Wednesday, March 9

Ad Mad!

Two ads have caught my eye lately.....
One is this USHA fans ka ad....:)

I had been to USHA corporate office once for placement purposes etc. The office look gave me a feeling that it may shut down any moment!!..Anyway that has nothing to do with this wonderfully written ad...:)

The first part of the ad, till that "One nation no discrimination" line, which brings down the awsumness value of the ad by few notches, is just super!!
Between the abundance of lays ke illogical ads, dar ke aage vishwajeet hai..etc etc..this ones a real well written, effective ad..nice way to welcome summers...:)

The other ad, which i think should be put off the air ASAP is the one for Pidilite steel grip. I am not being able to find its link on youtube. However, the ad shows a woman torturing a guy who has apparently used a non Pidilite steel grip. She is giving him electric shocks and is wearing tortourous expressions on her face when she says..."using a non pidilite..blah blah....Pagalpan Nahi to Aur Kya Hai??.."
The advertisement is simply GROSE. I very strongly feel that using a theme of declaring/ calling people pagal or display of such disturbing human conditions casually for advertising any product is bad work by the creative team. I remember another such objectionable ad..

I somehow do not appreciate this form of creativity where something which can be very serious if happens in reality is mocked at in order to make people buy it.

Hope we have saner ads in future!!

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डॉ .अनुराग said...

बहुत सारे एड है....कल अचानक यु ट्यूब पर धरा का एक एड देखा.....जिसमे बछा घर छोड़ कर जाता है ओर उसके रामू काका उससे कहते है घर में "जलेबी" बनी है ....वो जिस तरह से जलेबी कहता है .....
oh i love that ad....