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Yesterday i was watching repeat telecast of Filmfare awards 2010. Apart from other regular thing, the act which caught my fancy was a dance sequence by SRK and Madhuri Dixit almost towards the end of the show. During an ad break husband started browsing through news channels and we ended up finding Blockbusters on CNN-IBN. The star this week was Sridevi. Thankfully, Madhuri's act had ended on Filmfare and i could watch the half an hour documentary on Sridevi guilt free..:D

Watching the two divas in succession took me back in time to my growing up years when these two beauty queens were ruling Bollywood. Those were the times of no cable TV/ no DJ and no theater also (yes, i am talking about the pre 1994 era, when HAHK had not released and parents would never agree to take us to movies like "Lootere", "Dalaal" and "Khalanayak"..:D)
So all we could get of the dazzling dance performance by these actresses was through Chitrahaar and once in a while on VCRs. So each one of us had our favorite. Needless to say that while i loved Madhuri, i had friends who had their loyalties too inclined towards the southern actor. And the interesting part was that the bollywood rivalry (if or if not there was any) had been apparently taken too seriously by us girls and one who adored Mrs Nene, would dare not even praise or show a slightest sign of liking towards Sridevi. While today i find Sridevi a total delight to watch in movies like Lamhe and Chandni, those days i could never stand her accent. (actually i still don't like it) Also, i found her nose job a bit too unnatural. So enough reasons to not like her.,.:)
I simply adored MD for the Goddess she is...for her swift and smooth dance moves, her almost perfect portrayal of all her characters and her beautiful smile.

However, this favoritism never came into play when we were asked to show our dancing skills in any birthday party, sangeet ceremony etc etc. We were totally unbiased towards the wonderful songs these females have danced on. Till date i clearly remember how i replayed the audio cassette of Saajan again and again, just to perfect my steps on "Tu Shayar Hai.....Main teri Shaayari..." . Being able to copy her finger movement was like trophy winning for us...:)
Or, try creating our own steps on "Morni baaga maa bole"....

Yesterday, watching Madhuri Dixit paired with SRK in that medley brought back those wonderful memories, and just could not stop thinking how graceful and poised the two beautiful actors looked.
Have picked up some of the timeless songs of 80s and 90s which look as fresh today as they looked 20 years ago...

This song is one of the most beautiful classical based dance number of the recent times....i simply love the silver white dress adorned by Sridevi, the backdrop and her priceless expressions. Needless to say she looks divine! Every dance move is just perfect....

Another gem from the same movie, Sridevi at her best!!

Madhuri Dixit in the orange outfit looks picture perfect. She can carry any song with the same grace and poise.

Another song which i find equally tantalizing after so many years is this one from the movie HAHK. The sometimes coy, sometimes naughty expressions of MD make this one of the most
delightful songs to watch on screen...

And i do not think, anybody else in the film industry would have been able to carry off this song so gracefully. A scandalous song of its time, which created a thunder back in 93.....The baap of all item numbers...:)

Aah, and this song..sarees had never looked better on the silver screen than this!!....Hats off to the director too for selecting such a timeless collection and more than full marks to Sri for carrying them off sooooo..well.

One more dance sequance which i find mesmerizing is from DTPH.....its truly a wonderful sight watching Madhuri dance....:)

And then, those dhinchak dance numbers from Chalbaaz and Tezaab.....which could make every foot in this world tap

And this list would actually never end.....because every song looks better than the others when such talented actors become part of it....

I guess before i wind up...this one also needs to be put of the finest and most elegantly performed songs on screen....

and as i wind up..i discover this one from Aaaja nach le...

The more one says, the less it would be .....Hope we have more such actors around in the times to come ...!

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