...am here rite now.. in Bangaluru doing a balancing act between two projects and waiting for them to get over....

That reminds of me my second chacha's marriage in Dec '93. I was in class 6, and was very proud of my cursive handwriting...:D
Dad asked me to write names and addresses on all the wedding cards which were to be posted.
What began as an exciting affair, a chance to show off my beautiful handwriting, soon became a torturesome task....Dad- who himself writes quite illegibly and hence had chosen me is kaam ko anjaam dene ke liye, found it too twisted, and made me switch from my higher end version of "handwriting" to some distant, simple, straight letters, saying "bete, ye itna aadha tircha post office vaalon ko samajh nahi aayega..tum zara seedha seedha likho.."..:O

Anyways, it was the first and the last time, that i wrote addresses on alomost 500 cards...and man!!....i was done with my share of chapoing invitations for this lifetime at least...:)

Its been almost 15 years...My Chacha, is distributing cards for my wedding now...:)
PS: Picture Courtesy: Google ... Its not my wedding card..;-)

Monday, January 18

Limca पियोगे?

हमारे जीवन में Limca - the cold drink का बड़ा महत्व रहा है. बचपन से ही हमें काफी कम पानी पीने की आदत थी. पिताजी को हमारी कई और आदतों के साथ ये भी कुछ विशेष प्रिय नहीं थी. घर में तो वो इस पर कुछ विशेष ध्यान नहीं दे पाते थे, पर जब भी हम कहीं travel कर रहे होते थे, invariably सफ़र में औसतन ५-६ बार वे अवश्य पूछते थे, "बेटे, गर्मी है, तुम्हे प्यास लग रही होगी...Limca पियोगे" ....अब मुझे आज तक, ये समझ नहीं आया, की why only Limca??...:D. मुझे बचपन से लेकर आज तक पिताजी के साथ लिया हुआ कोई भी सफ़र याद नहीं है, जिसमे उन्होंने Limca के अलावा किसी और ठन्डे पेय का नाम लिया हो...:). मुझे याद नहीं पड़ता की कभी मैंने Limca के प्रति अपना कोई विशेष प्रेम या liking दिखाई हो, या कभी जिद करके ही Limca पीनी चाही हो.
वैसे और अवसरों पे ( घर पे मेहमान आने पर... इत्यादि) पापा हमेशा कहते थे/ हैं की भाई ठंडा ले आओ कुछ....पर, सफ़र में सिर्फ Limca...:)
ख़ैर, फिर जब हम बड़े होने लगे तो हमने अपनी पसंद बतानी शुरू कर दी, कि पापा coke पीयेंगे...:D, to which of course he agreed instantly, but the preference for Limca especially while travelling is still a mystery to me...:)
PS: This is one of the many interesting... incidents/facts I can recount about dad....:)....
A friend sent this song yesterday, and I can't stop listening to it since then...:)

Sunday, January 17

Justice calling!!

Ruchika Girhotra case is off media these days.
A 14 year old girl gets molested and commits suicide after 3 years. Reason being, her family is tortured by the molestor to such an extent that the father and brother have to sell all their property, leave job and migrate to the outskirts of a nearby hill station and make living by filling earth...
Yeah, it sounds like a hindi film story, but this is what happened to Ruchika Girhotra some 19 years ago, and the culprit is not only moving free shamelessly; but despite of the case being escalated to the Home Ministry, no firm action has been taken as yet.
This case has left me pondering over many things...
We all know that we are not living in a corruption free country. There is red tapism, bureucracy, bribery all around us. People commit gruesome crimes and roam freely all their lives.
And this is also a similar story, nothing new. But i don't know, for some reason this particular case has left me astounded and scared and worried.
A 14 years old girl goes to tennis court everyday after school to practice. An Inspector General of Police who also happens to be the head of Haryana Lawn Tennis association, calls the girl to his office on one such practice day and molests her. The girl and her friend save themselves that day and run back home. They do not tell their parents out of sheer fear. The next day the IG calls them again. This time they refuse, and tell their parents, and a police compalint is lodged against the IG.
Thats the crime i guess the minor girl committed.
This incident changed the life of Girhotra family. What happened to the family and Ruchika after that can be read through the link above.
Today after 19 years since the incident happened, the case has been transferred to CBI once again...The CBI inquiry is on, and hopefully the family will get "justice".
I don't know what kind of justice would it be. For a family who has lost their daughter, spent a good 19 years of their lives in harrassment, uprooted from their own city, their job, struggling all these years to fight the Indian Judicial system...what justice can they be promised now??
This case has scared me, has made me feel even more insecure in these surroundings. A common man's life in this nation of ours is so very insignificant. The dirty nexus of powerful men at the top can screw whosoever they want to. Its like total gundaraj. It seems money and powerful is the mightiest of all. Common man can only fight and fight for justice...which if comes, would be after a lifetime of struggle and not sure if its severity would match that of the crime the victim has been subjected to!!
This particular incident happened to the educated middle class family, who are aware of their rights, of the law proceedings and can afford to fight a case for so long. The plight of other such incidents which happen to the poor in the remote areas of the country, can be well imagined.
Given the fact that the case has recieved immense limelight, and has reached the highs of Home Minister as well; one can expect positive result in the near future. But my question is: Would any kind of punishment, less than a death sentence, be close to enough to give some relief to the traumatised Girhotra family? Justice has already been denied to them for so long. Anything less than that, would be an insult to the whole case. In the name of justice, it would be nothing but justice denied in the true sense of the word.
Thanks to the media power and Aradhana Prakash, the other young girl who was with Ruchika on that dreadful day of Aug 11, 1990 who is fighting the battle for the past 19 years now. Hats off to a true friend and a responsible citizen.
This case reached the home ministry and now CBI is looking at it again. It would be major dissapointment if Rathore- the main culprit is given any punishment less than a death sentence for the gruesome series of crimes he has commited in this case.
[Abha Rathore - SPS Rathore's wife, who is a lawyer, is supporting her husband and is defending him in the court. Some day I want to do a research on the physcology of such "females" who defend their spouses in cases of molestation and rape]

Friday, January 15

दिन भर...

आज बड़े दिनों बाद पटूरी (चीला) बनायीं. दही, ketchup और मिर्च के अचार के साथ खाया....:) और बड़े दिनों बाद ketchup और दही १ साथ खाए....bliss!! is the word....:) fotu खींची जो की काफी थकी हुई सी आई, but चिपका देते हैं...:)

बाकी ketchup से मुझे kissan tomato ketchup का ad याद आया...:D. मुझे ये ad बड़ा पसंद है...:) I simply love the presentation of this ad..:)

A primetime serial ended on star plus today, ended as in the story was taken to a logical..hmm..dunno..but ye to a conclusion....-A miracle indeed!! ..:D
21 days to go now for the d-day....:) आज १ मित्र ने पूछा...."गुड गुड होने लग गयी है??"....मैंने कहा जी अभी तो नहीं, but knowing myself soon ही होने लगेगी...:))

I saw the Mumbai Marathon ad recently. The background music of " हम होंगे कामयाब" sounds so awsum ....took me back to the school days, we use to have this as a special song as part of the morning prayer, like twice every month ...just before the national anthem...:)

Thursday, January 14

Life etcetra....

आज बड़े दिन बाद, ऐसे ही बातों बातों में....अपने इंजीनियरिंग preperation के दिन याद आ गए.....चेहरे पे मुस्कराहट आ गयी १ बड़ी से और मन एकाएक ताज़ा सा हो गया...:)... और उस समय की मनःस्थिति भी याद आ गयी....आज जब पीछे मुडके उस समय के जीवन पे नज़र डालती हूँ...तो i feel that there was something about that time that made life appear quite simple and good ...and i wonder why??...there was so much of anxiety, uncertainity.....tension... कि पता नहीं exams clear कर भी पाएंगे या नहीं..... but still....there was something about that period that makes it so memorable....i guess that is because...
ज़िन्दगी में इतना focus किसी उद्देश्य को पूरा करने का उसके बाद शायद कभी नहीं आया...... tension थी, load था, और थोडा डर भी था but साथ ही साथ काफी peace भी था. ये पता था की क्या चाहिए, और ये भी की अगर दिल से मेहनत की और अपना काम पूरा कर लिया, तो फिर चाहे सफलता मिले न मिले, मन को शान्ति रहेगी की इससे अच्छा नहीं कर सकते थे. पढाई की तरफ १ अलग ही रुझान था. 1 disciplined सा नियमित जीवन था, जो more or less entrance exam clear करने के ओर ही घूमता है. (ये बात और है की तब ये discipline/ dedication इतना appreciate नहीं किया जाता था, because it was overridden by the anxiety to pass in it.). A little more drilled attempt at thinking and i feel the main reason was that, during that phase 80% control over the things was in our own hands. Result use to be directly proportional to the amount of hardwork/ commitment you put in. Since this equation was fairly applicable to most of the situations then, so somewhere we had this hope that correct amount of hardwork and dedication would certainly lead to good results. In other words, situation ke variables are in your hands, you have to play with them to maximize the results....:)

And then when I compare life after all these entrance exams and college to my life now; i realise why it is called "real" world..:)
Everything else is same, the hard work, sincerity, commitment, will to succeed....the only thing which has changed is...the equation...which has now become an in-equation...:)....the control of all the variables in this real world is no more in our hands solely. There are external factors which are totally outside our control, which determine the result of our actions- more or less depending on the situation....
And this situation might be anything.....your promotion in this current job, your fight to get a new one, a hearbtreak...anything for that matter...:)
Thats why, life in those student days seems so simple and joyful now...:))
An arguement against this can be, that as we grow, as our horizons expand, everytime we might not be the best judge of what is right for us, hence eventually, all the internal/ external variables work together, to result in what is best "for us" in that situation.
But then, when a part of such situations in life, its not very easy to understand the above theory...:)...

Anyways, hope the best happens to each one of us...and we all soon learn to live with these in-equations...:)
And my engg prep days remind me of my organic chem teacher, sardaarji we use to call him; a super gentle person, who had the habit of using plural for everything. १ बार उन्होंने १ student को बोला....."आप कल अपने "fathers" को बुला के लाइये".... होनहार बालक बोला...." sir कौनसे ??..सिविल lines वाले या neeti nagar वाले" ...:D
ये post लिखते हुए कोई गाना नहीं सुना...फिर भी ये गीत चिपकाने का मन है यहाँ....:)

Tuesday, January 12

The Surf "Excel" Kid...

Ah..:)....was generally surfing thorugh youtube and found an uncut version of one of my favourite ads on air these days....:)
I simply adore this ad, i love the idea, the execution, the super cute kid, the setting, Rosy Miss..:)...everything about this one and a half minute video...:).

But what I like the most is the naughty kid...:) I love the way the kid has been shown as a super naughty, mischiveous, fun loving, carefree child when with friends, in class in a happy atmosphere. He is part of all the hubaloo....shouts in the class, immitates others ..basically is the carefree kinds, whos parents are the most worried ones in the parents' teachers' meeting....:)

In the very next setting, in a situation which demands seriousness, the kid has been shown as the more sensitive kinds, one who feels for others, who would not say it in so many words but would make it up by his actions...:) would act like a pet to make his teacher smile....:)

The kid has acted the whole situation out so well....i love the tone he shouts in..."Aaj Rosy Miss kyun naai aayi?"....and his jumping around while walking on the road...and then the cute, worried expression on reaching Rosy Miss' house...:)....
Would love to have a kid like that....;-)

Monday, January 11


I saw this tag on someone's blog. It can be good filler post ..:D..(among the other filler posts that is...:D)...
I am suppose to write 10 honest things about myself. Ok, not very sure if I would be able to reach the # 10 but let me still give it a try..:)

1. Lets start with music itself...:).
- I have a varied taste in music and that includes all the pan ki dukaan types gaane fom the 80s and 90s...:).
- I have acted crazy enough to miss my stop, just to listen to the amazing song playing in the bus (ofcourse in the times when accessibility to net was zero.)
- While coming back from office, if i have to take a taxi, i make it a point to ask the driver "bhaiyya gaane chalenge"...a no means, next taxi...:) [I can't do it in the morning becuz of time constraint.:( ]
- I can listen to the same song back to back for days. My philosopy is if you like a song, get enough of it...so that after some time you get bored and move on to the next song...:)
(there are many others, but lets move to the next honest (weird) thing now..:D)

2. Till a couple of years back, i use to suffer from this compulsive disorder of straightning out inverted footwear whenever/ wherever i saw them. And that includes hostel corridor (imagine me standing outside ppl's rooms to straighten out a bundle of inverted chappals and joote...:D, home, outside temples, even roads...:)

3. I love shopping alone. I enjoy it like anything...:)

4.I hate "post" things...like postpaid mobile, postpaid data card..even credit card. I make minimal use of credit card. (the simple reason behind all this, i HATE paying bills)

5. I love talking and i do not remember even a single incident in my life when i had ended a conversation. (other than the ones ofcourse where the other party was either boring beyond tolerance or had very low hearing/ listning thresholds..:D)

6. I have an awful choice in shoes/ footwear for myself. 9 out of 10 times i am out of appropriate footwear for my dresses.

7. I cook decently fast (taste ki koi gaurantee nahi..:D). And i suck at making tea. Most of the times i find it taste like "Kilchoni" (a word for a random mix of many liquids in garhwali...:D)

8. I can sleep for real long hours. The maximum i have slept at one stretch is 18 hours in 1994..:). My father had to wake me up by saying that 18 hrs se zyada sone se heart collapse kar jaata hai...:D

9. I love summers and everything about the season. I HATE winters and more than that i hate wearing sweaters or for that matter any woollens.

10. Hmm..what else...i am listning to this song right now..:)

Baaki, i love the picture on my blog's homepage...:). Blog kholte hi bada achcha sa feel hota hai...:)

Sunday, January 10


A thought has been doing rounds of mind since yesterday. How helpful/ good is this blog marathon for me??
The idea behind participating was that it would improve my writing, bring discipline in to my blog and get me into this habit of writing regulary.
I don't know, but 10 days into it and i am a bit confused!!. As in, i am writing everyday, but many a times i write just to maintain the continuity. I am not too sure if this kind of participation will actually help "improve" my writing. Yes, habit and regularity will come in for sure; but I also feel, that one should write a piece/ post or for that matter anything when one actually feels like doing it; then only would the best comes out of the pen...:). Honestly, I do not feel like writing everyday...:)

Anyways, since i am in a dilemma, and i am still not even half way through, i feel that i should keep this going. At the end of the day, भई discipline तो आ ही रहा है....कोई विशेष नुक्सान नहीं है हर रोज़ लिखते रहने में...बाकी कुछ seasoned bloggers ke विचार जान लेने से शायद कुछ और clarity मिले...

Saturday, January 9


This is my current state...:(
Any remedies, suggestions, tips to control the fall of my beloved hair is most welcome!
Picture Courtesy Google.

Friday, January 8

Up above the world so High..;-)

१ दिन ऐसे ही बैठे बैठे मुझे ख़याल आया....की ऐसे कौन सी चीज़ें हैं which give me a high almost equivalent to alcohol...;-)
Actually, this idea dawned on me last year when i had not slept for 3 days contibuosly... (not slept as in slept only for like 4-5 hrs per day..:D)...i realised that by the evening of the third day...i wasn't feeling sleepy, rather i was hyperactive...and happy...and laughing on the smallest and weirdest of things......:D....brain had become numb-er and all the issues bothering me those days were lost somewhere, i was just in the present, talking more than i usually do..:O....i realised lack of sleep induces a high in me, which is as good as having 2-3 shots of Vodka...its fun....:)

Another such thing which takes me to a "higher" level altogether is good music...:)
Yes, music- any language, any kind, if melodious gives me a totally different kind of a high...:). It was also the biggest stress burster for me till few days back apart from shopping, now of course blogging has been added to this list...
अच्छे मधुर गीत दिमाग (और दिल को भी...;-)) किसी और ही दुनिया में ले जाते हैं, उन ५-६ मिनटों के लिए ऐसा लगता है की बस यथार्थ से इतना ही दूर रहें....इन गीतों की लय तान में कहीं खोये हुए.....
Love and madness for music would need a complete post in itself though...:), but yes, music does the trick...:)

Now this one is a bit weird...:/ .....I noticed some time back, that reading old chat scripts of some friends also gives me a high..:O....
And thats specially true when the chats are funny....:D..reading old funny chats, where some hilarious jokes have been cracked or some bone tickling stuff has been said....creates the magic...:)
I sometimes read my old chats, (yes I am that velli...:D)...and it feels good....:)
This song for the nice Fri evening...:)

Thursday, January 7

Job Blues!!

My office expense policy sucks....big time!!!...
I came back from an office tour last to last week. Raised my bills and today got a mail from Finance saying:
"In the above-mentioned ER, you have claimed laundry expenses which is not in line with the expnse policy. As per policy, employees travelling for a period exceeding 5 continuous days would be reimbursed laundry expenses for the number of days exceeding five only."
Apparently i had given my clothes for laundry on the 4th day of my stay itself.....and point to be noted is that i stayed there for some 20 days altogether.
I hate such policies. You travel for office work, travel like some 60 kms per day to and fro to the client's place and then at the end of the day also keep a tab on the number of days when you become eligible for giving laundry.....a day here and there and these cost cutting morons start sending you such e-mails. Not that i am against rules, but thing is, amidst so much work..who would remember ki abhi 5 din hue hain ki nahi.......isn't that totally Insane!!!....
Added to this, you are also suppose to submit your boarding passes while claiming your taxi expenses to airport...:O. This is, when the tickets are booked by the firm itself!!. But who knows, you might call the airlines and get your destination changed..., take a vacation....and come back to claim all expenses...:D....all this...without your manager knowing anything and at the "huge" risk of loosing your job??.....
life sometimes sucks..and that is an understatement!!!

Wednesday, January 6

NaBoPloMo, Maths and Me

Its been 4 days since I am a part of NaBloPoMo. The other day P called up at 9:30 PM..and after exchanging general pleasantries, said..I just called up to ask..9:30 ho gaye hain…NaBloPoMo bas 2 din ka tha kya…:D. Aah!! and here I was with ready with my reply…are check my latest post, I posted it yesterday night itself. Jaise hi ghadi ne 12 bajaaye raat ke, I posted my post for the next day…:D Of course he was surprised, this kind of active behavior is generally not expected out of me. But the fact is that this one post each day is not that simple as it sounds. I mean after office hours, traveling etc, you are practically left with very little time to think of something interesting to write before the clock strikes 12. Anyways, as P said, it’s more to bring discipline and regularity into your blog. True.

Point is, that this one day timeline creates a certain kind of anxiety in me. If you ask me right now, I feel like writing posts together for the coming 2 days, and just post them at the strike of 12 everyday. :O…[I know its kiddish but its true]. This reminds me of the times when I was in school. I was dead scared of Mathematics as a subject till class 8. So before any exam/ test of this subject I use to become extremely anxious. (I wont say nervous, but gud-gud types hone lagti thi tummy mein..:)). Anyways, this kept happening for close to seven-eight years, before I scored my first century in maths and became much more confident in the subject..:D However, after that whenever I am in any kind of anxious situation, (it can be any….ranging from some crucial match of India till few years back...or any major event happening in life when things are not in favor)…the feeling is always like…yaar ek dum aise lag raha hai jaise maths ke exam ke pehle lagta tha…:D

I am listening to this beautiful song right now...:)..and posting the NaBoPloMo post for Jan 6th...:)

Tuesday, January 5

Ding dong....:)

I had written this post few months back, posted it, then deleted it.....no clue whatsoever why....
Again posting it here..:)
I shall start this post without any introduction. Just jotting down the kind of life I had always envisaged after marriage….:)I have always been a very lazy person, and by standards of girls, a bit too lazy. A person driven by sheer convenience when it comes to household chores. Not at all a cleanliness freak. Bas manage ho jana chahiye. Ten years of stay away from home has played a strong role in shaping this behavior. Ok, to add to it, I am careless also, and have perfected the art of loosing things in the past twenty something years. Hence people around me feel that I should get married to someone who is very organized and careful. And should not at all be lazy. So that we “compliment” each other and the "jeevan ki naiyya" sails smoothly. But somehow I feel that it would be great fun to get married to someone lazier than me. (and believe me, I have this strong feeling that I will get married to someone like that only). I have my own good set of reasons for believing so. Lets have a look: 1. I will never be shouted at for oversleeping. (the moment he says..babe u sleep too much….i will have a quick retort….less than u man….so better stay chill..:D)
2. I don’t like getting up in the morning to find the place next to me empty. At home when I sleep with my mum/ sis (for that matter any one), I always open my eyes in the morning to a vacant bed next to me, since all of them get up earlier than me. I am then surrounded by a deep feeling of sheer despair and melancholy …how lazy I am, and man, every one else around me is so active…:(.Now, imagine..opening your eyes in the morning and discovering that the person next to you is still asleep, you are filled with the sheer joy of coming first in the race of waking up early..:D., and with the inexplicable feeling of satisfaction that there exist souls lazier than you on this earth. And leave apart all that, the very fact that now you can begin you day by establishing your superiority over this lazy ass, shouting at him and hence feeling responsible, that you are a perfect wife who ensures that her husband leaves for office on time…:D..:D (this is considered given that yours truly would get up at least few seconds before the line of time of control…:P)
3. All my life till now I have been taunted for being the lazy self who I am. From my parents, to friends in hostel, to flat mates….I have been the target of every group of human beings around and have been reprimanded always for oversleeping, re-sleeping, just lying around doing nothing and finishing every imp work at the eleventh hour. Now imagine, when I have someone around all through out life, to take revenge of all what I have gone through all these years…..YAY!!!!....
4. Another important thing which has bothered me all these years, is the fact that I have always been the last one to take bath at home…especially if it’s a weekend. My wing mates in hostel never had a problem because of me, as this was an unspoken code set, that “Deepti last mein nahane jaayegi”…:)..everybody loved me for this. Even though there were high chances that in the drought ridden HOT places I have done my college from, where water supply was too limited, the tap would stop being kind after 8:30 AM; I was never never in a hurry to take bath, even if in the end I had to fetch water from the mess most of the times…:). “Pehle Aap”, had always been my mantra when it came to bathing.Now imagine, if Mr. Husband happens to be somebody who has been holding the same respectable position in the Boys’ Hostel and believes in a similar theory, how thrilling life would become…:). Weekends mornings would be so much fun…:).
Now the underlying fact in all the above reasons quoted is only one: I get to play the PERFECT wife, one who always finishes first…:)

:))...Reality however, is quite different....:) From little bit of what i have discovered in past couple of months, would be husband happens to be quite opposite of what i had envisaged...:).....More on this after a couple of months....;)

Monday, January 4

Silk Silk all over....

Last year December I was in Chennai. For the D-day which is now just a month away, I started getting phone calls from all aunts, cousins for getting some silk for them from Chennai.
I have lived in Chennai for 2 years, and had been to T Nagar (shopper's paradise for Chennaites), but had never explored the silk shops there properly....
I had been to Nalli Silks in bangalore too, so i thought of exploring Sri Kumaran Silks, another silk saree shop just few metres from Nalli.
Appalled I was the moment I entered the silk house. HUGE is not the word.....its huger than huge....:). The shop is like some set of old hindi movie film ...a huge bunglow of some millionaire.
A big round antique wall clock hung on the first floor wall must be some 50 years old. The complete atmosphere inside the shop gives you the feeling that in what high regards silk or say silk sarees are being treated. Its a paradise for saree lovers, with 4 floors spanning over an area of 60,000 square feet. You name a variety of southern silk, they have it. From traditional to fancy to all experimental designs ..this place has all. And the best part is that the sales men are more than interested in telling you the whole history of kancheepuram silk sarees, how it takes 30 days to weave one, and how gold/ silver zari is used in all kancheepuram sarees.

The best part about the shop which i liked from a customer's point of view was that the shop owners have not labeled the buying areas according to the price range of the sarees available there. (unlike some other shops in that area). I found it a very nice thing as the shop owners did not seem to be telling the buyers, which segment to visit or rather which segment would suit there pockets. You come in to the shop, explore the area you happen to visit first and then ofcourse they have salesmen all over to direct you personally to the counter of your choice of silk and price range.

So all in all, it was a super experience being in Sri Kumaran Silks, I thoroughly loved the sarees, the experience and the feel of the place.

Sunday, January 3

Fungsuk Wangdu

आज शाम को ऑटो से घर आये, जैसे ही ऑटो वाले को देने के लिए पैसे निकाले...वो बोला..."मैडम १ बात पूछें आप से" (बड़ी ठहरी और गंभीर आवाज़ में..और eastern UP की tone में) मैंने बोला, हाँजी बोलिए...."आप सारिका को जानती हैं?".....( i got a bit scared, by the way he asked....in a baritone)..."फिल्म स्टार सारिका".....मैं अभी कुछ बोलने ही लगी थी....की ऑटो वाले सज्जन बोले...."मैडम आप उनकी बेटी हैं क्या??"..... LOL....and i started laughing....."आप १ दम उनके जैसे ही दिखती हैं...हमने सोचा वो तो हों नहीं सकती...उनकी बेटी होंगी"...मैंने कहा, अरे भैय्याजी नहीं...ऐसा कुछ नहीं है....:D...I could not stop laughing loudly after that....
Many ppl have told me that i resemble Sarika, but auto vaale bhaiyya ji ka observation kaafi sahi tha...kaafi kam time mein hi shakal mila li....:)
PS: I have a strange dislike towards the film actress for a very interesting/ funny reason.....
Title of the post is JLT....:)

Saturday, January 2


Monika has started NaBloPoMo again this new year....:). I intend to be a part of it, lets see how far can i sustain...
NaBloPoMo is the National Blog Posting Month, where all the partcipants have to post continuously every day for a period of one month.
few promises i have made to myself this year..
1. Drink more water...
2. Try to speak slowly...:)
3. Try to reduce the number of hrs i sleep... :D (have failed miserably on this one till now...got up at 1 pm tdy..:O)
4. Read at least 30 books this year...
....will surely have to add few more to this in the coming months..:)
Welcome 2010!!

Friday, January 1

Three idiots!!

I saw 3 Idiots last week on X-Mas day. An amazingly entertaining movie which will keep you laughing out loudly, throughout. Theatre mein taali baja baja ke hanse hum.... A great plot, super direction and applaudable performances by the whole cast makes the film watchable at least twice. The director has been quite successful in keeping the tempo of the movie consistent throughout the movie. Highs and lows have been so well timed that it surely could not have been better than this. So, basically a super movie to end 2009 with...:)
Kind of movie, jiski DVD khareed ke rakh lo, aur revise karte raho samay samay per...:)
Anyways, i would have dedicated this whole post to the movie itself, had i not seen Mr. Chopra, the producer of the movie, shouting like mad at media some time back on national television. Watching him mis conduct himself forced me to think....ki ye kya hai bhaiyya...kuch bhi...kab tak bevkoof banaoge public ko.....
3 Idiots is based on 5. Some 1 (A super hit book by Chetan Bhagat released in 2004).
Anyone who has read the book can easily say that the storyline of the movie is 70% 5. sum 1. The basic plot is same, the message has been kept intact, 70% of the situations have been copied wihtout any changes, basically the soul of the movie resonates the soul of the book.
But apparently the makers of the movie including Mr. Aamir Khan think otherwise. It was shocking to see the star defending the producer and director by saying that the movie is just 3-5% based on 5. sum 1...:O
I am amazed by the fact how blind and unethical can people become when given some money and power....It was a disgrace seeing the producer of the movie shouting at the media when questioned about the storyline. The producer went to the extent of saying that CB is using Aamir's name to get publicity!!!
Someone please go and tell these people that the youth of India is intelligent enough to exercise their own judgement in deciding who is copying what. I seriously doubt if a person like CB even needs Aamir Khan to get publicity. Dear Mr. Aamir and Mr. Chopra, Kindly open your eyes and realise that your audience is not foolish and there is a huge world of Blogs/ internet/ print media out there which people resort to more often than your movies and hence are aware enough to to understand whos copying whom.
The three idiots (Raju Hirani, Vinod Chopra and Aamir Khan) should be sent flowers saying "get well soon" and at least be true to the profession which earns you bread and butter.
Chetan Bhagat may not be a legendary writer, but then what is his is his. You can't just take credit of his work and then slam him publicly in media. Thats just not done.
Anyways, this is just a not so harmful version of how unethical people at the top can get.
Ruchika Girhotra's case is another case which makes me sit down and think...for how long are we going to be The Helpless citizens in our own country?? Where actually are we headed to, as a society...as a nation??
2010 is here, i just hope, wish and pray that the coming year brings justice to all, is more peaceful and happier for all the suffering souls around....