Tuesday, March 9

Tag ke saath vapsi..:)

Nobody tagged me for this one!!...But me took it from Monika's blog....:)

So here are the rules
1. On your blog, provide a link to the Great Bong’s page, May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss. Embedding the above picture in your blog would be nice but not needed.
The May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss contest
2. Then write down your top 10 Hindi movie lines or top 10 English movie lines (You can do both if you want. Only one set is required for the contest). If you cannot think of top 10, make it top 5. Cannot think of even 5? Make it top 3. No problem. Only restriction: no two lines from same movie. This done to make it fair for other movies so that they dont get swamped by Gunda or Loha or Sholay.
3. Tag five friends to do the same.
4. Come over to the comment-space of this post and post your blog’s link so I can go and read it.
Remember: Before starting the tag, paste points 1 and 4 on your blog so that the rules are available to anyone who wishes to pick the tag up from your blog.

So here come my fav lines....:))

1. "Khote sikke ne kya baat boli hai...boli hai to aise boli hai jaise bandook ki goli hai"....-dialogue ho to aisa ho...varna na ho...:D Prabhuji ke bhakton ki jai..jinhone is movie se parichay karvaaya...:D

2. "Sun 2000 ka rule hai, jo jisse pyaar karega uski shaadi usise hogi..." ..:)-frm RHTDM. Madhavan's friend tells him when hes sharing his feelings for Diya with him. I use to change the year and tell this to all my friends whenever needed...:)

3. FS: Yaar tum dono mujhe mat ghaseeto apni in bachchon vaali harkaton mein. RV: Janab....ladkiyon ka peecha karna bachchon vaali nahi...naujawaanon vaali harkat hai..:D; a dialogue between Faaruq Sheikh and Ravi Vasvaani in Chashmebadoor....i simple love the way Ravi Vasvaani replies...:)

4. "Ander aa gayi hun main, ab haath chod sakte ho mera, itni bhi sunder nahi hun main"....-loved Kareena in JWM, "Bhaisaab, aap convince ho gaye ki main aur bolun..."...Kareena to the TTE...this one had me in splits...:D

5. "Baahar tumhari aunty bahut saare uncles ke saath tumhara intezaar kar rahi hain"....Big B to Helen..after the super "ye mera dil..pyaar ka deewaana..."...hes referring to the police outside..:)..I have seen this movie back to back for 3 days in hostel...:)..LOVE it!!! Big B is killer as Don!!!

6. "Main koi bhagwaan nahi hun"....."Amit, tune 1 baar devta ban ke Shobha ka haath thama tha, 1 baar aadmi insaan se devtaa ban jaaye, to fir chaahe bhi to insaan nahi ban sakta". This one is from Silsila when AB wants to get back to Rekha, after having marrying Jaya, his bro's fiance' to save her from disgrace as his brother whose child Jaya is carrying dies. I love the profoundness of this dialogue...Its so very and true, one cannot act Godly at one occassion and then again switch back to the lowly mortal actions at one's own will. Once acted generous and kind, one becomes bound to live upto it.

7. "Itni shiddat se maine tujhe paane ki koshish ki hai...ki saari qaayenaat ne mujhe tujh se milaane ki saajish ki hai"- aha!!! SRK in OSO

8. "Meri cycle ka tyre puncture ho gaya tha" ..."han han...varna to tum awwal aate"... :D...Asraani to Aamir in JJWS....i loved that "tunna" dialogue too..:))

9. "aaye haaye...hansi badi mehngi ho rakhi hai aajkal"....All dialogues in Omkara were awsum....this ones classic..:)

10. "Kya hua..koi mar gaya kya.."...Aamir in DCH...kamaal ke dialogues...

Fun tag it was...:)
Moi status changed frm Miss to Mrs. on the sixth day of the second month of this year....location would also be changing in coming weeks...:)...Have written a post on saadi..:D..will post it soon....
PS: Header ki photu haldi haath ke baad ki hai....:))...bade khush the log ladki ke byo mein...:D
Tagging these ppl:
4. Ajay

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Prats said...

Nice collection...Will do the tag soon :-)

Welcome back and Congrats on the changed status :-)

Neeti said...

Loved your set of lines...Many congrats for the new beginning in life.. BTW just wondering how u still manage to take out time for blogging :).....When m I gonna see the wedding pics.......

Anonymous said...

n nice set of dialogues..great yaa..u have a good ear for dialogues;)

Deepti said...

@prats thanku thanku...:)
@neeti thanku ....are abhi living like a spinster nly...:)..husband in ggn...thats the new location i wu be moving to in few weeks...so all time for blogging

@wishes thanks ya..:)..btw u also take this tag..its total fun...:))

Serenity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Serenity said...

nice set!!!
Tagged me? These days i can only think about XML tags of my application.8 to 8 ki haazri lag rahi rozaana :(

Ankita said...

I don't know you, but follow your blog and just love it.
You forgot to add anything from "Andaaz Apna Apna". Some amazing lines:
"aankhen nikal ke gotiyan khelunga gotiyan"
"mogambo ka bhatija"
"aapka plan hi galat hai, beti ko kidnap karna chhaiye tha aur baap se paise maangne the"

Deepti said...

@Ankita hey thank you so much....its always good to know that someone likes your blog..:))..are i must have missed many as 10 is too small a number to capture all such gems...:))

Anonymous said...

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