Saturday, October 16

With Colors!!

Last to last weekend we went to CP, in the CWG mela, there was a stall of colors and canvasses....i bought a set of colors and canvas...:)
After some 15 good years i tried my hands at painting again....:)

Friday, October 15

"I"-Then and Now

Shilpa of Just Speaking My Mind has done a wonderful post on how she has changed in the last 10 years and good part is she has converted that in to a tag for all of us to take....

So here i jot down the ways in which i have changed in the last 10 years....

1. From a girl who use to take life a bit too seriously, thinking that a good job is the only thing that would decide how successful life can be, i have changed for good appreciate the various dimensions life has to offer and understand that its you and no one else who would describe how successful you life has been....

2. 10 years ago i has this huge misconception about myself...i use to think that i am the most fair, innocent, gracious and and nice person around and no living being on this earth can ever have a problem because of me. I use to think that none of my actions ever hurt anyone, and i always put other's interests ahead of mine.
Today i am thankful that i have slowly gained this maturity to understand that the above is not always true.....:). Today, i know when i am being any of the above, and i guess awareness is the first step towards any sort of rectification!!

3. When 19, i was conscious of even leaving my hair open, which was much much better than it is now..:(. I used to think that those spending time decorating their outer appearance are living in some fake world and would soon realize that they are on some wrong path, and start following my way of just concentrating on the inner beauty which matters the most. True, inner beauty does matter, but today i know that looking good, paying attention to oneself is no crime, rather is a reflection of your love for yourself and nothing else.

PS: I have also developed a weird theory here. I feel by making attempts to look good you are actually doing a kind of social service. People around you would have better groomed individuals to look at, which would be a treat to their eyes and may be a positive effect on their mood. So who knows, by dressing up might be doing some kind of social service...and its actually our "Individual Social Responsibility" (ISR) to look good:D

4. When i joined college, my wardrobe was dominated by colors like gray, black, white and browns....Thanks to the positive souls like Serenity i learnt that wearing bright colors is no crime, and it just adds cheerfulness to our mundane surroundings. Today, my wardrobe reflects VIBGYOR....:D. When i visit shops now, i ask for happy colors...:)

5. Among many other things i was too under confident to voice my opinion on anything even very close to my heart. Not that i was any less opinionated than i am now, but to get across the point to the other party was always a problem. Result was, me filled to brim with my own thoughts which never had the right outlet. Not that i have become some jhnasi ki rani in all these years. But now, communicating my thoughts and opinions comes much more easier. I am much more comfortable now telling and convincing people how i feel and think about something. This one thing has made life much much more easier.

6. 10 years back, i never use to crave for home. When i joined hostel, i don't remember even once that i was counting days for vacations to rush back home. I was always happy in my hostel abode. Today, at 29 and being married, i feel the need to go back and spend time with my parents much more. I look forward to holidays, when i can just pack my bags and visit them.

7. I was never happy with this feature which sits prominently on my face, my nose. I always felt it was too out of shape and at one point in time, the only reason why i wanted to earn money was that i could get a nose job done..:). Any jokes about it were never taken in good spirit....But that was a decade ago....Today, i find its existence perfectly in peace with mine, and have no qualms about it not resembling Madhuri Dixit's in shape...:D.

Basically, a lot of self assurance has creeped in.....i have learnt to laugh on myself, to openly criticize when and where i am wrong, to rationally look for a way out and accept the things they are.

...this is all i can think of as of now...but i am sure there are many other changes which the me has seen over the past 10 years...and more that that there are many more which i envisage in the next 10 years.....

For the festive mood, this song for Navratri...:)

Sunday, October 10

A Blog Post-7

Another month has passed since i last posted something. The month of Librans has started....the month of festivities....of a changing weather...many birthdays....CWG games.....and much more.....just want to pen down the tit-bits of the gone by month and the thoughts hovering my mind these days....

1. After showering its blessings in the form of water for 3 continuous months ...the mansoon Gods have finally shed their load and moved on...leaving us with shorter days and longer evenings....this is the best weather one can experience when in northern part of India...needless to say i am loving it....festival season..and the season of marriages is around.....the sun seems not not so harsh...and its dark by 6:30.....i get nostalgic at times and am reminded of school days..when the month of Oct was marked by halyearly exams....:) few days we'll have dussera and then diwali....the much awaited festivals and loads of holidays too.....:).....

2. CWG games started today and Delhi really seems to be in a celebration mood. We went to CP yesterday, the CWG celebrations could be seen in full swing there.....a mela sort of has been organised near state emporiums..where all states are displaying there art and craft...and food stalls from all over was good to see people of all age roaming around with their families ..enjoying the various cuisines...just sitting and relaxing.....and appreciating the various cultural shows of diff states.....we had a great time experiencing the raunak there...:)
I also discovered an interesting fact yesterday while coming back to Ggn. We took the metro and i realised that the familiar voices in which the announcements inside metro have been recorded in Shammi Narang and Rini Khanna's voice...the yesteryear's newsreader's of Doordarshan..:)

3. I finished reading this book called Heartbreaks and Dreams by Parul Agarwal Mittal. This female is from IIT D and the book gives a girl's perspective of studying in a male dominated IIT. Everything about the book is in the flow, narration, humor etc etc....but the one area where it lacks big time is connecting with the audience....reason being, the author makes the female lead sound too boisterous throughout..yes the thing that humans studying in IITs are a notch above us less mortal beings comes out a bit too well in the course of the book, and i guess this is where the author fails to connect to its audience the way her batchmate Mr. Bhagat did..:)
Other than that, its a fun book to read with a good dose of humor and a pretty believable plot....

4. I also read this another book "The Memory Keeper's Daughter". A wonderful book which would be reviewed in another post!

This post was written on 3rd of Oct. Draft kiya, aaj poori kar dete hain.......
We saw Do Dooni Chaar today. A very warm simple story of a middle class family in Delhi trying to graduate from a scooter to a car. The head of the family is a maths teacher in a private school who teaches in an IIT coaching center in the evening to meet the family expenses. The story revolves around how the different circumstances the family goes through in their stint to secure a four wheeler. Apart from the funny situations and the light note on which the film is made what i liked about the movie was its close to real life depiction. The film has actually been shot in some middle class colony of Delhi, and more than suitably captures the middle class mentality which our generation kids have seen in their growing years. The discussions around stagnant DAs and tuition fees of kids, monthly savings and call center jobs....the best part of the movie is Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor as screen couple, who have delivered a wonderful performance as a punjabi family of lajpat nagar....:).
A good time pass for a lazy saturday afternoon....

A very happy Navratri to all...May this festive season be full of happiness for one and all..:)