Monday, May 25

Down the Bollywood Lane..:)

Its quarter to 3 in the night. Have office tomorrow, IPL has just ended, with DC taking away the trophy this time. I am just getting over with a half an hr crush over Adam Gilchrist…J, Cute he is!!
Just discovered a good site for listening to online radio, got the link from some blog. The radio is playing one of my fav songs..”mere khwabon mein jo aaye”…J from the movie DDLJ, which was released on Oct 20, 1995. I got the golden opportunity to watch this evergreen romantic flick on December 08, 1995 immediately after my half yearly exams ended. My aunt had come over from Ahmadabad with her kids, who are half gujju, owing to the fact that they have spent almost all of their lives in the state of Mr. Modi. Well, this blog is by no ways about my semi gujju cousins, or the fast rate of industrial development in the state of Gujrat. Its about some more interesting stuff…J.
I have always been a movie buff. And since time immemorial (that is like 1990..:P), since the time I actually started making some sense out of the bollywood movies, I have kind of followed them very well. And as it happens, today when I look back I can associate a particular passage of time in my life with the songs I use to listen to during those days. Today also when I listen to these songs I am invariably transported to those good old times. Here I would mention those few songs/ movies which I have associated with my different phases of growing up..:)
Chandni/ Lamhe/ Saajan: Aha, this was 1989-92, I was in the final years of my primary education. Dancing to the tunes of “mere haathon mein 9-9 choodiyan” and “ Morni bagaa maa bole” was the in thing for us kids. I don’t remember to have missed even a single bhaiyya/ didi ki shaadi in the colony where we (me and a dear friend A), did not lighten up the ladies sangeet function with our performances. All their wedding cassettes still have the dancing us in their videos…J
Rang: I loved all the songs of this movie. I was in class seven when it released. I use to listen to its songs back to back innumerable times…J. This was Divya Bharti’s last released movie I guess. The cassette over had her smiling face against a black background. I strongly associate this movie with the end of my summer holidays in 93. We were coming back from Pauri (my grandma’s place), and en route SRE, we stayed in Kotdwar for 2 days, with my uncle. I got hold of this cassette there. “Tujhe na dekhun” was my fav track from the album.
Ek ladki ko dekha: I was in class 8 when this movie, along with Mohra (yeah, “tu cheez badi hai mast mast”) was released.. Another song which was very popular that time was “Ole Ole: from the movie “Ye Dillagi”. "Ek ladki ko dekha” was an awsum composition and all of us use to appreciate the melody of the song during the lunch break. All my friends were in awe of the melody and lyrics of the song. I never then had the courage to admit the fact that I love the other two numbers “Ole Ole” and “Tu cheez badi hai mast” much much more than this sophisticated lyrics oriented melody..:D. Anyways, today I appreciate both genres for their distinct charm..:). And yeah, 94 was also the year when HAHK was released. I remember the kid me pestering my dad for taking us to this movie. One fine day he said “ beta kal chalenge, dead sure”, and I got even more upset. “Dead Sure”, its a “dead” sure, means not sure ki kal bhi challenge ki nahi..:D (poor me and my angreji).
DDLJ: Aha now this was 1995, as I have already mentioned above the date when this movie was released and when I saw it..:). The first movie whose making was shown on television, which was the talk of the town for days to come. I guess we friends spent the entire second half of that year discussing this movie. Not a single scene, a single dialogue was left un-operated. Rage it was!!. From getting those tunics stitched to aping Kajol’s hairstyle..crazy it was. I vividly remember how I use to tell my dad to call me from my study room whenever the trailer of DDLJ comes (that was the initial teaser which showed “tujhe dekha ..” for like some 10 seconds). My dear dad use to dutifully call me so that their studious, hardworking daughter gets a well deserved break…;-). And yeah, the other super movie which was released this year was Rangeela..:)), one of my all time favorites. This was the year when we had first got cable connection in our home. Come back from school, and get glued to the idiot box, to watch the same trailers again and again and again..:)
As I write this post, I realize that I have not even reached half way and its already 4 am…:(, boss I have to be at client’s place tomm on time, I shall finish my bollywood journey in the second half of this post. Till then gudunitu..:)

Thursday, May 21


P was doing this tag few days back, and i was more than tempted to take it; which female celebrities you would have a crush on if you were a guy!!...some names popped up in my mind...and i shared them with him..."he are not thinking like a guy"...was his reaction. I saved the post for some other day, and decided to take the tag after sharpening my "guy like" thinking ability..:P...i dont think there has been any improvement...but here are few females i guess i would have a crush on ..had i been a guy..:)
1. Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) for the wonderfully weird female she is!. She is my fav charachter in Friends, i simply adore the way she speaks her mind, heart all the time..:).
2. Katrina Kaif for the pretty and innocent looks the damsel has..:)

3. Ayesha Takia: for her nice long hair and the cute smile....

4. Madhuri Dixit: for the perfect lad she is....

5. Priyanka Gandhi: for the graceful way she carries herself....

Ok..enuff of crushy mushy stuff; i changed my abode few days back..and yesterday only gave my room some basic decore'....clicked a pic of my fav corner of my room where i spend 90% of my time when at home....:)

Tuesday, May 19

5 Powerful Phrases

Already written one post today, but since its already past 12, and just now P has tagged me on this, so here comes my first tagged post..:)
1. You've changed my life: Many people in many ways have affected and moulded my life in more than one ways...
Dr. R S Zaidi, Ms Prabha Gupta: My English and Maths teachers in school, thanks for inculcating all the confidence and showing faith in me, grooming me into what i am today..:)
Vivek: Thanks for telling me that a smile does not cost anything...:), it changed a lot in me...:)
Tushti and Raksha: For making it evident that life is all about attitude..:)
Prateek: For trying your best to change my life for better...:)..but stubborn taurus in me has to learn the hard way...:(
2. I need you: Rachana and Shweta. Rach..for always being the patient listener you are, love you babes ...cant really do without you..:) Shweta: My counsellor, my guide always..:)
3. I love you: Mum, Dad, Mausi, Nani, Ani and Manu
4. I am here for you: Manu, Piyush, Rachana, Shweta
5. You are a gem: Anupam, Piyush, Shweta, Rachana, Neha, Prateek, Tushti, Manu, Aruna, Joshi Ji, Raksha and Jaideep.
Thanks guys for being there, you all are amazing in one or the other way..:) Lucky to have you around..:).

Monday, May 18

To all the Happy Souls around!!

Now this one is for all the happy souls around me....:). One thing i have realised in the past few years is that the one great quality i admire in people above all other things is their happiness quotient. (apart from their e-value..:P). Happiness, though a very relative term, can still be sensed with quite an ease in the very first few meetings with a person. During all these years i have come across very few people whom i can consider Happy!. We all have our own set of frustrations, insecurities and complexities; and all of us have some defined/not so very well defined "to be" state. But still, there are few of us, looking at whom the first thing which comes to mind is....peace..happiness...:). They may not be the most phodu/ successful or happening people around, but they reflect certain kind of goodness, simplicity and satisfaction with life, that there mere presence around makes you feel good. They may not be your bestest friends, but are surely the first few people you look for the moment you enter office/ class/ come online/ or may be reach home..:).

Luckily I am also blessed with certain such individuals, and hence am jotting down here, a line or two about each..:)

Chhavi: A coalleague of mine,one of the happiest people i see around, every sentence ends with Bindasssss...masssst.....ecstatic she becomes, if the cab we hire for office has its music system working. No suit materails are bought, only readymade..."Deepti ab silwaane ka patience kiske paas hai, mujhe to next day hi pehnna rehta hai har naya dress"..:). Some people just enlighten the surroundings, this babe is one of them....keep smiling sweety..:)
Aadi: One of the most peaceful souls i have met. Another office coalleague cum friend, life may not be perfect, but can be made simple....:).Unpurturbed/ nonchalant most of the times, has the genuinnest advices and views on things/ situations. A decent sense of humor coupled with a harmless nature,one of the most feel good factors around!!...
Raksha: Now she is the latest addition to the list of my friends.Met this female in Mumbai, and boy!!....ball we had for those three weeks we spent together. Some people exuberate laughter!!!..she is one of them. An amazing narration style, one can easily be seen rotfl most of the times in her company. The best part is that this fun factor is accompanied by a lot of gravity in terms of thought process. Again one of those people who glow with happiness and positivity. I dont remember to have met a female as radiant as her!!...way to go babe..:)
Rimpy: This female happens to be a flatmate, with whom my only interactions have been restricted to chitchats when we are watching TV together, or cooking together. But then, i cannot recall even a single incident when i had seen her low/down/ dull. Always smiling, happy, giggling, finding pleasure in the weekly get tgethers with other such happy souls from Punjab....:))..another one of those FGCs..:)
Shubhadeep: Funniest people in my friends list. There was a time when i use to be literally falling of my chair chattin wid him, but PwC has taken the better of him now..:). A super human, with an amazingly positive attitude twrds life....
Gaurav Shah: A dear friend, whos always high on life...:). Have rarely seen him worried/ down, mastam sense of humor and a zeal to live life to its fullest..:), keep rocking dude..:)
Then there are few other happy souls who need a mention here...
AB (a feel good friend;thanks for being nice), Manu (bro dear), Jdp, Sony Anthony, Namrata...
Cheers to all you guys..:))..i really look forward to meet you and talk to you...keep rocking and spreading joy...:))
PS: All my other friends,if your name does not figure above, that does not mean that your presence in life is undermined!!. I love you all, and you all know it..;-).

Sunday, May 17


Last week, after a boring day at office, i decided to take a stroll down MG Rd, one place i really like in Bangalore. Though, many people find it too crowded...but there is something about the whole set of streets in that areas which make me like it a lot, and that includes the fancy English names the streets there have..:). Many a times i go there alone in the evenings, buy some nice books from this book shop "Blossoms", buy some "seengdana" (salted nuts) to munch and just njoi the hustle bustlevof the market. So this fine wednesday also, i left office on time, dumped my lappy at homeon my way and reached MGR, i guess after some 3-4 mnths. After buying Mothers' day gift for my Mom (a pretty raw silk saree from Nalli), i straight away went to Blossoms, my fav place on Church Street.

Generally when i go to Blossoms, i already have a set ofbooksin my mind, which i have to buy. (or else its very difficult to explore that place). But this time i had nthing in mind. Just went inside and called P for some assistance, but poor chap was driving back home after a long days work i guess, hence noinputs from there.

So, i randomly started going through the stacks of books kept at the entrance itself, and picked up a good 7 books fromthe lot. All the books are from Indian writers, and i guess should not takemore than 20 days to finish. Its such a great feeling when you spend your hard earned money on books...:).

The books i bought were:

1. Hes just not that into you

2. Twilight in Delhi

3. Lahore- a sentimental journey

4. 1984

5. What would you do to save the world

6. Book of Humor by Ruskin Bond

7. Ofcourse I Love U, till i find someone better

Have already finished reading the first one and found it an amazingly apt read..:))

Would soon write a separate post on that. Have started two books simultaneously after that Lahore: the book has not been written in a great manner, but is interesting enough if you have even the slightest of taste in reading/knowing about the ancient cities of undivided India.

What would you do to save the world: I read some 25 pages of this book, in some book store in Mumbai some 3 years back. I always wanted to read the wholebook, as at that time i had foundit quite humorous. But alas! the book is no more captivating now....:(..seems my Sense of Humor has improved in these years....:)..

Thursday, May 14

Happy Bday..:)

11th May, 2009, My bday....:) and from now on birthday of my blog as well. Last year the idea of starting a blog hit my mind around this time only, but life was going through such horrendous patches, that my draft posts all revolved around only one thing ...... However, yesterday was having a regular discussion with P, and suddenly the question popped up..why do I want to blog....becuz i want people to cum and read my posts and leave comments, because i want to share stuff with strangers....or simply because i want to speak with myself. I guess last one is the right reason why i am here.It happens to be my bday today, the most imp day of my life till now. Love this day for all the good wishes and warmth i recieve from all my friends around...:). Though the age number is growing now...and being on the wrong side of 25, doesnt feel that great at times...but then, sometimes ..rather most of the times i feel, that i kind of forgot to grow up..."badi hona bhool gayi main"....the way i am giggling today at every bday phone call, feeling like a princess as if its my 16th bday or sumthing...really makes me wonder!!!Friends and family are calling....though since bday falls on a Monday tdy....hence not many ppl called up at 12 in the night...but then came mrning..and everbdy who mattered started calling...happy happy!! Lunch was with nice office friends....and hopefully dinner plan would also succeeed....till now day has been good....Every now and then i realise the importance of having good people around. Thank You GOD, for showering me with the bestest of friends, i sumtimes it that I am good in judging people..or just that God is kind..:)..i guess the latter is true.....ok..would soon write a separate post on friends!!cheers to all the good people around me!! and happy bday :))