Wednesday, January 26

"Healthy" New Year!

hello to everyone...:)
Its been close to three months that i last posted, i have been thinking about making this place live for quite some time now; so what better time to get this blog back to life than the first month of the new year..:)
Like all other years i have made some resolutions this year too.....and needless to ask what is the progress on them..:P...Multiple thoughts and ideas in pieces and parts which are making rounds in my head...lemme start with this book which i read recently.."Dont loose your mind..loose your weight" by Rujuta Diwekar.

I had heard a lot about this book, but have always had my own reservations on books talking gyaan on health etc etc.
However, few days back a bhabhi mentioned about the book in one of our conversations and i laid my hands on the book while digging deep inside our book bed.

This is one of the best books i have read in the recent past. Not only because it tells us some great things about our stomach but more so because it tells you everything in the most direct, interesting and touching manner. Yes, this book touches your mind, in a way that if read with even the slightest of interest can actually make one think about one's eating habits and the most neglected organ of our body..our stomach.
Rujuta tells in her book, how NO..yes no food is bad food and any thing if eaten at the right time and in right quantity can align with your metabolism to do all good to your body.
I simply loved the way how the author has stated all gyaan about our food habits in the most simple terms at the same time ensuring that she touches the right chord with the readers and effectively communicates the crux.
She manages to add the novelty factor in her book, when she says things like: ".. "Heart Attack" is a very wrongly used term...our heart can never attack us, its we who attack our heart by doing all wrong things to it, by not letting go of our bad habits..."
At another place she sayas: "..The stomach is of the size of our two palms joined together to form a close. It can only take that much food at a time. That is why the Jain bhikshuks always asked for palm full of food for their meals. Respect the capacity of your stomach and feed it what it can consume.."
Few things which i simply found very useful and which I am trying to imbibe are:

1. Listen to and understand your stomach. Don't be harsh on it by starving for long hours and neglecting it when you are busy doing long hours in office.
2. EAT something as soon as you get up in the morning. (something can be a good paratha meal also).
3. Try to finish your two largest meals of the day before 11 AM. Our stomach's digesting ability keeps decreasing with the course of the day.
4. Eat small quantities every 2 hours. Don't skip your evening snacks because that would deter you from having a full dinner. Idea is to have a light dinner to keep the stomach fit.
5. Avoid eating cut fruits, and juices are a big NO. Fruits are meant to act as antioxidants in our body. By cutting them we are exposing their surface area, thus letting them oxidize before we can consume them. Hence, making them less healthy. Juices= fruits-fiber; again less healthy.

And yes, the book also emphasizes on working out. At least thrice a week....:)

So this was about the book.

I watched this movie Band Baaja Baaraat few days back. Sis told me its a nice watch, and i spent my new years day watching BBB.
wonderful is the word!
And now that the post has started, i realise that i have many more things to pen down. But as the clock strikes 12, and eyes start drooling, its time to wind up this first post of the year with a promise that post rate would be much more higher this year and the blog would not go into slumber even during the busiest times..:)